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Current and Planned National Streamgaging Network - Maps and tables of existing and planned streamgages for the National Streamgaging Network under NSIP plan.

Snake River, WY

About the U.S. Geological Survey's National Streamflow Information Program:

Welcome to the National Streamflow Information Program (NSIP) web page. Information on the quantity and timing of the streamflow in the Nation's rivers is a vital asset that safeguards lives and property and helps to ensure adequate water resources for a healthy environment and economy. The U.S. Geological Survey operates and maintains approximately 7,000 streamgages which provide long-term, accurate, and unbiased information that meets the needs of many diverse users.

The USGS's National Streamgaging Network consists of a core of USGS funded and operated streamgages, streamgages operated by the USGS but funded in cooperation with other agencies, and streamgages funded and operated by other agencies that provide data appropriate to meet NSIP goals. Although the National Streamgage Network is operated primarily by the USGS, it is funded by a partnership of 800 agencies at the Federal, State, Tribal, and local levels.

The USGS National Streamflow Information Program (NSIP) is designed with five components, one of which is to provide a "backbone" or core of streamgages that are of such critical importance to the National Streamgage Network that their operation should be assured with Federal funds. NSIP was created in response to Congressional and stakeholder concerns about (1) a loss of streamgages, (2) a disproportionate loss of streamgages with a long period of record, (3) the inability of the USGS to continue operating high-priority streamgages when partners discontinue funding and (4) the increasing demand for streamflow information due to new resource-management issues and new data-delivery capabilities.

Information about Streamgages and Streamflow Data

Information about NSIP

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