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Science and Technology Studies Program
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The Science & Technology Studies (STS) program supports research and related activities that contribute to systematic understanding of the character and development of science and technology, including their cultural, intellectual, material and social dimensions. The program supports research on the nature and development of science and technology, both in the past and present, and on differences in the nature of theory and evidence in various fields of science and engineering. STS also supports research on the interactions among science, technology and society, including such topics as the construction of scientific and technological knowledge and institutions; the relations between science and other social institutions and groups; and processes of scientific and technological innovation and change. Proposals are welcome from various disciplinary perspectives, including history, philosophy, and the social sciences.

Except for doctoral dissertation research, STS studies of medicine, public health and society are not normally supported by the NSF. Researchers should contact the National Institutes of Health and/or the National Endowment for the Humanities for support of research in these fields.

NSF04-531 STS Program Announcement.

Target Dates
February 1 Regular proposals
August 1 Regular proposals
Points of Contact

Program Director: Keith Benson, email:
Program Director: John Perhonis, email:

Science Assistant: Matt Bauer, email:
Program Assistant: Debra Newman, email:
Program Tech Specialist: Geri Farves, email:

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Science and Technology Studies Nuggets for FY2003

Program Information
Communications Address
National Science Foundation
Science and Technology Studies Program
4201 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 995
Arlington, VA 22230
Phone: (703) 292-8763
FAX: (703) 292-9068

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send email to Keith Benson:

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