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EIA Brochures

Printed copies of the brochures listed below are available free of charge from the National Energy Information Center
- (202) 586-8800;

Annual Energy Outlook 2004
(publication number DOE/EIA-X053, released January 2004)

Come Work With Us
Employment recruitment for the Energy Information Administration
(publication number DOE/EIA-X051, released April 2001)

Electricity InfoCard 2002
publication number DOE/EIA-X018, released February 2004)

Energy Perspectives: Trends and Milestones 1949-2002  pdf
publication number DOE/EIA-X055(2002), released December 2003)

Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change and Energy
(publication number DOE/EIA-X012, updated November 2003)

Energy InfoCard
(publication number DOE/EIA-X020, updated February 2004)

International Energy Outlook 2004
(publication number DOE/EIA-X042(2004), released April 2004)

International Energy Products and Services
(publication number DOE/EIA-X050, released January 2001)

OIAF Data Products and Analyses
This brochure describes mid-term forecast and analysis, and greenhouse data from the Office of Integrated Analysis and Forecasting (OIAF) in the Energy Information Administration.
(publication number DOE/EIA-X043, released May 2000)

Primer on Gasoline Prices
This brochure answers, in laymen's terms, questions such as "What are the components of the retail price of gasoline? Why do gasoline prices fluctuate?
(publication number DOE/EIA-X040, released June 2004)

Propane Prices: What Consumers Should Know  pdf
A brief description of propane supply, uses, and prices.
(publication number DOE/EIA-X045, released September 2004)

Renewable Energy InfoCard
(publication number DOE/EIA-X052, updated February 2003)

Residential Heating Oil Prices: What Consumers Should Know pdf
(publication number DOE/EIA-X048, released September 2004)

Residential Natural Gas Prices: Information for Consumers
(publication number DOE/EIA-X046, released October 2004)

Where Does My Gasoline Come From?
(publication number DOE/EIA-X059, released October 2004)


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