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Image: This image of the common Eschericia coli -- or E. coli -- was taken using a special microscope called an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). The AFM image was produced by tracking across the top of the bacteria with a very sharp tip. The tip is as sharp as a few atoms. The very small change in height (amplitude) of the bacteria’s surface is electronically amplified and sent to a computer that assembles the image.<BR>
<font color=#DC143C><B><U>Restrictions for use of this Image:</U></B></font>Arizona State University (ASU) has allowed the NSF to include this image in the NSF Image Library. ASU encourages the use of this image as well as other material from the ASU Ask a Biologist website. Distribution of this image is permitted under the following rules:<BR>
-Material is <I>not</I> used for commercial or for-profit purposes.<BR>
-Credit for the material is clearly displayed, including copyright and author.<BR>
-Modifications are not made to the original material.<BR>
-Ask a Biologist and/or individual authors retain the copyright for this image.<BR>
-The user agrees to record their use of the image (or other material) via the ASU Ask a Biologist permission form located at <a href=; or by contacting CJ Kazilek at Thumbnail">


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