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Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention  
Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention

Genomics in Practice

triangle button Genomics in Practice Fact Sheet for Health Professionals
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Approximately 600 genetic tests are currently available for clinical testing and most are used for diagnosis of rare single-gene disorders or chromosome abnormalities, with a few being used for newborn screening. However, a growing number of genetic tests may have population-based applications, which includes determining the risk of developing a disease or condition in the future (e.g., predictive testing for breast cancer or cardiovascular disease), and recognizing genetic variations that can influence response to medicines (pharmacogenomics).

triangle button Genomic Centers

The CDC awarded funding to three schools of public health establishing the first “Centers for Genomics and Public Health.” The University of Michigan , the University of North Carolina , and the University of Washington each received funding. Center activities focus on three priority areas that include: translating genomic information into useable public health knowledge, providing technical assistance to state and community public health agencies integrating genomics into programs and practice, and developing and providing genomics training for the current and future public health workforce.

triangle button State/Local PH
CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) established cooperative agreements with state health departments in Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon and Utah to strengthen programs for genomics and chronic disease prevention. The purpose of this project is to assist states in developing or expanding capacity for genomics leadership and to promote coordination.

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A list of available books, educational materials, on-line presentations, and training tools designed to assist public health professionals and educators integrate genomics into public health practice.

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