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National Science Foundation
FY 2005 Budget Request to Congress

Table of Contents

National Science Foundation Overview (246K)
  Tables in Excel Format
NSF Investments and Strategic Goals (1835K)

Organizational Excellence
Tables in Excel Format

Technical Information (380K)

FY 2005 Appropriation Language
Summary of FY 2005 Budget by Appropriation and Activity
Object Classification
Reimbursable Activity
Personnel Summary
Explanation of Carryover 2003
Full Budgetary Costing
Tables in Excel Format

NSF Summary Tables and Charts (121K)

NSF By Strategic Goal and Account
NSF Selected Crosscutting Programs
NSF Tools by Investment Category
NSF Funding Profile
NSF NSTC Crosscuts
NSF Historical Tables and Charts
Centers Supported by NSF in FY 2003
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Research and Related Activities (101K)
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Directorate Summaries
Biological Sciences (973K)

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Integrative Biology and Neuroscience
Environmental Biology
Biological Infrastructure
Emerging Frontiers
Plant Genome Research
Tables in Excel Format

Computer and Information Science and Engineering (321K)

Computer and Network Systems
Computing and Communication Foundations
Information and Intelligent Systems
Shared Cyberinfrastructure
Information Technology Research
Tables in Excel Format

Engineering (688K)

Bioengineering and Environmental Systems
Chemical and Transport Systems
Civil and Mechanical Systems
Design, Manufacture and Industrial Innovation
Electrical and Communications Sysytems
Engineering Education and Centers
Tables in Excel Format

Geosciences (208K)

Atmospheric Sciences
Earth Sciences
Ocean Sciences
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Mathematical and Physical Sciences (422K)

Astronomical Sciences
Materials Research
Mathematical Sciences
Multidisciplinary Activities
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Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (330K)

Social and Economic Sciences
Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences
Science Resources Statistics
Office of International Science and Engineering
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U.S. Polar Programs (221K)
  Tables in Excel Format
Integrative Activities (111K)
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Education and Human Resources (333K)
Elementary, Secondary and Informal Education
Undergraduate Education
Graduate Education
Human Resource Development
Research, Evaluation and Communication
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Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction (865K)
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Salaries and Expenses (343K)
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National Science Board (84K)
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Office of Inspector General (90K)
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Changes Between FY 2004 Request and FY 2004 Estimate (90K)
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Quantitive Data Tables (27K)
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About the Cover (52K)
Entire Report pdf entire report (7,797K)
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