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I/UCRC Annual Report Instructions

Who: I/UCRC who have existing awards need to submit an Annual Report.

What: The Annual Report contains information on the I/UCRC's

  • activities and findings.
  • publications.
  • contributions.
  • evaluator report.
  • and membership certification.

When: Technically the report is due 90 days before the award expiration date. However, to assure that your funds are readily available, it is strongly advised that your report be submitted on or before April 1 for the following fiscal year. Processing and other delays could push the process back and delay your receipt of continued funding if not submitted by April 1.

Where: FastLane must be used to submit your annual report (instructions follow).

Why: To assure that you have timely continued funding on your award.

Essential information: You must submit an annual report if you receive any funds from NSF as a partner institution. Note that you can copy and submit the same information as provided by the lead institution.

How: Follow these directions -

Getting into the system

  1. Use the Internet and go to
  2. Select Proposals, Awards, and Status from the left menu.
  3. Enter the appropriate information that displays on the log-in screen. Contact your sponsored research office if you forgot your password. After you log-in, you'll see the Principal Investigator(PI)/Co-Principal Investigator(Co-PI) Management screen.
  4. Select the Award and Reporting Functions option.
  5. Select the Project Reports System.
  6. You will  then see a list of the NSF awards that you have. Highlight the I/UCRC award that you want to apply for continued funding. Then click the View button.
  7. Click on the continue button after reading the Publicity, Patent Rights, and Privacy message.
  8. Enter the most recently completed fiscal year and click on the Annual/Project Report button. (Considering this program's request to submit your report on or before April 1, you may need to project the reports end date.)
  9. Enter the Project System Control Information to prepare the report.

Preparing the Report

Enter the information required in the Project System Control Information as listed below.

  1. Participants.
    • What people have worked on your project?
    • What other organizations have been involved as partners?
    • Have you had other collaborators or contacts?
  2. Activities and Findings. (Keep this short).
    • Describe the major research and education activities of the project.
    • Describe the major findings resulting from these activities.
    • Describe the opportunities for training and development provided by the project.
    • Describe outreach activities your project has undertaken.
  3. Publications and Products
    • What have you published as a result of this work?
      • Journal Publications
      • Books or other non-periodical one time publications
    • What web site or other internet site have you created?
    • What other specific products (databases, physical collections, educational aids, software, instruments, or the like) have you developed?
  4. Contributions
    • The principal discipline(s) of the project?
    • Other disciplines of science or engineering?
    • The development of human resources?
    • The physical, institutional, or information resources that form the infrastructure for research and education?
    • Other aspects of public welfare beyond science and engineering such as commercial technology, the economy, cost-efficient environmental protection or solutions to social problems.
  5. Special Requirements
    • A brief summary of the work to be performed during the next year of support if changed from the original proposal.

Check and Submit Report.

Return to the Project System Control Information screen to check and submit the report.

  1. Attach File - This is the section where you attach relevant files. Make sure that you attach the following to your report using this option:
    • Evaluator's Report - should be completed by the Center's evaluator and follow the format outlined in the Evaluator's Handbook.
    • Membership Certification - a list of cash Center membership fees received in the most recently completed fiscal year. This list must be signed by an authorized institutional representative.
  2. Check completeness - a list appears showing items that have been missed. Enter the missing information or click the Nothing (Yet) to Report button.
  3. Review and or Submit - Check your report and see how it would look when NSF reviews it. Then select either the Submit or Return button.

Should you have any questions, please contact our I/UCRC Reporting Specialist, Greg Misiorek at or phone (703) 292-8383.



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