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EPSCoR, The Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
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  Welcome to EPSCoR


The Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) is a joint program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and several U.S. states and territories. The program promotes the development of the states' science and technology (S&T;) resources through partnerships involving a state's universities, industry, and government, and the Federal research and development (R&D;) enterprise. EPSCoR operates on the principle that aiding researchers and institutions in securing Federal R&D; funding will develop a state's research infrastructure and advance economic growth. EPSCoR's goal is to maximize the potential inherent in a state's S&T; resources and use those resources as a foundation for economic growth.

The EPSCoR Web site contains a full array of information about the program and its requirements and participants. The site's features are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of EPSCoR, including access to resources for applying for EPSCoR funding.

Among the features of the site are:

  • State Program pages with specific information about each state's programs, projects, grant activities, outcome statistics, program successes, and NSF Award Abstracts

  • An Events Calendar with deadlines and important program dates

  • Links to NSF EPSCoR's instructions on how to apply for funding, including access to online forms

  • Links to NSF EPSCoR documents and publications

  • Links to the NSF FastLane system

  • A fully searchable directory with contact information for EPSCoR administrators and staff in each state, members of the EPSCoR Interagency Coordinating Committee, and NSF EPSCoR staff

  • Site search and site map features that help you find specific information on the site quickly and easily





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