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The most frequent recipients of support for basic scientific research in the biological sciences are academic institutions and nonprofit research organizations. In special circumstances, grants are awarded to other types of institutions and to individuals. In these cases, preliminary inquiry should be made to the appropriate program officer before a proposal is submitted. Support may be provided for projects involving a single scientist or a number of scientists. Awards are made for projects confined to a single disciplinary area and for those that cross or merge disciplinary interests.

Please note: Research with disease-related goals, including work on the etiology, diagnosis or treatment of physical or mental disease, abnormality, or malfunction in human beings or animals, is normally not supported. Animal models of such conditions or the development or testing of drugs or other procedures for their treatment also are not eligible for support.

Research proposals to the Biological Sciences Directorate (not proposals for conferences or workshops) cannot be duplicates of proposals to any other Federal agency for simultaneous consideration. The only exceptions to this rule are: (1) when the proposers and program officers at relevant Federal agencies have previously agreed to joint review and possible joint funding of the proposal; or (2) proposals for PIs who are beginning investigators (individuals who have not been a principal investigator (PI) or co-principal investigator (co-PI) on a Federally funded award with the exception of doctoral dissertation, postdoctoral fellowship or research planning grants). For proposers who qualify under this latter exception, the box for "Beginning Investigator" must be checked on the proposal Cover Sheet. Applicants are encouraged to contact a program officer by phone or e-mail concerning their proposals.

Multiple Principal Investigator Proposals

Increasingly, many important research problems in science can be addressed best by a team of investigators, each bringing different perspectives to the activity. A team approach may result in the application of novel techniques to biological questions or a more comprehensive treatment of scientific problems, and may also provide innovative opportunities for the training of students.

The NSF Directorate for Biological Sciences encourages proposals from three or more investigators, who may come from more than one academic institution, for collaborative studies focused on a single problem. Such proposals will be evaluated through BIO's core programs, in addition to proposals from individual investigators, as part of the programs' portfolio of activities. Investigators interested in submitting a multi-PI proposal may contact the appropriate BIO program for further advice and guidance.


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