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Humans and Dolphins: If Brain Size is a Measure, We're Not That Different (NSF PR: 04-146) (pr04146)
Added: Oct 27 2004

NSF Awards $37.2 Million in Grants to Study Biocomplexity in the Environment (pr04142)
Added: Oct 19 2004

Midwest Thunderstorm Study Points Toward Better Forecasts (pr04129)
Added: Sep 30 2004

NSF Awards $130 Million to Tackle Information Technology Research for National Priorities (pr04135)
Added: Sep 30 2004

NSF Awards $6.75 Million for Geodynamics Computational Facility (pr04123)
Added: Sep 17 2004

Falloff in Freezes: Study Projects Decrease in Frost Days (pr04108)
Added: Aug 25 2004

Periodic Dimming of Bright Starlight Reveals Distant Planet (pr04107)
Added: Aug 24 2004

Scientists to Probe Earth's Deep-Time Climate at Upcoming "GeoSystems" Workshop (ma0426)
Added: Aug 18 2004

Future Heat Waves: More Severe, More Frequent and Longer Lasting (pr04103)
Added: Aug 12 2004

Evolution of Whale Hearing Unfolds in Fossil Record (pr04100)
Added: Aug 11 2004

Geologists Host Tour Of San Andreas Fault On Sept. 2nd (ma0425)
Added: Aug 09 2004

Deeper-Diving Human-Occupied Submersible to Replace Alvin (pr04099)
Added: Aug 06 2004

New Deeper-Diving, Human-Occupied Submersible to Replace Current Alvin; Subject of Briefing by NSF, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Scientists (ma0422)
Added: Aug 04 2004

NSF Awards $10 Million in Grants to Ocean Sites for Long-Term Ecological Research (pr04096)
Added: Jul 26 2004

Geologists Discover Water Cuts Through Rock at Surprising Speed (pr04093)
Added: Jul 23 2004

Impact of Earth's Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Found in World Oceans (pr0492)
Added: Jul 16 2004

Inaugural Voyage of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Now Under Way (pr04087)
Added: Jun 29 2004

New Version of Premier Global Climate Model Released (pr04086)
Added: Jun 23 2004

Scientists to View Venus' Atmosphere During Transit, Search for Water Vapor on Distant Planet (pr04081)
Added: Jun 03 2004

Scientist to Discuss Forecast of Sunspots (pr04074)
Added: Jun 01 2004

Tree-Ring Laboratory Receives $5.5 Million to Study Climate Dynamics (pr04079)
Added: Jun 01 2004

Instrument Gets Breakthrough Image of Sun's Magnetic Halo (pr04073)
Added: Jun 01 2004

Scientists Discover Undersea Volcano Off Antarctica (pr04071)
Added: May 20 2004

New Findings on Climate Show Gradual Shift to Modern But Increased Sensitivity to Perturbations (pr04070)
Added: May 19 2004

Distant Mountains Influence River Levels 50 Years Later (pr04069)
Added: May 19 2004

NSB 2004 Vannevar Bush, Public Service Awards, Span Research, Scholarship, Science Communication and Policy (pr04057)
Added: Apr 26 2004

Aircraft, Ground Instruments to Track Carbon Dioxide Uptake Along Colorado's Drought-Plagued Front Range (pr04059)
Added: Apr 26 2004

Four New Research Centers to Explore Link Between Oceans and Human Health (pr04051)
Added: Apr 22 2004

Arctic Carbon a Potential Wild Card in Climate Change Scenarios (pr04056)
Added: Apr 20 2004

Scientists Find "Tar Balls" in Air Pollution (tip040414e)
Added: Apr 15 2004

Researchers Receive Funds to Create High-Tech Wildfire Fighting Solutions (pr04042)
Added: Apr 15 2004

Inspiring Invention - New report urges effort to foster invention in education, business and government (ma0413)
Added: Apr 14 2004

How Long Does It Take for Earth's Magnetic Field to Reverse? (pr04044)
Added: Apr 07 2004

New Fossil Links Four-legged Land Animals to Ancient Fish (pr04035)
Added: Apr 01 2004

Minerals Are Key to Earthquakes Deep in the Earth (pr04036)
Added: Mar 31 2004

National Science Foundation Signs Cooperative Agreement with Joint Oceanographic Institution to Lead U.S. Efforts in Intergrated Ocean Drilling Program (pr04038)
Added: Mar 30 2004

Glacial Records Depict Ice Age Climate in Synch Worldwide (pr04033)
Added: Mar 24 2004

A Meeting of Minds: Capital Science Conference Brings Together Area's Intellectual Power (nsf04029)
Added: Mar 10 2004

New Evidence Suggests Early Oceans Bereft of Oxygen for Eons; Early Life May Have Lived Very Differently Than Life Today (pr04028)
Added: Mar 04 2004

Ice Sheets Caused Massive Sea Level Change During Late Cretaceous (Period was previously thought to be ice-free) (pr04026)
Added: Mar 03 2004

Large Diamonds Made From Gas Are Hardest Yet (pr04023)
Added: Feb 25 2004

Researchers Discover New Family of Atlantic Corals, Upset Prior Coral Classifications (pr04022)
Added: Feb 25 2004

Workshop Relates Long-Term Ecological Research to Ecosystem Management (ma0405)
Added: Feb 20 2004

NSF Fact Sheet: Human and Social Dynamics (HSD) (fs04hsd)
Added: Feb 17 2004

Cyberinfrastructure Poised to Revolutionize Environmental Sciences and Other Disciplines (pr04014)
Added: Feb 17 2004

Looking at Science Through New Eyes: NSF and AAAS Launch Second Visualization Challenge (pr04018)
Added: Feb 17 2004

NSF Speakers Tackle Biocomplexity and Science Workforce at AAAS Annual Meeting (ma0402)
Added: Feb 04 2004

NSF Fiscal 2005 Budget Request Is $5.745 Billion (pr0412)
Added: Feb 02 2004

NSF Fiscal 2005 Budget Priority Areas (fsfy05priorityareas)
Added: Feb 02 2004

During Earthquakes, Mineral Gel May Reduce Rock Friction to Zero (pr0409)
Added: Jan 30 2004

Stable Isotope Data Provide Evidence for Huge Global Methane Release about 600 Million Years Ago (pr03140)
Added: Dec 17 2003

New Study Reports Large-Scale Salinity Changes in the Oceans (pr03145)
Added: Dec 17 2003

Rainfall Controls Cascade Mountains' Erosion and Bedrock Uplift Patterns (pr03136)
Added: Dec 11 2003

Extreme 2003 Takes Students Worldwide to the Ocean's Depth (pr03138)
Added: Dec 08 2003

Top Scientists Conclude Human Activity is Affecting Global Climate (pr03129)
Added: Dec 02 2003

Volcanic Eruptions May Affect El Niño Onset (pr03126)
Added: Nov 20 2003

NSF Awards $219 Million Over Five Years for Earthscope Project: Far-Reaching Geosciences Effort to Understand the North American Continent (pr 03120)
Added: Oct 15 2003

NSF Awards $31.9 Million in Grants to Study Biocomplexity in the Environment (pr03116)
Added: Oct 14 2003

NSF Awards Contract for Start of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (pr03110)
Added: Oct 01 2003

La Niña Takes Bolivian Andes on a Sedimental Journey (pr03109)
Added: Oct 01 2003

Doppler on Wheels" to Intercept Eye of Hurricane Isabel, Future Weather Model Zooms in for Forecast (pr03102)
Added: Sep 17 2003

Ancient Relatives of Algae Yield New Insights into Role of CO2 in Earth's Early Atmosphere (pr03101)
Added: Sep 17 2003

Nanoparticles Change Crystal Structure When They Get Wet, Research Shows (pr0390)
Added: Aug 27 2003

SIO Oceans 2003 Press Release (pr0388)
Added: Aug 26 2003

Atmospheric Science Goes to Ground: Researchers Present New Findings on the Natural Hydrogen Cycle (pr0387)
Added: Aug 20 2003

Microbes' Genomes Promise Insight Into Oceans (pr0382)
Added: Aug 13 2003

Lake Ecosystem Critical to East African Food Supply is Threatened by Climate Change (pr0383)
Added: Aug 13 2003

Ocean Carbon Cycle Affected by Drought (pr0385)
Added: Aug 13 2003

Hydrothermal Vent Systems Could Have Persisted for Millions of Years, Incubated Early Life (pr0376)
Added: Jul 25 2003

Hawaii Ocean Mixing Experiment Scientists Close in on Puzzle of Ocean Energy (pr0374)
Added: Jul 17 2003

Fossil Record Accurately Reflects Recent Flowering of Marine Biodiversity (pr0357)
Added: May 21 2003

Scientists to Probe Giant Storm Clusters across Midwestern States (pr0349)
Added: May 07 2003

United States and Japan Sign Memorandum of Cooperation for Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (pr0341)
Added: Apr 23 2003

Shining Light on the Nanoscale (tip030416)
Added: Apr 17 2003

NSF to Hold Public Meeting on its Fiscal 2004 Budget Request (ma0307)
Added: Jan 30 2003

Earth Scientists Forge New Understanding of Mountain-Building Dynamics (tip030123)
Added: Jan 24 2003

Earth Scientists Forge New Understanding of Mountain-Building Dynamics (tip030123)
Added: Jan 24 2003

Scientists Find Geochemical Fingerprint of World Trade Center Collapse Recorded in New York Harbor Sediments (pr0309)
Added: Jan 22 2003

Genomes, Cosmos, and Nano Among NSF Science Highlights from 2002 (tip030103)
Added: Jan 03 2003

National Science Foundation Advisory Committee on Environmental Research and Education to Release New Report (ma0301)
Added: Jan 02 2003

New NSF Awards Encourage Collaborations Between Ocean Scientists and Educators (pr0296)
Added: Dec 03 2002

Undersea Data Network Planned for Monterey Bay (pr0276)
Added: Sep 24 2002

Without Blue Crabs, Southern Salt Marshes Wash Away (tip020916)
Added: Sep 16 2002

Scientists Explore Large Gas Hydrate Field off Oregon Coast (pr0273)
Added: Sep 11 2002

Team in South Pacific Studies Source of Historic Tsunami (tip020806)
Added: Aug 07 2002

America's Investment to the Future (nsf0050)
Added: Jul 02 2002

Geophysicists Find Sharp Sides to African Superplume (pr0250)
Added: Jun 06 2002

New Climate Study Challenges Thinking on Large-Scale, Global Climate Change (pr0248)
Added: May 31 2002

Researchers Discover Clues to Whale Evolution (pr0235)
Added: May 09 2002

Satellite Data to Predict Plankton Blooms by Analyzing Ocean Color (pr0229)
Added: Apr 30 2002

Complex Weather Study to Target Summer Storm Forecasting (pr0225)
Added: Apr 17 2002

West Coast Earthquakes Ongoing, Scientists Discover (pr0221)
Added: Mar 28 2002

Four Universities Receive NSF Grants for Scientific Drilling of Lake Malawi in East Africa (pr0210)
Added: Feb 07 2002

Researchers Find Closest Living Relative Of First Land Plants (pr01104)
Added: Dec 13 2001

President Bush Honors Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentors (pr01103)
Added: Dec 12 2001

New Generation of Ocean Exploration Propelled by High-Speed Wireless Technology (pr01102)
Added: Dec 10 2001

Tiny Particles of Pollution May Carry Large Consequences for Earth's Water Supply (pr01100)
Added: Dec 07 2001

Scientists Delve Into The Icy Hearts Of Hurricanes (pr0168)
Added: Aug 17 2001

New Source Of Natural Fertilizer Discovered In Oceans (pr0163)
Added: Aug 08 2001

Virtual Hurricanes: Computer Model Pushes the Frontier (pr0162)
Added: Aug 02 2001

New Long-Necked Dinosaur discovered in Madagascar (pr0161)
Added: Aug 01 2001

Global 4 To 7 Degree Temperature Rise Likely By 2100 (pr0158)
Added: Jul 19 2001

Anthropologists Announce Discovery In Ethiopia Of Earliest Human Ancestors (pr0157)
Added: Jul 11 2001

Scientists Discover Secrets of 'Lost City' (pr0156)
Added: Jul 11 2001

Widespread Oceanic Photopigments Convert Light into Energy (pr0150)
Added: Jun 13 2001

Climate Change Affecting Even Remote Arctic Environment, Study Says (pr0149)
Added: Jun 11 2001

Changes in Sun's Intensity Tied to Recurrent Droughts in Maya Region (pr0143)
Added: May 17 2001

Harold Varmus, Lewis Branscomb are Honored with the Vannevar Bush Award (pr0140)
Added: May 09 2001

Scientists Release Images of Hydrothermal Vents Found in the Indian Ocean (pr0136)
Added: Apr 24 2001

Scientists Suggest New Index to Capture "Flavors" of El Niño (pr0133)
Added: Apr 19 2001

Climate Researchers Warn of Impact from Poorly Designed Air Pollution Efforts (pr0132)
Added: Apr 19 2001

Researchers Achieve Best Global Picture Ever of Climate-Modifying Aerosol Particles (pr0131)
Added: Apr 19 2001

Small Streams Contribute Far More Than Previously Thought to Cleaning Waterways (pr0122)
Added: Apr 05 2001

Exploring the Universe: Smithsonian Exhibit Gets NSF Funds (pr0116)
Added: Mar 01 2001

New Group of Microorganisms Discovered in the Open Sea (pr0105)
Added: Jan 24 2001

New Predatory Dog-Sized Dinosaur Unearthed on Madagascar (pr0103)
Added: Jan 24 2001

Earlier Water on Earth? Oldest Rock Suggests Hospitable Young Planet (pr0102)
Added: Jan 08 2001

NSF Grant Extends Support For Interconnecting National Research Networks (pr0101)
Added: Jan 05 2001

Huge New Hydrothermal Vent System Found on Seafloor (pr0093)
Added: Dec 11 2000

NSF Honors 409 Junior Faculty Members with 2000 Career Awards (pr0090)
Added: Nov 22 2000

Clinton Names A Diverse Group Of Researchers To Receive The 2000 National Medals Of Science (pr0089)
Added: Nov 13 2000

WEB100 Project to Boost Performance of Research Networks (pr0087)
Added: Nov 02 2000

Ecology of Infectious Diseases Grants Jointly Announced By National Institutes Of Health and National Science Foundation (pr0086)
Added: Nov 02 2000

New Report Challenges Assumptions About What The Internet Means To The Public (pr0080)
Added: Oct 25 2000

NSF Advisory Committee Meetings (cmmtg)
Added: Oct 24 2000

Astronomers Discover Six Planets Orbiting Nearby Stars (pr9971)
Added: Nov 29 1999

Human Plague Cases Increasing In Southwest (pr9970)
Added: Nov 19 1999

Scientists Gather in Oregon to Decide Next Steps of Mid-Ocean Ridge Exploration (pr9955)
Added: Sep 17 1999

Massive Pollution Documented Over Indian Ocean (pr9940)
Added: Jun 08 1999

Natural Hazards Response Requires New Approach, Study Says (pr9939)
Added: May 19 1999

Mobile Doppler Radar Instruments Edge Closer to Swirling Funnel Clouds (pr9937)
Added: May 07 1999

Climate Projection for the 21st Century: Earth will Warm by 3 Degrees (pr9928)
Added: Apr 21 1999

Scientists to Kick Off Major Field Experiment on Role of Aerosols in Climate Change (pr996)
Added: Jan 29 1999

Sediment Study 'Good News' for Quake-Prone Southern California (pr9774)
Added: Dec 10 1997

Scientists Conduct First Large-Scale Study of Lake Superior (pr9766)
Added: Oct 24 1997

Limits of Life on Earth: Are They the Key to Life on Other Planets? New NSF Grants to Foster Answers (pr9761)
Added: Oct 10 1997

The Sunspots Are Coming (pr9762)
Added: Oct 10 1997

Pioneering Team Spending Winter ATop Greenland Ice Sheet (pr9752)
Added: Sep 09 1997

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