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Board Meeting    January 5, 2000

Highway Accident Report: [Abstract]
Greyhound Motorcoach Run-Off-the-Road Accident
Burnt Cabins, Pennyslvania
June 20, 1998.

animation of accident.MPV animation (1.5M)

View of the Bus Approach and Impact with the Rear of the Tractor-trailer This view shows the full speed approach and impact of the bus into the rear of the tractor-trailer. The bus was traveling at approximately 58 mph at impact while the tractor-trailer was stationary. After impact with the truck, the bus swung out to the right (as seen from above) and impacted the side embankment before coming to rest.

The simulation was produced on an HVEtm system using EDSMAC4tm EDVDStm,and EDGENtm programs. All of the programs are trademarks of the Engineering Dynamics Corporation.

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