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Water Information Coordination Program

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Water Information Coordination Program
The WICP ensures collaborative efforts among Federal Agencies to improve water information for decisionmaking about natural resources management and environmental protection.

Advisory Committee on Water Information
represents the interests of water-information users and professionals in advising the Federal Government on Federal water-information programs and their effectiveness in meeting the Nation's water-information needs.


The National Water Monitoring Council (NWQMC) provides a national forum for coordination of consistent and scientifically defensible methods and strategies to improve water quality monitoring, assessment and reporting.

Koloa_gulch1.gif imageThe NWQMC Methods and Data Comparability Board provides a forum for exploring, evaluating, and promoting methods that facilitate collaboration and further comparability between water monitoring programs.

NAWQA image The National Liaison Committee (NLC) for the National Water Quality Assessement Program (NAWQA) creates an ongoing national liaison process for external organizations to work interactively with the NAWQA Program in joint problem solving on water quality issues.

soh image The Subcommittee on Hydrology desires to improve the availability and reliability of surface-water quantity information needed for hazard mitigation, water supply and demand management, and environmental protection.

sos Colorado River photoThe Subcommittee on Sedimentation promotes and supports the development and standardization of equipment, methodologies, calibration, and performance criteria fluvial-sediment data and related technical information.

The Subcommittee on Spatial Water Data jointly sponsored with the Federal Geographic Data Committee develops water-resources components of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

The Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable serves as a forum to share information and perspectives that will promote better decisionmaking in the United States regarding the sustainable development of our nation's water resources.

boatman imageThe 2004 Task Force to Review the U.S. Geological Survey Cooperative Water Program assesses the effectiveness of the USGS in addressing the recommendations of the 1999 external Cooperative Program review Task Force. 

Cooperative Water Program (1999)

Streamgaging Task Force

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) Science Issues Conference


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