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ARS Science 4 Kids!

Mapped image showing Dr. Watts, the Sci4Kids guide, before a landscape of objects that link to stories about science

USDA home ARS home page Smiling sun with cool shades: link to stories about the environment Laughing water drop: link to stories about agriculture and the environment Friendly bee gathering pollen: link to insect stories Dr. Watts, our light-bulb-headed and lab-coated S4K guide: link to information about scientific careers Pumpkin and strawberry: link to stories about what's good to eat Farmer driving a tractor up the field: link to soil research stories Black cow with swinging tail: link to stories about farm animal research Computer screen with numbers and math tools: link to stories about high tech research Microscope: link to guessing game about what's in some high magnification photo River going under a bridge: link to stories about clean water Catfish in river: link to stories about fish farming Main Street buildings: link to stories about research to help small towns City skyline: link to stories about research to help city people Futuristic car: link to transportation stories Two houses outside the city: link to stories about research that helps suburban residents Space satellite and old man in the moon: link to stories about remote sensing and outer space Mountain and snowflakes: link to stories about agriculture and the environment Sci4Kids title: link to 'Welcome to Sci4Kids' Happy sunflower: link to stories about plants Bug-eyed cartoon creature under magnifying glass: link to weird science stories Info Home button: link to ARS News & Information ARS Home button: link to the USDA Agricultural Research Service home page New Stuff button: link to the newest S4K stories and features More button: link to a feature about science projects Test tubes: link to chemistry stories Barn and silo: link to stories about research to help farmers

Updated 8/18/04