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Information in Spanish Language

  Recommended Vaccination/   Immunization Schedules

Adult vaccination schedule  

Childhood & Adolescent Immunization Schedule

Catch-up Schedule  

Make a vaccination schedule for your child (birth to 5 years)

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 Frequently Asked For

Parent's Guide to Childhood Immunization

Vaccine Info. Statements (VIS)

Vaccine Recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)

Vaccinations required for Travel 

Requirements by State   

Immunization Records   

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How vaccines prevent disease  UPDATED!

Importance of vaccines

Quick reference vaccine chart (info sheets, FAQs, history, news, side-effects, etc.)

The ABCs of Childhood Vaccines  (slides explain concepts & major facts in everyday words) 

Vaccine Quiz NEW!
(helps adolescents and adults decide if they need vaccines) 

Vaccine development, testing and approval process
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 Vaccine Safety

Vaccine Safety Issues of Interest (thimerosal / mercury, autism, cancer and SV40, etc.)

Vaccines: A Safe Choice

Side effects  

Report a suspected side effect (VAERS) (exit site)

Vaccine Injury Compensation (exit site)

Evaluating immunization info on the Internet (exit site)
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 Why Immunize?

What would happen if we stopped immunizations?

Why immunize?

Ten things you should know

Six Common Misconceptions
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  News & Events


NewsNewsletters, & Listservs


What's new on this web site?

Calendar of vaccine related events
  NIP Events and Programs New!

National Adult Immunization Awareness Week (Sept 26-Oct 2)

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Anthrax information

Flu information UPDATED!

Smallpox information  

Diseases preventable in children and adults

Quick reference disease chart includes images of diseases

Diseases still exist


Not vaccinating your child? Be aware of the risks

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Publications such as videos, slides, booklets, etc.

American Indian & Alaska Native materials

Impact of Immunizations in the Healthy People 2010 guide (exit site)

Guide to Vaccines and Vaccine Safety (exit site)

Vaccines Across the Life Span   (exit site) 

Accelerated Development of Vaccines (exit site) 

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 Info. in Spanish language

This site in Spanish language
Vídeos: "Las Vacunas y su Bebe" and Las Vacunas: Como Separar los Datos de los Temores

Ánthrax disease information

Poster of infant for NIIW

TV Public Service Announcement

Spanish publications on Hepatitis

Healthfinder® web site in Spanish (exit site)

Childhood and Adult Immunization Schedules in Spanish
La Gripe (La Influenza)
Hojas de Información
Guía para los padres sobre las vacunas infantiles
¿Qué pasaría si suspendiéramos las campañas de vacunación?

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*ACIP = Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
(exit site) = Link is outside of CDC site domain

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