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Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge

Kodiak Refuge encompasses about two-thirds of Kodiak Island. In addition, the refuge includes a portion of Afognak Island (50,000 acres) to the north of Kodiak Island. Kodiak Island has an irregular coastline of bays, inlets, and rugged mountains covered with alpine vegetation.

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Comprehensive Conservation Plan
In 1999, the Service began the process of revising the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan. Scoping activities--with the public, the State of Alaska, and within the Service--was undertaken to identify the issues needing to be addressed in the revision. Preliminary management alternatives were developed and revised based on public input.

At the same time, the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game--with the Service as a full partner--convened a committee of local residents and other interested citizens to develop a plan for conservation and management of the Kodiak Archipelago brown bear population; this plan was completed in 2002.

The Service has incorporated all applicable recommendations from the state’s bear management plan into the management alternatives for Kodiak Refuge. The draft Kodiak Refuge Conservation Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (pdf) document is now complete and has been distributed. The public is asked to review and comment on the draft document during a review period ending January 21, 2005. Directions for submitting comments are included in the letter to readers at the beginning of the draft plan. (The letter also tells how to request a hard copy of the document or a hard copy of the plan’s summary document.)

The final Kodiak Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan is expected to be released to the public during the summer of 2005.

For a history of the planning process for the Kodiak NWR Comprehensive Conservation Plan, you may view the Planning Updates:

January 2000 Planning Update

September 2000 Update Letter

If you have comments or questions, you may e-mail us.

Land Conservation Plan
When the Kodiak NWR land-conservation plan was developed, the document was called a "land-protection plan." To download a small part of the plan, click here. (pdf)

Visitor Services Plan
The Kodiak Refuge visitor services plan (called a public use management plan when it was developed) was completed in 1993, and the decision notice was signed in 1994. The plan is a step-down plan to the comprehensive conservation plan and provides direction for implementing the conservation plan.

The plan called for restricting snowmobile use in two bear-denning areas, required a special-use permit for pack animals, and proposed seasonal closures to four critical bear-concentration areas and overnight camping restrictions to 10 other areas. The plan called for a seven-day camping limit within one-quarter mile of the Ayakulik and Dog Salmon rivers and the Karluk Lake shoreline and a 15-day camping limit on all other refuge lands. The plan also provided direction for managing commercial guiding, trail and campsite development, public-use cabins, information/education programs, fixed-wing aircraft landings, jet boat use, tent platforms, and a bear-viewing program at O'Malley River.

To date, only the seasonal closure at the O'Malley River has been implemented through regulations. The revision of the comprehensive conservation plan will update and amend the visitor services plan.  

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