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Pandemic Influenza Response and Preparedness Plan

Press Release: August 26, 2004 - HHS Issues National Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan

Executive Summary - [DOC - 101KB] [HTML]


Core Document

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Annex 1: Planning Guidance for State and Local Health Departments [PDF - 528KB]

Annex 2: Planning Guidance for Health Care System [PDF - 677KB]

Annex 3: Overview of Influenza Illness and Pandemics [PDF - 179KB]

Annex 4: Surveillance [PDF - 440KB]

Annex 5: Vaccine Development and Production [PDF - 315KB]

Annex 6: Vaccination Strategies, Monitoring, and Safety [PDF - 283KB]

Annex 7: Antiviral Strategies and Use - [PDF - 290KB]

Annex 8: Strategies to Limit Transmission - [PDF - 356KB]

Annex 9: Communication and Education [PDF - 325KB]

Annex 10: Pandemic Influenza Research [PDF - 359KB]

Annex 11: Lessons learned from the 1976 Swine Flu Program [PDF - 215KB]

Annex 12: Synergies and Differences in Preparedness and Response for Influenza and other Infectious Disease Threats [PDF - 304KB]

Influenza A viruses periodically cause worldwide epidemics, or pandemics, with high rates of illness and death. Unlike other public welfare emergencies, an influenza pandemic will impact on multiple communities across the United States and require swift and coordinated action and cooperation by all levels of government Advanced planning for a large scale and widespread health emergency is required to optimize health care delivery during a pandemic. In addition, prevention and preparedness activities facilitate the response and recovery during and after an influenza pandemic.

The Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan articulates a coordinated HHS strategy to prepare and respond to an influenza pandemic. The Plan is intended to be dynamic and iterative, and will be updated and revised regularly. Please provide comments on the draft plan by clicking here.

Last revised: September 7, 2004

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