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These are tools and utilities that we can provide free of charge to our users. In the future, we will include links to other web and document tools such as NetScape and Internet Explorer for various platforms.

PDF documents on our site

Portable Document Format (PDF) files found on our site must be viewed using software from Adobe. Versions exist for a number of computers. Listed below are some of the more popular ones.
* Adobe Acrobat: Free Reader
The latest possible versions of Adobe's readers can be had at this site.

* PKZIP 2.04G Executable for use with ZIP files ( exe, 198K, 02/13/93 )

* WinCode Mime Decoder ( zip, 999K, 10/31/96 )
Wincode is a Windows 3.1x program which converts 8-bit BINARY (EXE, COM,GIF, etc) files to 7-bit ASCII (Text) files (and vice versa) through a process known as bit-shifting. Wincode currently supports UU, XX, USR, Base64 (MIME 1.0 conformant), BINHEX, BTOA and BOO encoding/decoding. This BINARY/ASCII conversion allows you to send and receive binary files via e-mail or any other ascii-based communications system.


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