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The Office of Legislative and Public Affairs (OLPA) develops, coordinates and communicates information about the mission, goals, and policies of the National Science Foundation. Using mass media and other communications channels, OLPA publicizes the Foundation's programs, policies, and activities in science and engineering research and education to specialized audiences including Congress, state and local governments, other Federal agencies, and the research and education communities and to the general public.

OLPA has five sections -- Congressional Affairs, Media Relations and Public Information, Communications Resources, Issues Development, and Special Projects.

OLPA Staff:
Curt Suplee, Legislative and Public Affairs Director
Mary Hanson, Senior Project Facilitator
Darla Clark, Administrative Officer
Tammye Keola, Secretary
Philip Lippel, AAAS Fellow
Josh Chamot, Science Assistant
Dan Johnson, Science Assistant
Moira Burns, Writer
Trent Schindler, Science Assistant
Andrea Spiker, Science Assistant

Congressional Affairs Section staff:
David Stonner, Section Head
Anthony (Tony) Gibson, Senior Legislative Policy Analyst
Neysa Call, Legislative Policy Analyst
Sheila Macklin, Legislative Specialist
George M. Wilson, Legislative Specialist/States Liaison
Melissa Langston, Legislative Assistant

Media and Public Information Section staff:
Leslie Fink, Section Head
William Noxon, Senior Public Affairs Specialist
Susan Bartlett, Expert
Cheryl Dybas, Public Affairs Specialist
David Hart, Public Affairs Specialist
Mitch Waldrop, Public Affairs Specialist
Peter West, Public Affairs Specialist
Cliff Braverman, Audiovisual Production Officer
Dena Headlee, Audiovisual Production Specialist
Rochelle Spicer-Monroe, Public Affairs Assistant

Communications Resources Section staff:
Ellen Weir, Section Head
Christina Whitcomb, Writer-Editor
David Flagg, Internet Technology Specialist
Michelle Edwards, Editorial Assistant

Issues Development Section staff:
Patricia Garfinkel, Section Head (Acting)
Lynn Simarski, Senior Issues Associate
Linda Boutchyard, Public Affairs Specialist
Jan Stout, Social Scientist
Amber Jones, Public Affairs Specialist
Tarri Joyner, Public Affairs Specialist
Julie Smith, Secretary

Special Projects Section Staff:
Susan Mason, Section Head
Patrick Olmert, Public Affairs Specialist
Jamie Smith, Public Affairs Assistant

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the OLPA web site, please send them to olpa-webmaster@nsf.gov.



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