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Sector Notebooks

The EPA has developed a series of profiles or sector notebooks containing information on selected major industries. These notebooks, which focus on key indicators that holistically present air, water, and land pollutant release data, have been thoroughly reviewed by experts from both inside and outside the EPA.

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What will I find in the Notebooks?

Each Notebook brings you comprehensive, well-researched details gathered for the first time in a single source and includes:

  • a comprehensive environmental profile
  • industrial process information
  • pollution prevention techniques
  • pollutant release data
  • regulatory requirements
  • compliance/enforcement data
  • history government and industry partnerships
  • innovative programs
  • contact names
  • bibliographic references
  • description of research methodology

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Industry Sector Notebooks:

Profile of the Agricultural Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer Industry (2000)
Profile of the Agricultural Crop Production Industry (2000)
Profile of the Agricultural Livestock Production Industry (2000)
Profile of the Aerospace Industry (1998)
Profile of the Air Transportation Industry (1997)
Profile of the Dry Cleaning Industry (1995)
Profile of the Electronics and Computer Industry (1995) **
Profile of the Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation Industry (1997)
Profile of the Ground Transportation Industry (1997)
Profile of the Inorganic Chemical Industry (1995) **
Profile of the Iron and Steel Industry (1995)
Profile of the Lumber and Wood Products Industry (1995)
Profile of the Metal Casting Industry (1997)
Profile of the Metal Fabrication Industry (1995) (html) **
Profile of the Metal Mining Industry (1995)
Profile of the Motor Vehicle Assembly Industry (1995)
Profile of the Nonferrous Metals Industry (1995)
Profile of the Non-Fuel, Non-Metal Mining Industry (1995)
Profile of the Oil and Gas Extraction Industry (1999)
Profile of the Organic Chemical Industry 2nd Edition (2002) ** (new)
Profile of the Petroleum Refining Industry (1995)
Profile of the Pharmaceutical Industry (1997)
Profile of the Plastic Resins and Man-made Fibers Industry (1997)
Profile of the Printing Industry (1995)
Profile of the Pulp and Paper Industry 2nd Edition (2002) (new)
Profile of the Rubber and Plastic Industry (1995)
Profile of the Shipbuilding and Repair Industry (1997)
Profile of the Stone, Clay, Glass and Concrete Industry (1995)
Profile of the Textiles Industry (1997)
Profile of the Transportation Equipment Cleaning Industry (1995)
Profile of the Water Transportation Industry (1997)
Profile of the Wood Furniture and Fixtures Industry (1995)

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Government Series:

An adjunct to the Industry Sector Notebooks series, the government series is a group of associated Notebooks that are organized by government sector rather than a particular industry sector.

Profile of Local Government Operations (1999)
Profile of Federal Facilities (1996)


Spanish - Notebooks that have been translated into Spanish are marked by a double asterisks (**).
Printing - If these documents do not print completely, you may have insufficient memory in your printer. If this is the case, printing only small portions of the document at one time may correct the problem. For the best resolution documents published after 2001 should be printed on Postscript printers, otherwise some illustrations may be blurry.

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Data Refresh Page (new feature)

The Sector Notebooks Data Refresh presents the latest available Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) release and transfer data and compliance data for most of the Sectors covered in the Notebooks series. Data are not provided for Sectors that are not required to report to TRI or that cannot easily be defined by Standard Industrial Code (SIC).

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Obtaining Copies

Electronic copies of all the Sector Notebooks can be downloaded free of charge from this location. All of the Notebooks are in Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) Files. They can be viewed, and printed, with the use of an Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Printed copies can be ordered for a fee of between $6 and $25, depending on length, from the Government Printing Office (GPO) by calling (202) 512-1800 or by linking directly to the GPO Sales Product Catalog Exit EPA disclaimer . Be sure to search using "sector notebook" or the exact title of the document (Profile of the xxxxx Industry). (For federal state and local government employees and libraries only) Contact EPA's National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) online or call at (800) 490-9198 for free printed copies of any Notebook, while supplies last. When ordering, be ready with the exact title (Profile of the xxxxx Industry) or the EPA publication number (listed on each Sector Notebook Web page cited above).

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Future Notebooks

EPA is planning to revise the Profile of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Profile of the Rubber and Plastics Industry and to develop new notebooks for tribal governments; and for the construction, healthcare, and auto-salvage industries.

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Promotional Material

Share this resource with your colleagues with a fact sheet (PDF, 67KB) describing the Sector Notebooks series. A limited number of colorful 24 x 18 inch Know Your Industry posters are also available (see obtaining copies above).

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Questions or Comments

If you have questions or comments about the Industry Sector Notebooks Project contact:

Sector Notebooks Coordinator
Compliance Assistance and Sector Programs Division
phone: (202) 564-2310
fax: (202) 564-7083

Sector Notebooks Coordinator: (2224A)
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460-0001


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