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International Trade (123)

Addressing the Challenges of International Bribery and Fair Competition, ...:

The ... Annual Report Under Section 6 of the International Anti-Bribery and Fair Competition Act of 1998 . . .

2001, Third. BOOK. 2001.

S/N 003-010-00290-5 -- $25.00 (Out of Stock)

2002, Fourth. BOOK. 2002. 0-16-067428-X

S/N 003-009-00726-7 -- $10.50 (Out of Stock)

AgExporter. SUBSCRIPTION. LIST ID FA. Issued monthly. Targeted at business firms selling United States farm products overseas. Provides timely information on overseas trade opportunities, including reports on marketing activities and how-to's of agricultural exporting. Subscription price: Domestic - $44.00 a year; Foreign - $61.60 a year. Single copy price: Domestic - $4.00 a copy; Foreign - $5.60 a copy. File Code 2E. 0-16-009340-6

S/N 701-027-00000-1 -- $44.00 Add To Cart

Basic Guide to Exporting, 1998. BOOK. 1999. Provides answers to many of the common questions about exporting goods and services. Three appendices are provided for reference: Addresses of United States Export Assistance Centers;Addresses of United States and Foreign Commercial Service International Posts; and Export Glossary. 0-16-058993-2

S/N 003-009-00708-9 -- $20.00 Add To Cart

Building American Prosperity in the 21st Century, United States Trade and Investment in the Asia Pacific Region: Report of the Commission on United States-Pacific Trade and Investment Policy. BOOK. 1997. Outlines the condition of the Asia Pacific markets in: Brunei Darussalum, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. Recommends steps the United States should take to achieve greater opening of Asia Pacific markets for United States companies in order to create better jobs for American workers.

S/N 041-001-00489-1 -- $19.00 (Out of Stock)

Change, Challenge, and Competition, The National Commission to Ensure a Strong Competitive Airline Industry: A Report to the President and Congress, August 1993. BOOK. 1993. Investigates the status of the airline industry. Identifies impediments to a strong and competitive airline industry. Also makes recommendations about how to clear away those impediments. Reports on: the need for efficiency and technological superiority; the need for financial strength; and the need for spanning the globe. 0-16-041887-9

S/N 050-000-00544-5 -- $18.00 (Out of Stock)

Clean Diamond Trade Act, Public Law 108-19. BOOK. 2003. An Act to Implement Effective Measures to Stop Trade in Conflict Diamonds, and for Other Purposes. Approved April 25, 2003.

S/N 869-049-00019-1 -- $2.25 Add To Cart

Code of Federal Regulations, Title 15, Commerce and Foreign Trade, Revised January 1, 2003:

Part 0-299. BOOK. 2003. 0-16-069896-0

S/N 869-050-00043-1 -- $37.00 Add To Cart

Microfiche of the above. MICROFICHE. 2003.

S/N 869-051-00043-8 -- $2.00 Add To Cart

Part 300-799. BOOK. 2003. 0-16-069897-9

S/N 869-050-00044-0 -- $57.00 Add To Cart

Microfiche of the above. MICROFICHE. 2003.

S/N 869-051-00044-6 -- $2.00 Add To Cart

Part 800-End. BOOK. 2003. 0-16-069898-7

S/N 869-050-00045-8 -- $40.00 Add To Cart

Microfiche of the above. MICROFICHE. 2003.

S/N 869-051-00045-4 -- $2.00 Add To Cart

Code of Federal Regulations, Title 19, Customs Duties, Revised April 1, 2003:

Part 1-140. BOOK. 2003. 0-16-069907-X

S/N 869-050-00054-7 -- $13.00 Add To Cart

Microfiche of the above. MICROFICHE. 2003.

S/N 869-051-00054-3 -- $2.00 Add To Cart

Part 141-199. BOOK. 2003. 0-16-069908-8

S/N 869-050-00055-5 -- $13.00 Add To Cart

Microfiche of the above. MICROFICHE. 2003.

S/N 869-051-00055-1 -- $2.00 Add To Cart

Part 200-End. BOOK. 2003. 0-16-069909-6

S/N 869-050-00056-3 -- $8.00 Add To Cart

Microfiche of the above. MICROFICHE. 2003.

S/N 869-051-00056-0 -- $2.00 Add To Cart

Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices: Report by the Department of State in Accordance With Section 2202 of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988. BOOK. 2002. Provides a single, comprehensive and comparative analysis of the economic policies and trade practices of each country with which the United States has an economic or trade relationship. 0-16-051054-6

S/N 052-070-07331-4 -- $35.50 Add To Cart

Economic Assessment of the United States Industrial Fastener Industry, March 1987. BOOK. 1987.

S/N 003-009-00704-6 -- $7.00 (Out of Stock)

Effects of ... on the National Security:

Ceramic Semiconductor Packages, August 1993. BOOK. 1993.

S/N 003-009-00689-9 -- $16.00 (Out of Stock)

Imports of:

Anti-Friction Bearings, July 1988. BOOK. 1988.

S/N 003-009-00701-1 -- $25.00 (Out of Stock)

Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Products, January 1989. BOOK. 1989.

S/N 003-009-00699-6 -- $10.50 (Out of Stock)

Gears and Gearing Products, July 1992. BOOK. 1992.

S/N 003-009-00693-7 -- $16.00 (Out of Stock)

Plastic Injection Molding Machines, January 1989. BOOK. 1989.

S/N 003-009-00700-3 -- $14.50 (Out of Stock)

Uranium, September 1989. BOOK. 1989.

S/N 003-009-00698-8 -- $7.00 (Out of Stock)

Electric Current Abroad, 1998. BOOK. 1997. Lists, for United States manufacturers and exporters as well as individuals living or traveling abroad, the characteristics of electric current available and the type of attachment plugs used in principal cities throughout the world. Also includes key to terms used in this publication. 0-16-054786-5

S/N 003-009-00673-2 -- $3.00 (Out of Stock)

Export America. SUBSCRIPTION. LIST ID EXPAM. Issued monthly. Covers success stories, regional developments, sources of practical and technical advice, country and sector specific market opportunities, trade events, online marketing tips, and export statistics. It also includes the latest trade information from the entire Federal government, focusing on new global opportunities and providing general advice ontopics such as documentation and market research. Subscription price: Domestic - $58.00 a year (first-class); Foreign - $81.20 a year. Single copy price: Domestic - $6.00 a copy; Foreign - $8.40 a cop

S/N 703-092-00000-4 -- $58.00 Add To Cart

Export Programs Guide: A Business Guide to Federal Export Assistance, 2003-2004 Edition. BOOK. 2003. Lists all Federal government programs that aid United States companies in exporting their goods and services around the world. 0-16-051365-0

S/N 003-009-00729-1 -- $9.50 Add To Cart

Export Trading Company Guidebook, 1987. BOOK. 1987. Intended for those business managers who are considering starting or expanding their exporting through the various forms of an export trading company (ETC) as encouraged by the ExportTrading Company Act of 1982. Shows what it takes to export profitably and how to start exporting. Includes the text of the Export Trading Company Act of 1982 and related regulations. 0-16-000336-9

S/N 003-009-00523-0 -- $20.00 Add To Cart

Foreign Direct Investment in the United States:

Operations of the United States Affiliates of Foreign Companies . . .

1992 Benchmark Survey, Final Results. BOOK. 1995. Provides detailed data on the financial structure and the operations of United States affiliates of foreign companies. Includes information on: balance sheets; income statements; sales of goods and services; external financial position; employment and employee compensation; United States merchandise trade; research and development expenditures; United States lands owned or leased;foreign direct investment in the United States; and balance of payments transactions between United States affiliates and their foreign parent companies. 0-16-026249-6

S/N 003-010-00259-0 -- $28.00 Add To Cart

Revised 1996 Estimates. BOOK. 1999.

S/N 003-010-00279-4 -- $10.50 Add To Cart

Preliminary 1997 Estimates. BOOK. 1999. 0-16-059086-8

S/N 003-010-00284-1 -- $15.00 (Out of Stock)

1997 Benchmark Survey, Final Results. BOOK. 2001.

S/N 003-010-00289-1 -- $46.00 (Out of Stock)

Preliminary 1998 Estimates. BOOK. 2000.

S/N 003-010-00287-5 -- $12.50 (Out of Stock)

Revised 1998 Estimates. BOOK. 2001.

S/N 003-010-00291-3 -- $16.00 (Out of Stock)

Preliminary 1999 Estimates. BOOK. 2001.

S/N 003-010-00292-1 -- $16.00 Add To Cart

Foreign Trade Zones Manual. BOOK. 2003. Compiles various laws, regulations, policies, and procedures relating to foreign trade zones. 0-16-051367-7

S/N 072-000-00003-0 -- $40.00 Add To Cart

Greening of World Trade: A Report to EPA From the Trade and Environment Committee of the National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology. BOOK. 1993. Discusses longer-term policy ramifications of international trade and environmental issues for government and the private sector. 0-16-041702-3

S/N 055-000-00425-1 -- $25.00 Add To Cart

Guide to the Caribbean Basin Initiative. BOOK. 1994. The Caribbean Basin Initiative is a broad program to promote economic development through private sector initiative in the Central American and Caribbean countries. Provides information on: Duty-free entry to the United States for products from Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) countries; CBI Textile Program for textiles and apparel; CBI government procurement; Exemption from United States Import Merchandise Processing Fees for CBI exports; and Federal, State, and private sector business development programs. 0-16-044971-5

S/N 003-009-00639-2 -- $8.00 (Out of Stock)

Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States Annotated for Statistical Reporting Purposes, Fifteenth Edition . . .

CD-ROM Edition. SUBSCRIPTION. LIST ID TSACD. Issued semiannually. System requirements: IBM compatible 386; Windows 3.1; 4M RAM; and 6M free hard drive space. Macintosh requirements: 68020 or Power Mac; System 7.1.2; 3.5M RAM; and 6M free hard drive space. Subscription price: Domestic - $65.00 a year (first-class); Foreign - $91.00 a year. Single copy price: Domestic - $39.00 a copy; Foreign - $54.00 a copy. File Code 2S.

S/N 749-003-00000-6 -- $65.00 Add To Cart

Paper Edition. SUBSCRIPTION. LIST ID TSA03. Subscription service consists of a basic manual and supplementary material for an indeterminate period. In looseleaf form, punched for 3-ring binder. Subscription price: Domestic - $84.00 (first-class); Foreign - $117.60; foreign airmail available upon request - $117.60 plus costs based upon International Postal Zone. File Code 1A.

S/N 949-019-00000-4 -- $84.00 (Out of Stock)

Importing Into the United States: A Guide for Commercial Importers. BOOK. 2002. Provides an overview of the importing process. Contains general information about import requirements.

S/N 048-002-00135-4 -- $22.00 Add To Cart

Spanish Edition of the above. BOOK. 1999. 0-16-058954-1

S/N 048-002-00133-8 -- $13.00 Add To Cart

International Business Practices. BOOK. 1993. Provides up-to-date information on business practices in the countries of North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Covers: business organizations; exporting; commercial policies; foreign investment; intellectual property rights; taxation; regulatory agencies; and useful contacts. 0-16-042256-6

S/N 003-009-00622-8 -- $32.00 (Out of Stock)

International Direct Investment: Studies by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. BOOK. 1999. Contains key studies on United States direct investment abroad and foreign direct investment in the United States. 0-16-049954-2

S/N 003-010-00278-6 -- $29.00 (Out of Stock)

Investment Castings: A National Security Assessment, December 1987. BOOK. 1987.

S/N 003-009-00702-0 -- $13.50 (Out of Stock)

Joint Logistics Commanders Department of Commerce Precision Optics Study, June:

1986. BOOK. 1986.

S/N 003-009-00705-4 -- $16.00 (Out of Stock)

1987. BOOK. 1987.

S/N 003-009-00703-8 -- $16.00 (Out of Stock)

Multilateral Activities in South East Asia: The 1995 Pacific Symposium. BOOK. 1995. Includes papers presented at the 1995 Pacific Symposium sponsored by the National Defense University. Reflects the views of many Asia-Pacific nations regarding the rise of multilateralism in South East Asia. Presents papers on the five subtopics of the symposium: the South East Asia Perspective; the South East Asia Environment, View from the Peripheral Nations; AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area), APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation), and the WTO (World Trade Organization): How Do They Fit Together?; How Much and What Kind of Multilateralism?; and A Look Toward the Future. Focuses0-16-047999-1

S/N 008-020-01368-4 -- $17.00 Add To Cart

NAFTA Works for America: Administration Update on the North American Free Trade Agreement, 1993-1998. BOOK. 1999. Summarizes the accomplishments of the NAFTA over its first five years. 0-16-050089-3

S/N 041-001-00525-1 -- $8.00 (Out of Stock)

National Export Strategy Report, 2003: The Administration's Trade Promotion Agenda, Unlocking America's Potential, Report to the United States Congress. BOOK. 2003. Contains the national export strategy report of the George W. Bush administration for 2003. Describes the status of the recommendations presented in the 2002 report. 0-16-067730-0

S/N 003-009-00730-5 -- $6.50 Add To Cart

National Security Assessment of the ... Industry:

Antifriction Bearings, February 1993. BOOK. 1993.

S/N 003-009-00691-1 -- $13.50 (Out of Stock)

Cartridge and Propellant Actuated Device, October 1995. BOOK. 1995.

S/N 003-009-00676-7 -- $14.50 (Out of Stock)

Domestic and Foreign Subcontractor Base: A Study of Three United States Navy Weapon Systems, March 1992. BOOK. 1992.

S/N 003-009-00695-3 -- $17.00 (Out of Stock)

Emergency Aircraft Ejection Seat Sector, November 1997. BOOK. 1997.

S/N 003-009-00680-5 -- $10.50 (Out of Stock)

Gear, United States, January 1991. BOOK. 1991.

S/N 003-009-00697-0 -- $14.50 (Out of Stock)

National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers, 2003. BOOK. 2003. Surveys significant foreign barriers to United States exports and provides quantitative estimates of the impact of foreign practices on the value thereof. Includes information on actions being taken to eliminate any act, policy, or practice identified in this report. 0-16-051371-5

S/N 041-001-00592-7 -- $47.00 Add To Cart

North American Free Trade Agreement: Certificate of Origin, Customs Form 434. FORM. 1993. Includes form and instructions. 0-16-061956-4

S/N 048-002-00120-6 -- $24.00 Add To Cart

Overview and Compilation of United States Trade Statutes . . .

2001. BOOK. 2001. 0-16-050812-6

S/N 052-070-07308-0 -- $60.00 Add To Cart

2003. BOOK. 2003. 0-16-051338-3

S/N 052-070-07373-0 -- $64.00 Add To Cart

Quarterly Financial Report for Manufacturing, Mining and Trade Corporations. SUBSCRIPTION. LIST ID QFR. Shows the financial characteristics and operating results for all United States manufacturing corporations. Single copies may be purchased from Customer Services (Publications), Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC 20233. Subscription price: Domestic - $58.00 a year (first-class); Foreign - $81.20 a year. File Code 2Q. 0-16-010054-2

S/N 703-083-00000-5 -- $58.00 Add To Cart

Schedule B: Statistical Classification of Domestic and Foreign Commodities Exported From the United States. SUBSCRIPTION. January 2002. LIST ID SCHB. Subscription service consists of a basic manual and changes entitled Public Bulletin which are issued irregularly for an indeterminate period. In looseleaf form, punched for 3-ring binder. Contains approximately 9,000 10-digit commodity classifications, based on the organization framework of the Tariff Schedules of the United States, Annotated, to beused by shippers in reporting export shipments from the United States and for use in compiling official statistics on exports of merchandise from the United States. Subscription price: Domestic - $135

S/N 903-009-00000-4 -- $135.00 Add To Cart

Study on the Operation and Effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement, July 1997. BOOK. 1997. Provides a comprehensive assessment of the operation and effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), including the economic effects in aggregate and in selected manufacturing sectors and agriculture, and the implementation of the NAFTA environmental and labor agreements. Reviews the findings from a variety of outside studies. Analyzes Mexican and United States data, attempting wherever possible to isolate the effects of the NAFTA from other factors. 0-16-061890-8

S/N 041-001-00492-1 -- $19.00 (Out of Stock)

Trade Act of 2002, Public Law 107-210. BOOK. 2002. An Act to Extend the Andean Trade Preference Act, to Grant Additional Trade Benefits Under That Act, and for Other Purposes. Approved August 6, 2002.

S/N 869-046-00074-4 -- $9.50 Add To Cart

Trade Policy Agenda, ..., and ... Annual Report of the President of the United States on the Trade Agreements Program . . .

2001, 2000. BOOK. 2001. 0-16-050744-8

S/N 041-001-00561-7 -- $46.00 (Out of Stock)

2002, 2001. BOOK. 2002. 0-16-051076-7

S/N 041-001-00578-1 -- $47.50 Add To Cart

2003, 2002. BOOK. 2003. 0-16-051361-8

S/N 041-001-00591-9 -- $47.00 Add To Cart

United States-... Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act, Public Law ...:

Chile, 108-77. BOOK. 2003. An Act to Implement the United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement. Approved September 3, 2003.

S/N 869-049-00077-8 -- $3.50 Add To Cart

Singapore, 108-78. BOOK. 2003. An Act to Implement the United States-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. Approved September 3, 2003.

S/N 869-049-00078-6 -- $2.50 Add To Cart

United States Code, 2000 Edition, Volume 7, Title 15, Commerce and Trade. United States Code, 2000 Edition, Containing the General and Permanent Laws of the United States, In Force on January 2, 2001, Volume 7, Title 15, Commerce and Trade.BOOK. 2001. 0-16-050695-6

S/N 052-001-00471-0 -- $85.00 Add To Cart

United States Court of International Trade Reports, ..., Cases Adjudged in the United States Court of International Trade, January-December ...:

Volume 19, 1995. BOOK. 1997. Contains: Slip Opinions 95-1 to 95-210; Abstracted Classification Decisions, C95/1-82; Abstracted Valuation Decisions V95/1; and an index of cases reported. 0-16-061747-2

S/N 028-003-00067-6 -- $85.00 Add To Cart

Volume 22, 1998. BOOK. 2001. Contains: Slip Opinions 98-1 to 98-171; Opinions of the Court; Abstracted Classification Decisions, C98/1-173; Abstracted Valuation Decisions V98/1-11; Revised Rules; and an index of cases reported. 0-16-059116-3

S/N 028-003-00070-6 -- $68.50 Add To Cart

Volume 23, 1999. BOOK. 2002. Contains: Slip Opinions 99-1 to 99-144; Opinions of the Court; Abstracted Classification Decisions, C99/1-165; Abstracted Valuation Decisions V99/1-51; and an index of cases reported. 0-16-066504-3

S/N 028-003-00071-4 -- $70.50 Add To Cart

Volume 24, 2000. BOOK. 2003. Contains: Slip Opinions 00-1 to 00-173; Opinions of the Court; Abstracted Classification Decisions, C00/1-79; Abstracted Valuation Decisions V00/1-20; Revised Rules; and an index of cases reported. 0-16-066505-1

S/N 028-003-00072-2 -- $72.00 Add To Cart

United States Customs Service Foreign Trade-Zones Manual. BOOK. 1997. Provides instructions, guidelines, and other information that existing and prospective foreign trade-zone grantees, operators, users, and Customs officers need to know for effective operation, supervision, and use of zones and zone transactions. 0-16-049049-9

S/N 048-002-00128-1 -- $36.00 Add To Cart

United States Direct Investment Abroad: Operations of United States Parent Companies and Their Foreign Affiliates . . .

Revised 1997 Estimates. BOOK. 2000. 0-16-050531-3

S/N 003-010-00285-9 -- $12.00 (Out of Stock)

Revised 1998 Estimates. BOOK. 2002. 0-16-067516-2

S/N 003-010-00293-0 -- $14.50 Add To Cart

1999 Benchmark Survey, Preliminary Results. BOOK. 2002. 0-16-067517-0

S/N 003-010-00294-8 -- $21.00 Add To Cart

United States Export Administration Regulations:

CD-ROM Edition. SUBSCRIPTION. LIST ID EARCD. Issued quarterly. Subscription price: Domestic - $93.50 a year (first-class); Foreign - $130.90 a year. Single copy price: Domestic - $33.50 a copy; Foreign - $46.90 a copy. File Code 2Q.

S/N 721-042-00000-6 -- $93.50 Add To Cart

Paper Edition. SUBSCRIPTION. January 2003. LIST ID EAR03. Subscription service consists of a basic manual, a set of dividers, and supplementary material issued as Export Administration Bulletins for approximately one year. In looseleaf form, punched for 3-ring binder. Subscription price: Domestic - $147.00 (first-class); Foreign - $205.80. File Code 1A.

S/N 921-005-00000-8 -- $147.00 (Out of Stock)

United States Foreign Trade Highlights, 1996. BOOK. 1997. Provides data on United States international trade in goods and services. Emphasis is on: goods trade; aggregate exports and imports; United States commodity and country/regional trade balances; and shifts in the commodity composition of United States exports and imports with major trading partners and regions. Consists chiefly of tables and statistics. 0-16-054693-1

S/N 003-009-00670-8 -- $21.00 Add To Cart

United States Global Trade Outlook, 1995-2000: Toward the 21st Century. BOOK. 1995. Highlights growth and trade trends in key countries and sectors. Includes sections on: Assessing our best markets; and Expanding opportunities for industry. Provides data on European Union, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and South Africa. Also covers medical equipment and supplies, computer equipment, computer software, motor vehicles, automotive parts, paper products, and information services. 0-16-045488-3

S/N 003-009-00650-3 -- $26.50 Add To Cart

United States Import Requirements: Overview of Customs Procedures for Commercial Importing. BOOK. 1999. Provides a general explanation of import requirements. Includes a list of United States ports of entry. 0-16-061430-9

S/N 048-002-00134-6 -- $2.25 (Out of Stock)

United States International Trade and Freight Transportation Trends. BOOK. 2003. Provides a broad overview of changes in United States international merchandise trade since 1990. 0-16-051360-X

S/N 050-000-00585-2 -- $21.00 Add To Cart

Water and Wastewater Technologies Export Market Plan. BOOK. 2002. Serves as a guide for United States exporters of water and wastewater technologies and services. Focuses on water equipment and chemicals and engineering and construction services. 0-16-051188-7

S/N 003-009-00728-3 -- $20.00 Add To Cart

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