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Issue briefs and short reports
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Top 2002 Issue Briefs and Short Reports

NSF 02-304 Employment Preferences and Outcomes of Recent Science and Engineering Doctorate Holders in the Labor Market (October 30, 2001)

Top 2001 Issue Briefs and Short Reports

NSF 01-332 Academic Employment of Recent Science and Engineering Doctorate Holders (July 13, 2001)
NSF 01-322 Doubling Up: A Profile of U.S. Scientists and Engineers Who Hold Second Jobs (March 27, 2001)
NSF 01-311 Human Resource Contributions to U.S. Science and Engineering From China (January 12, 2001)

Top 2000 Issue Briefs and Short Reports

NSF 00-321 Psychology Doctorate Recipients: How Much Financial Debt at Graduation? (April 28, 2000)
NSF 00-314 Complex Picture of Computer Use in the Home Emerges (March 31, 2000)

Top 1999 Issue Briefs and Short Reports

NSF 99-356 What is the Level of Federal Science and Engineering Support to Historically Black Colleges and Universities? (August 26, 1999)
NSF 99-352 How Large is the Gap in Salaries of Male and Female Engineers? (July 26, 1999)
NSF 99-351 International Patent Trends in Biotechnology: Genetic Engineering (June 18, 1999)
NSF 99-343 International Patenting Trends in Manufacturing Technologies: Robots (April 22, 1999)
NSF 99-350 International Patenting Trends in Advanced Materials: Ceramics (June 18, 1999)
NSF 99-348 What Is the State Government Role in the R&D Enterprise? (May 26, 1999)
NSF 99-344 Counting the S&E Workforce -- It's Not that Easy (May 3, 1999)
NSF 99-342 What is the Federal Role in Supporting Academic Research and Graduate Research Assistants?(April 16, 1999)
NSF 99-341 Does the Educational Debt Burden of Science and Engineering Doctorates Differ by Race/Ethnicity and Sex? (April 16, 1999)
NSF 99-322 Will Small Business Become the Nation's Leading Employer of Graduates with Bachelor's Degrees in Science and Engineering? (March 4, 1999)
NSF 99-329 U.S. Inventors Patent Technologies Around the World (February 24, 1999)
NSF 99-321 Retention of the Best Science and Engineering Graduates in Science and Engineering (February 23, 1999)
NSF 99-328 How Has the Field Mix of Federal Research Funding Changed Over the Past Three Decades? (February 17, 1999)
NSF 99-327 How Much Does the U.S. Rely on Immigrant Engineers? (February 11, 1999)
NSF 99-318 Degrees and Occupations in Engineering: How Much Do They Diverge? (December 31, 1998)
NSF 99-317 What are the Sources of Funding for Academically Performed R&D? (December 23, 1998)
NSF 99-313 Have Forms of Primary Financial Support for S&E Graduate Students Changed During the Past Two Decades? (December 4, 1998)
NSF 99-310 Has the Use of Postdocs Changed? (December 2, 1998)
NSF 99-309 How Has The Field Mix of Academic R&D Changed? (December 2, 1998)
NSF 99-307 What Follows the Postdoctorate Experience? Employment Patterns of 1993 Postdocs in 1995 (November 27, 1998)
NSF 99-303 Venture Capital Investment Trends in the United States and Europe (October 16, 1998)

Top 1998 Issue Briefs and Short Reports

NSF 98-320 Are Forms of Financial Support and Employment Choices of Recent Science and Engineering Ph.D.s Related? (July 22, 1998)
NSF 98-319 High-Tech Industries Drive Global Economic Activity (July 20, 1998)
NSF 98-318 What Is The Debt Burden Of New Science And Engineering Ph.D.s? (July 8, 1998)
NSF 98-316 International Mobility of Scientists and Engineers to the United States - Brain Drain or Brain Circulation? (June 22, 1998) (Revised November 10, 1998)
NSF 98-312 What is Happening to Academic Employment of Scientists and Engineers? (June 19, 1998)

Top 1997 Issue Briefs and Short Reports

NSF 97-323 Is The Gender Gap In Unemployment Disappearing? (September 26, 1997)
NSF 97-321 What's Happening in the Labor Market for Recent Science and Engineering Ph.D. Recipients? (September 23, 1997)
NSF 97-318 S&E Ph.D. Unemployment Trends: Cause For Alarm? (August 14, 1997)
NSF 97-313 Do Academic Research Costs Drive up Undergraduate Tuition? (July 18, 1997)
NSF 97-310 Japan Hopes to Double Its Government Spending on R&D (June 13, 1997)

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