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  NSF Logo Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering (CEOSE)

What is CEOSE?

CEOSE is a Congressionally-mandated advisory committee to the National Science Foundation. The following excerpts from the CEOSE charter describe the Committee and its functions.


42 U.S.C. §1885c SEC. 36 (a)

There is established within the [National Science] Foundation a Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee"). The Committee shall provide advice to the Foundation concerning (1) the implementation of the provisions of this Act and (2) other policies and activities of the Foundation to encourage full participation of women, minorities, and other groups currently underrepresented in scientific, engineering, and professional fields.


CEOSE Membership

[Current List of CEOSE members]

CEOSE Biennial Report to Congress

42 U.S.C. §1885c SEC. 36. (f)

Every two years, the Committee shall prepare and transmit to the Director a report on its activities during the previous two years and proposed activities for the next two years. The Director shall transmit to Congress the report, unaltered, together with such comments as the Director deems appropriate.


[CEOSE 2000 Biennial Report to Congress]

[Executive Summary]         [Report]

[CEOSE 1998 Biennial Report to Congress]

[CEOSE 1996 Biennial Report to Congress]


CEOSE Meetings

The next CEOSE meeting is scheduled for:

October25-26, 2004 at the National Science Foundation, Arlington, Virginia

To read the minutes of a particular meeting, click on the desired meeting date.

2004 Meetings 2003 Meetings 2002 Meetings 2001 Meetings 2000 Meetings
February 18-19, 2004
February 20-21, 2003
February 7-8, 2002 February 22-23, 2001 February 17-18, 2000
April 19-20, 2004 June 12-13, 2003 June 20-21 2002 June 14-15, 2001 June 1-2, 2000
October 25-26, 2004 October 7-8, 2003 No October Meeting October 16-17, 2001 October 12-13, 2000

[Archived Meeting Minutes]


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