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Electronic Catalog

This feature contains a master listing of the information products of the Agency and how to obtain them, and is part of the Government Information Locator Service (GILS).

Most information products have an electronic ordering feature, "Order On-Line." (This feature is located in the information product record under "Availability: Publications Clearinghouse.") To place an order, please provide the information requested and click "Submit Order" to send. Your publication will be mailed to you within 5 working days.

To perform a search, please use key words based on the information being sought. You can:

Use Free-Text Query (check to use everyday language). For more information, select Free-Text Queries.
Perform more precise searches (select Quick Tips below or Advanced Search Help).

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Quick Tips

Exact Phrase: Use quotation marks to find phrases ("children's health").
Or: Use "or" between key words to find all references to one or both key words ("ulcer or sore").
And: Use "and" between key words to find all references with both search terms ("health and system").
Near: Use "near" between key words to find references that have the key words close to each other ("health near system").
Wildcard: Use one asterisk after a root word to find all terms that include that root word (research*" will find: research, researcher, researching...).

For more information on advanced searches, select Advanced Search Help.

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