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NSF Directorates, Divisions, and Offices
in Alphabetical Order

Acronym Title
ACIR Advanced Computational Infrastructure and Research
ANIR Advanced Networking Infrastructure and Research
AST Astronomical Sciences
ATM Atmospheric Sciences
BCS Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences
BES Bioengineering and Environmental Systems
BD Budget Division
BFA Office of Budget, Finance, and Award Management
BIO Directorate for Biological Sciences
CCR Computer Communications Research
CHE Chemistry
CISE Directorate for Computer and Information and Science Engineering
CMS Civil and Mechanical Structures
CTS Chemical and Transport Systems
DACS Acquisition and Cost Support
DAS Administrative Services
DBI Biological Infrastructures
DEB Environmental Biology
DFM Financial Management
DGA Grants and Agreements
DGE Graduate Education
DIS Information Systems
DMII Design, Manufacture, and Industrial Innovation
DMR Materials Research
DMS Mathematical Sciences
DUE Undergraduate Education
EAR Earth Sciences
ECS Electrical and Communications Systems
EEC Engineering Education and Centers
EHR Directorate for Education and Human Resources
EIA Experimental and Integrative Activities
ENG Directorate for Engineering
EPSCoR Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
ESIE Elementary, Secondary and Informal Education
ESR Educational System Reform
GEO Directorate for Geosciences
HRD Human Resource Development
HRM Human Resource Management
IBN Integrative Biology and Neuroscience
IIS Information and Intelligent Systems
INT International Science and Engineering
MCB Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
MPS Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences
NSB National Science Board
OCE Ocean Sciences
O/D Office of the Director
OEOP Office of Equal Opportunity Programs
OGC Office of the General Counsel
OIA Office of Integrative Activities
OIG Office of the Inspector General
OIRM Office of Information and Resource Management
OLPA Office of Legislative and Public Affairs
OMA Office of MutliDisciplinary Activities
OPP Office of Polar Programs
PHY Physics
REC Research, Evaluation and Communication
SBE Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences
SES Social And Economic Sciences
SRS Science Resources Studies

Terms, Conditions, and Guidelines in Alphabetical Order

CA-1 Cooperative Agreement General Conditions
FDP-III Federal Demonstration Partnership Phase III General Terms and Conditions
GC-1 Grant General Conditions
GPG Grant Proposal Guide
GPM Grant Policy Manual
PAM Proposal and Award Manual

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