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Chief: Karen Tiplady

Cost Analysis and Audit Resolution staff (CAAR) will assist you with questions you may have in those areas noted below. However, it should be noted that reviews and the establishment of indirect cost rates are undertaken by CAAR at the request of other NSF offices.


Oversight Resources:


Various Federal Requirements apply to awards made by NSF and are the basis for the Cost Analysis and Audit Resolution Branch activities. These requirements are contained in the following publications:

  • Federal Cost Principles;
  • Federal Management Standards; and,
  • Federal Audit Requirements.

Different requirements apply to different types of organizations.

NSF Consultant Limitation:

NSF limits the amounts paid to consultants under NSF awards. Recovery for personal compensation of consultants is limited to the daily equivalent of the rate paid to an Executive Schedule Level IV federal employee (exclusive of indirect cost, travel, per diem, clerical services, fringe benefits and supplies). The limitation is statutorily imposed and included in NSF's annual appropriation. Recent limitations follow:

Maximum Daily Consultant Rates of Pay

Calendar Year Daily Rate
2004 $524
2003 $513
2002 $498
2001 $482
2000 $453
1999 $453
1998 $453

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