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Option C provides life insurance for your spouse and eligible dependent children. When you elect Option C coverage, all of your eligible family members are automatically covered.

Unlike in the past, you may now choose one, two, three, four or five multiples of coverage. Each multiple is equal to $5,000.00 for your spouse, and $2,500.00 for each of your eligible dependent children. You, as the insured enrollee, receive the life insurance payment when an eligible family member dies.

Each multiple is a unit. For example, if you elect two multiples, that means you have two multiples on your spouse and two multiples on each of your eligible dependent children. You cannot elect a number of multiples for your spouse that is different from the number for your eligible children.

The cost for Option C insurance remains the same regardless of the number of eligible dependent children. Dependent children must be unmarried and under age 22, or if 22 or older, incapable of self-support. Dependent children include your children, adopted children, foster children and stepchildren (if they are living with you in a regular parent-child relationship), and recognized natural children. Stillborn children are not covered. Grandchildren are covered only if they meet the requirements of foster children.

The cost of Option C insurance depends on your age, and the number of multiples you elect. When you have a birthday that moves you to another age group, you will begin paying the premiums for the new age group in the first pay period that starts after your birthday.

The premiums increase depending on your age group, as shown in the following table:

Age Group Biweekly withholding, per multiple
Monthly withholding, per multiple
Under age 35 0.27 0.59
Age 35 through 39 0.34 0.74
Age 40 through 44 0.46 1.00
Age 45 through 49 0.60 1.30
Age 50 through 54 0.90 1.95
Age 55 through 59 1.45 3.14
Age 60 through 64 2.60 5.63
Age 65 through 69 3.00 6.50
Age 70 through 74 3.40 7.37
Age 75 through 79 4.50 9.75
Age 80 & Over 6.00 13.00

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