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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention  
Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Awards Funds for Genetics Programs

(Oct 18, 2001) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded funding to three schools of public health establishing the first "Centers for Genomics and Public Health." Genomics, a new science arising from the discoveries of the human genome project, is the study of all elements of our human genome and how image of faces surrounding regal stairs and columns
they relate to human health and disease. The University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina, and the University of Washington will each receive $300,000 per year for three years.

Through a cooperative agreement with the Association of Schools of Public Health and CDC, each Center for Genomics and Public Health will develop a regional hub of expertise for using genetic information to improve health and prevent disease. The Centers will build on and complement existing programs at the universities, both within and outside the schools of public health, and will create links with local and state health departments. Centers may also draw on other regional resources, such as professional organizations, the clinical community, and industry.

Center activities will focus on three priority areas. First, the Centers will contribute to the knowledge base on genomics and public health, focusing on chronic diseases with modifiable environmental risk factors such as diet, exercise, or exposure to chemicals. Second, they will provide technical assistance to local, state, and regional public health organizations. Third, the Centers will develop and provide training for the current and future public health work force.

"Although many of these activities exist at schools of public health, we believe that establishing the Centers will generate a high level of synergy, collaboration, and networking between and among schools of public health and other public health institutions," said Muin Khoury, MD, PhD, director of CDC's Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention. With this collaborative approach, CDC hopes to identify gaps in public health research and demonstrate-through real examples-the translation of gene discoveries into disease prevention and improved health.

CDC protects people's health and safety by preventing and controlling diseases and injuries; enhances health decisions by providing credible information on critical health issues; and promotes healthy living through strong partnerships with local, national, and international organizations.

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