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Bus Crashworthiness

Schoolbus Accidents and Occupant Protection Systems

Disclaimer: Simulations presented below used scene and geological surveys, highway design plans, witness statements, vehicle testing, vehicle plans and vehicle operating characteristics. The depictions represent actual lighting and weather conditions at the time of the accident

Videos are available in either MPEG-1 or RealVideo, and were presented at the Board meeting on 9/21/99 in Washington, D.C., for the Special Investigation Report on Bus Crashworthiness.

Two animated views of the vehicle dynamics of each accident are shown and several views of occupant kinematics unrestrained and restrained with lap belts and lap belts and shoulder belts are also shown. Slides showing the predicted injuries and accident vehicles are also presented. The schoolbus accidents are:

1) Monticello, Minnesota, April 10, 1997

2) Holyoke, Colorado, September 1, 1998

3) Holmdel, New Jersey, September 18, 1998

4) Other Accidents

The simulations were produced on an HVEtm system using m-smac (McHenry Software,Inc.), ReadDataFiles and GATB (Collision Engineering Associates, Inc.), MADYMO (developed in conjunction with a NHTSA contractor), EDSMACtm EDVDStm, EDVSMtm and EDGENtm programs. All of the programs starting with "ED" are trademarks of the Engineering Dynamics Corporation.