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NIST Update Archives (2000-2003)

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 June 24, 2003 -- New Instrument Tests the Metal of WTC Steel, Seizing the Moment: Improving Control of Quantum Dots, Designing Efficient Cooling Systems for the Dog Days of Summer, Computer-Simulations Mimic Growth of 'Dizzy Dendrites', Quick Links

 June 9, 2003 -- Cracking the Nanonewton Force Barrier, Ensuring the Safety of First Responder Gas Masks, Tooth, Heal Thyself, Miniature Mix-ups to Speed Materials Research, Deciphering How Arteries Contribute to Hypertension, Quick Links

 May 27, 2003 -- Advances in DNA Analyses Help Identify 9/11 Victims, NIST Assists NASA in Columbia Accident Investigation, A New Wireless Network for Emergency Communications, Novel Spectroscopic Method Can Detect Terrorist Threats, Ensuring the Reliability of Trace Explosive Detectors, Quick Links

 May 14, 2003 -- NIST WTC Investigation Marks One-Third Mark with Progress Report, NIST Announces Seven New Advanced Technology Program Awards, NIST Traps, Prepares and Serves Atoms—One at a Time, Baldrige Index Beaten by S&P 500 After Nine Winning Years, Clock Accuracy by Radio? NIST Paper Tells All

 April 28, 2003 -- NIST Peanut Butter Standard Spreads Quality When Used, NIST, CU Publish Recipe for Home-Cooked Bose-Einstein Condensate NIST-Led Simulation Consortium Sets Goals, Seeks Members, NIST Workshop to Focus on Card-Based Technologies, NIST Video, CD Feature Latest Baldrige ‘Formulas for Success’, Report Features Three Decades of NIST ‘Military Aid’

 April 14, 2003 -- NIST Research Improves Prospects for Reliable Quantum Computers, Bailey Appointed Director of NIST Boulder Labs, NIST Offers Quick Guide to DRM Organizations, Standards, CLEAN Device May Tell a Lot about Supernovas, New Chair Appointed to NIST’s MEP Advisory Board, Secretary Evans Appoints Three to Baldrige Award Judges’ Panel

 March 31, 2003 -- NIST, HP Move Toward Critical Molecular Electronics Measurements, New Report Details NIST Law Enforcement Activities, NIST Conference to Showcase Latest in DVD Tech and Standards, NIST Researchers ‘Go Dancing’ with Synchronized Lasers, NIST to Discontinue Its Role in Satellite Time Dissemination, NIST Seeks Comments on Revised Standards for Wood Panels

 March 17, 2003 -- NIST Reports Significant Advances Made in Facial Recognition, NIST Device Helps Ensure Gunlock Performance NIST, International Team Develop Materials Data Exchange Language, Interagency Effort Opens the ‘GATE’ on Manufacturing R&D, NIST Guide to State/Local Accreditation Programs Updated, Visiting Committee Praises NIST, Offers Recommendations

 February 28, 2003 -- NIST to Investigate Rhode Island Fire Under NCST, President Approves FY 2003 Funds for NIST, N.Y. Adopts NIST-Developed ASTM Cigarette Fire Test, New Web Site Showcases NIST’s Big Efforts in Tiny Technology, Gas and Liquid Won’t Mix? New NIST Device May Be the Answer, NIST Says: ‘Hug a Weights and Measures Official in March!’

 February 12, 2003 -- NIST Says Dual ID System Needed to Protect U.S. Borders, NIST Helps Health Care Industry Develop IT Security Standards, NIST Experiment's Data Acquired Before Space Shuttle Tragedy, NIST Reaches Quarter-Volt Output for Josephson Voltage Standard, Administration Seeks $496.8 Million for NIST in FY 2004, Levelt Sengers Selected for 2003 Women in Science Award

 January 27, 2003 -- ATP Partner Thinks Big by Going Small with Nanotech Materials, Learn from First Baldrige Health Care Recipient at March Conference, NIST, UW Research May Lead to New Breast Cancer Detection Methods, March Forum to Address Key Issues for Manufacturing Community, March Conference to Address Challenges to Chipmakers, Team with NIST’s Phan: Pentagon Structure Limited 9-11 Damage, Satellite Measures Sun’s True Power with NIST Help

 January 13, 2003 -- Tiny Cell-Based Chemical Detectors Have Protection Potential, Report Highlights Best Ways to Talk Science to the Public, Baldrige Criteria Challenge CEOs to Be ‘Chief Ethical Officers’, Fiberoptic Link Transfers Clock Signals with Great Stability, Problems in Test Method ID’d by NIST Research, March Conference to Focus on Cybersecurity Education, Training

 December 16, 2002 -- WTC Investigation Off to Solid Start, NIST Reports, New NIST Color Reference More Than a Shade Improved, What’s the Buzz? Expanded BEES Software Helps Builders Go Green, NIST Method Helps Find Water in Industrial Phosphine Gas, NIST Study Shows Industries Taking a Big STEP to Savings, NIST Offers a Non-Traditional UWB Antenna Measurement Facility

 November 25, 2002 -- 2002 Baldrige Award Honors Three, Including First in Health Care, NIST’s Gebbie Receives Service to America Medal, NIST Innovations to Improve Industrial Temperature Measurement, Seventh Edition of Popular NIST Refrigerant Database Released, NIST Research Papers: ‘The Future is Full of (Laser) Light’, NEMI Recognizes NIST Contributions to U.S. Electronics Success

 November 12, 2002 -- NIST Device Helps Industry Reach 'Weathering' Heights, New NIST Tool Helps Small Businesses Protect IT Systems, Using Mitochondrial DNA as a Cancer Biomarker, On the PATH to Improved Durability, Lower Maintenance Costs, New NIST Guidelines to Help Protect Against Cyberattacks, NIST Testing Helps Ensure Accurate Lasers for Surgery, Chips

 October 21, 2002 -- ATP Announces 40 New Awards for FY 2002, NIST Airflow Software Featured in Smoke Management Guide, NRC Report Praises NIST Labs for Science, Service and Staff, Help Wanted: Experts Needed for 2003 Baldrige Award Applications, NIST Director: ‘Streamlining Standards Would Improve Security’, Packing Junctions Improves Programmable Voltage Standards

 October 2, 2002 -- Law Grants NIST New Authorities to Investigate Building Failures, Eleven Organizations in Final Running for 2002 Baldrige Award, Four New NIST Guides Help Counter Cyberattacks, NIST Researchers Open Door for Making Cold Antihydrogen, NIST, MBDA Team Up to Assist Minority Businesses, NIST Director Says ID Technologies Need Standardization

 September 16, 2002 -- ‘Double Knock-Out’ Pigs Score TKO for ATP Project, Idaho Educator Learns ‘On the Job’ About Environmental Monitoring, Study Finds NIST Gas Standards Yield Substantial Benefits, NIST Gets the Drop on Fire Quenchers, NIST Research Finds Waveguide Lasers Offer Advantages

 August 26, 2002 -- NIST Details Federal Investigation of WTC Disaster, Pervasive Computing Conference Adds Health Care Track, NIST Image Library to Help Improve Linewidth Measurements, 'Frustrated Magnets' Hint at Nature's Powers of Organization, New NIST Reference Material Benefits Users of Raman Spectrocopy

 August 12, 2002 -- NIST Seeks Comments on Guide Detailing Wireless Security Issues, Baldrige Program Celebrates 15th Anniversary, NIST to Operate Deep Ultraviolet Lithography Calibration Service, Noise-Temperature Service from 1 to 65 Gigahertz Available, NIST Develops Metrology for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography, Robots in Construction Conference to Showcase Innovations

 July 29, 2002 -- NIST-Led Team Facilitates Search for New Microchip Materials, Quantum Dot Isolation Provides Quantum Leap in Optical Engineering, ¿Estamos Progresando? Baldrige Questionnaire Now en Español, Baldrige Winners Go On the Road in October, Biometric Consortium Conference to Showcase Latest ID Technologies, NIST Evaluates Ability of Models to Predict Thin-Film Properties, New Phosphorus Dopant Reference Materials Coming from NIST

 July 15, 2002 -- OSTP Report Praises NIST Neutron Center for World-Class Capabilities, Dow R&D Executive Named to Visiting Committee, New e-Handbook of Statistical Methods Available Online, New Interoperability Standard Is Smart for Smart Cards, Baldrige, Six Sigma or ISO? Do You Have to Choose One?, New Publication Explains NIST Computer Time Services

 June 24, 2002 -- Design Proposed for Large-Scale Quantum Computer, A Commitment to Innovation, NIST Study: Software Bugs Take Huge Bite Out of Nation's Economy, New Partnership, Workshops Focus on Small Biz IT Security, NIST Develops Two New Wavelength Calibration Standards, NIST Odor Measurements Help Reduce Threat from Leaking Gas

 June 10, 2002 -- ATP Announces 21 New Awards, New Members Named to Visiting Committee, 49 Organizations Apply for Nation’s Top Honor for Excellence, Aw, Chuck It! NIST Offers New Innovation for EDM Equipment, New NIST SIMS Device Makes Material Analysis ‘Elemental’, NIST Leads Effort to Standardize Chemical ID Systems

 May 28, 2002 -- Joint Optoelectronics Project Completes Seven Years of Success, New Publication Documents International Welding Conference, New Method Can Speed the Search for High-Tech Films, New Publication Highlights Recent NIST Ion Trapping Research, NIST Researcher Named One of the World's Top Young Innovators

 May 13, 2002 -- More Cold Neutrons on Tap at Upgraded NIST Center, Shopping Mall Burn Examines Structural Vibrations, NIST Guides Help Defend Against Cyberattacks, From A(mbiguity) to Z(ulu): New T&F Glossary Makes It All Clear, Five from NIST Honored for Outstanding Government Service, NIST CD Captures Lessons of Fatal Iowa Blaze, New Microwave Measurement Method Aids Semiconductor Industry

 April 29, 2002 -- What a Deal! Evaluated Ceramics Data on the Web, 2001 Baldrige Award Winners’ Applications Available, Weight Problems? Handbook Hopes to ‘Reduce’ Error with Carts, New Video, CD Feature Latest Baldrige ‘Formulas for Success’, NIST to Evaluate Facial Recognition Software Under Patriot Act, Five More Years of Cooperation for NIST, Egyptian Counterpart

 April 15, 2002 -- ATP 2002 Competition Announced; E-Proposals Acceptable, Study Says: Role-Based Access Control Yields Big Benefits, June Conference to Focus on State of the Art for DVD, NIST Reaffirms Commitment to Cement Industry with Updated SRMs, Expert Panel Helps NIST Plan for the Future, World's First Corn-to-Plastics Plant Opens

 April 3, 2002 -- NIST, FEMA Strengthen Disaster Response and Research Capabilities, NIST Partners with Historically Black Colleges, Universities, Questionnaire Helps Leaders Answer 'Are We Making Progress?', NIST Issues Updated Time and Frequency Services Handbook, Being in the Right Place at the Right Time ... Anytime, Thermodynamics Center Seeks More Reliable Data

 March 18, 2002 -- Baldrige Winners Beat S&P 500 for Eighth Year, NIST Facilitates Development of New Cancer Treatment, NIST, Stanford Researchers Make Magnets Go Out-of-Order, Mehuron to Retire from ITL Director/NIST CIO Posts, NIST Seeks End to a Problem of Large (and Small) Dimensions, NIST Treatment for Gas Cylinders to Improve Emissions Testing, Accurate Fluid Properties Vital for Future, Says NIST

 February 25, 2002 -- ‘Cool’ Collaboration Focuses on Cell Membrane Research, Lean Operation Helps Texas Firm Keep Up with Demand, Federal Use of Private-Sector Standards Doubles, Free Software Evaluates Long-Term Costs of Energy Savings, Precessional Switching in Magnetic Memory Devices Demonstrated, Revised Handbook 133 Benefits Consumers and Businesses

 February 11, 2002 -- Administration Seeks $577.5 Million for NIST in FY 2003, Commerce Secretary Releases Proposals for Improving the ATP, Are You Ready to Go for the Gold? Baldrige Gold, That Is!, Critical Data Derived for Integrated Circuit Manufacturing, NIST Leads Development of Broadband Standard, NIST’s Cahn to Receive Bower Award in April

 January 22, 2002 -- Organ Transplant Advance Results from ATP Project, Two NIST Researchers Receive PECASE Honors, NIST Holds Series of Regional Small Business Security Workshops, Josephson Synthesizer Circuit Demonstrated, Learn From First Baldrige Education Recipients at April Conference, Patent Issued for Purification Process for Liquefied Petroleum Gas

 January 7, 2002 -- NIST-Evaluated Tests Soon May Keep Tabs on Modified Corn, New NIST Web Site Works for Secure E-Government, First Industrial Fluid Properties Simulation Challenge Under Way, Award Manufacturer Gives Blue Ribbon to Rhode Island MEP, Paper Traces History of Thermophysical Properties Symposium, New Transfer Standards for Optical-Fiber Power Metrology Available

 December 17, 2001 -- First Three Education Recipients Highlight 2001 Baldrige Award, President Approves FY 2002 Funds for NIST, Arden Bement Becomes the 12th NIST Director, The Future of Bridge Design? ‘Plastics’ Says ATP Partner, AES Becomes Federal Standard for Encrypting Data, Small Manufacturers: MEP Has Your Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

 November 13, 2001 -- NIST to Launch Combinatorial Methods Center, NIST Scientists Named Fellows of AAAS, First Report on Sublethal Effects of Smoke Available, NIST Releases New U.S. Edition of International Guide, Proceedings Available from IT Standards and Innovation Conference, New Publication Explores Challenges to Thermophysical Researchers

 October 29, 2001 -- Study Shows $25 Billion in U.S. Economic Benefits from Baldrige, Apply for Baldrige Award, Get Guaranteed Seat on Board of Examiners, ‘Hurry Please,’ Says BEES Please, to Be in the Software, New Publication Details Optoelectronics Work at NIST, Partnership Validates Smart Card Security Requirements, Two New Members Named to Visiting Committee

 October 15, 2001 -- Cornell and Wieman Win 2001 Physics Prize, Thirteen Organizations in Final Running for 2001 Baldrige Award, NIST Launches New Information Technology Security Effort, Texas Educator ‘Learning and Teaching’ in Baldrige Office, Biomedical Devices: Globally Accepted Standards Needed, New Service Alerts U.S. Exporters to Pending Foreign Regulations

 September 24, 2001 -- Two Organizations to Provide MEP Services in Alaska, Nevada, Mountain Products Is Climbing High with NIST MEP Help, Designer Polymers to Aid Recycling, NIST Floor Burn Experiments Could Aid Investigators, China Looks at NIST-Facilitated Broadband Wireless Access Standards, Two NIST Projects Honored as Among 100 Best Technologies

 September 4, 2001 -- New Spectroscopy Tool Probes Semiconductor Etching Processes, NIST Tuning Up Technical Assistance to Automotive Sector, Working in the Trenches: NIST Models ‘Superfilling’, Help Wanted: Experts to Review Baldrige Award Applications for 2002, October Workshop to ‘Bring Home the Network’, New Standards Experts in South America, Middle East

 August 22, 2001 -- U.S. Economy Reaps Benefits of Josephson Volt Standard: Baldrige Criteria, Good to Go for 2002, ATP Pilot Tests Electronic Submission of Proposals, NIST Assesses Accuracy of Thin Film Dimensions, JILA Receives $15 Million Grant from NSF, Neutron Probes Focus the Search for Insulators

 August 6, 2001 -- Something New Under the Sun: Energy Walls, Upcoming Conference to Explore Biometric Technology, Proceedings from In Vitro Diagnostics Workshop Now Available, MEP Plans to Develop e-Business Testbed for Small Manufacturers, Fourth Annual E-Book Conference Planned for November, Pipe Dreams Become Reality for Oil and Gas Industry

 July 23, 2001 -- New Atomic Clock Could Be 1,000 Times Better Than Today’s Best, NIST Offers Online Metrology Resource for Electronics Manufacturers, Using Baldrige Criteria as Tool to Hire, Keep Top Employees, New Reference Material Simplifies SEM Performance Checks, ATP Partners Putting a Spring in Their Steppers, Joint Research Center Planned for Nonlinear Electronics

 July 9, 2001 -- NIST Uncovers Potential Problem for Semiconductor Lithography, NIST Seeks Comments on Security Risk Management Guide, NIST Smooths Transition to ‘Safe,’ Energy-Efficient Refrigeration, Project on Corn-Derived Polymers Wins R&D Award, New Security Standard for Federal Agencies Effective in November, Brochure Shows NIST Research, Services Benefit Data Storage Efforts

 June 26, 2001 -- Fall Conference to Showcase New Cases for Charters of Freedom, New Division to Explore Magnetic Technology, NIST Forms Team to Tackle Inspection Software Problems, Work Well Under Way on World's Premier Measurement Lab, Got a Minute? NIST Wants Your Views on Time Services, New Members Named to Visiting Committee

 June 12, 2001 -- NIST Workshop Looks at E-Commerce Consumer Issues, NIST and Partners Help Blaze the Path to Metatopia, New Online Newsletter Links Researchers and Firefighters, NIST Launches Series of Guides to EU Directives, November Conference Tackles Text Retrieval Systems, Thirty-Seven Try for Nation’s Top Honor for Excellence

 May 29, 2001 -- Cooperative Research Brightens Future of Fiber-Optic Networks, Ferris Wheel Maker Gets on MEP Ride to Productivity, New International Standards Activity in Polymer Mass Spectrometry, Grant Will Help Advance National Standards Strategy, NIST Says ‘More Attention Must Be Paid to Repair Welds’

 May 14, 2001 -- Wanted: Measurements with Good References, New Online Pages Guide Industry to Sector-Specific NIST Services, New NIST Practice Guide on Rockwell Hardness Testing Available, Want Skills in Neutron Spectroscopy? Go to Summer School!, Semiconductor Labs Put New NIST Software Through Its Paces, New Publication Showcases Key NIST Research Achievements

 April 30, 2001 -- E-Baldrige Can Help Assess, Improve Your Organization, New Video, CD Spotlight Strategies of 2000 Baldrige Recipients, June Symposium Showcases Interactive Digital TV, Microtester ‘Stresses’ Electronic Packaging, Data Exchange Standards Advance, History of Pioneering NIST Facility Chronicled

 April 16, 2001 -- Administration Seeks $496 Million for TA in FY 2002, Funds for Innovative IT Infrastructure Protection Technologies Available, ‘Baldrige Index’ Once Again Outperforms S&P 500, NIST Takes Over as MPEG Web Site Host, June Workshop Examines Draft Language for Materials Data Exchange, Group Wants to Make ‘E-B’ as Easy as ‘A-B-C’

 April 2, 2001 -- May Conference Seeks IT Access for All, Maryland Center Keeps Tube Maker from Spiraling Out of Control, Practice Guide on Particle Size Characterization Now Available, Paper Traces History of NIST Refrigerants Program, New Excimer Laser Measurement Service Available, Anderson to Head Electronics and Electrical Engineering Lab

 March 19, 2001 -- NIST Seeks Proposals for Manufacturing Centers in Five States, At May Conference, The ‘P’ in PC Stands for ‘Pervasive’, Pennsylvania MEP Helps FSI Products ‘Think Big’, Murdock Slated To Be Next NCWM Chair, NIST Fellow Elected to National Academy of Engineering, Paper Describes NIST Support for Optical Fiber Industry

 March 5, 2001 -- NIST Seeks Final Comments on Advanced Encryption Standard, NIST Proves You Can Go Home (page) Again, Revamped NIST Division Dedicates Itself to Fewer Fire Losses, New Members Named to MEP Advisory Board, Define the Universe on a Wallet-Sized Card, Bibliographies of Electronics-Related Work Now Available

 February 20, 2001 -- Survey Says: Centers Help Improve Competitiveness, Productivity, European Directive on Medical Testing Demands Traceability, NIST Assesses Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarette for FTC, Virtual Lab Consortium to Test Concrete and Cement Formulas, Two NIST-Funded Experiments Testing Fundamentals of Reality, Reports Praise NIST for 2000 Accomplishments

 February 5, 2001 -- New Technique for Blending Polymers Yields Novel Structures, Sutherland Officially Named as Boulder Labs Director, New Tool for Identifying Vulnerabilities Up and Running, NIST Finds Agencies Relying More Heavily on Private Sector, Baldrige Criteria Can Help Assess, Improve ... and Go for the Gold, March Symposium Sizes Up the Past, Future of Standards

 January 22, 2001 -- Project in Integrated Optoelectronic Manufacturing a Success, New Version of Charpy Machine Guide Is Now Available, U.S., EU Implement Agreement to Reduce Trade Barriers, Short Course on Radiation Thermometer Measurement Offered, SET for Fundamental Measurements in Electricity Explained, Competitions Open for 13 Research Funding Opportunities

 January 8, 2001 -- President Approves FY 2001 Appropriations for NIST, Kammer Retires as NIST Director, Process-Improved ATP Competition Under Way for 2001, Just a Phase? Better Neutron Analysis with Lower Radiation, NIST, ANSI Reaffirm Partnership for U.S. Standards Success, NIST/Industry Consortium to Tackle Complex Polymer Interphases

 December 4, 2000 -- Keeping Tabs on the Site with Laser Light, April Conference to Showcase 2000 Baldrige Recipients, Polish Up Your Gloss Measurements at NIST, Tests Certify ‘Smart’ Building Products, Indiana MEP Center Helps Sales of Copter Parts Soar, New Book, Web Site Can Help Media Feature NIST at 100

 November 21, 2000 -- Four U.S. Firms Recognized for Quality and Business Excellence, Here’s Looking at Digital Cinema, Kid, TRC: Déjà vu All Over Again, Government Team Addresses Nation’s Aging Wire Systems, New ‘Recognition Arrangement’ Could Lower Export Barriers, Fourth Revision of Body Armor Standard Issued

 November 6, 2000 -- NIST Joins the National Particulate Matter Research Program, Two NIST Boulder Researchers Honored as PECASE Recipients, NIST, Partners Seek Smooth Sailing for Shipyard Processes, All About SQUID ... and Their Father, Looking for a Quality-System Registrar?, Video Shows Small Businesses Are Big on Baldrige

 October 23, 2000 -- And the Emmy Goes to ... a NIST ATP Partner!, Debut Set for Complex Computing ‘All for One’ Standard, Cool Site Yields Hot Data on Heat Transmission, Refined Procedures Improve Refrigeration Properties Research, Atomic Clock Among Popular Science’s ‘Best of What’s New’, Egyptian Professor Is NIST’s First SESAME Seed, ‘Full of Hot Air’ Takes on New Meaning at NIST

 October 10, 2000 -- Belgian Formula Wins Competition to Become Encryption Standard, ATP Launches 54 High-Impact R&D Projects, New Reader Soon May Give the Blind Access to E-Books, Two Maryland Firms Team to Construct State-of-the-Art Lab, New Calibration Service for High-Power Laser Detectors, Symposium on Optical Fiber Measurements Chronicled

 September 25, 2000 -- Nine Organizations in Final Running for Top Quality Honor Are You Keeping Pace with the Global Economy?, Aeronautics Firm Gets in STEP with Streamlined Data Exchange, Improved ‘Vision Using Sound' System Wins R&D 100 Honor, NIST Pioneers the Use of Image Plates for Far UV Spectroscopy, MEP Helps Makes Success an Equal Opportunity Result

 September 11, 2000 -- NIST Helps Manufacturers Prepare for Conversion to Lead-Free Solder, Last Chance to Sign Up for Cyber Security Conference, Collaboration to Yield Big Dividends to the Construction Industry, New Measurement Service for Relative Intensity Noise of Lasers, National Standards Strategy Approved, Baut Studios Says 'Hallelujah' for Help from Penn MEP Center

 August 28, 2000 -- NIST, Robotics Industry Seek a More 'Open' Relationship, Wanted: Baldrige Award Examiners for 2001, Proposals Sought for Precision Measurement Grants, Software Evaluation Expedites Incredible Shrinking of Transistors, NIST Lab, German Counterpart Team to Develop Reference Materials

 August 14, 2000 -- Read All About It! September Conference to Showcase E-Books, Missouri Center Helps Entrepreneur Tee Off New Product, New VAMAS Group Seeks Measurement Specs for Ceramic Powders, New Paper Explains Calibration Service for Excimer Lasers, International Agreement Keeps Partners True to Their MISSION, New Publication Discusses Computer Technology in Welding

 July 31, 2000 -- Tissue-Engineering Project Creates First ‘Artificial Thymus’, New Software Mainstreams Air Quality Design Innovation, Biometric Conference to ID Major Issues, Advances, Entrepreneurs: Is There Life after ATP?, Taking the Temperature of Rapid Thermal Processing Systems, Measurement Gaps May ‘Undercharge’ Deregulation Benefits

 July 17, 2000 -- Burning Mattresses Yield a Safer Night’s Sleep for All, NIST Can Help Your Computer Speak Fluent XML, Workshop Seeks More Open European Market for Lab, Diagnostic Tests, What’s the Buzz? New BEES Build Better Buildings, Using Ferroelectric Materials for Microwave Electronics, September Symposium Plans (Optical) Fiber-Rich Menu

 July 3, 2000 -- Workshop Tells Industry: It's Either First or Worst, New NIST Web Site Tells All About Hall, Grants Put Housing Innovations on the PATH to Reality, One Hundred Certificates and Counting for Testing Program, Probing Nanoscale Pores to Understand Membrane Physics, Jackson Leaves NIST; Bloom Acting Director of MEL, FQA Final Rule Published; Hotline and Declaration Forms Available

 June 19, 2000 -- 49 Organizations Try for Nation's Top Honor for Excellence, Software Gives Firefighters Computerized View of Deadly Blaze, Ground Broken for World's Premier Metrology Research Lab, Grant to ANSI to Strengthen U.S. Participation in ISO, IEC, New Publication Helps Find State Programs for Tech Growth, New Noise Measurement System Now in Service at NIST, Two from NIST Honored for Government Service

 June 5, 2000 -- Thirteen Is Lucky Number for International Cooperation, Commerce, Partners Ensure That E-Business, Is Timely Business Partnership Proposed to Reduce Duplication, New MEMS Facility Opens in Boulder, New Standard to Help Advance Parallel Computing, Agreement Streamlines Telecommunications Product Approvals

 May 22, 2000 -- Baldrige Program for Education Getting Broad Support, New Video Highlights ATP Role in Technology Innovation, Industry Gives 'Seal' of Approval to Remote Weld Monitoring, EU Approach to Standards Explained in New NIST Guide, Charpy Machine Operation and Maintenance Is Easier by the Book, U.S., Korea Sign Agreement to Enhance Trade and Commerce

 May 8, 2000 -- Project to Turn Corn Sugar into Polymers Is a Sweet Success, NIST’s Cornell Elected to National Academy of Sciences, NIST Grantee Makes Best Ever Measure of ‘Big G’, June Conference Seeks Industry Success Through Better Metrology, New Members Named to Baldrige Award Panel of Judges, Predicting Non-linear Effects in Superconducting Transmissions

 April 24, 2000 -- Balutis Named to Head Second Decade of Success for ATP, Domich to Oversee Boulder Labs, Looking for Ceramics Info? Click Open the NIST Ceramics WebBook, NIST Plays Major Role in New Steam Tables Book, June Conference Explores IT Applications and Integration, Two NIST Researchers Receive Recognition for Scientific Leadership

 April 10, 2000 -- ATP-Derived Software Powers New ‘DTV-in-a-Box’ for Broadcasters, Brochure Can Get Your Quality Journey on the Road, New Video, CD Spotlight Strategies of 1999 Baldrige Recipients, GE Recognizes ATP for Helping Achieve All-Digital Mammography, Conference to Open National Dialogue on Combinatorial Methods, Weights and Measures Documents Now Available on the Internet

 March 27, 2000 -- Oh, What a Tangled Web These Particles Weave!, MEP Helps Small Firms Get Leaner, Cleaner and More Productive, Carbon-Copy Pigs Are Latest Milestone in Organ Transplant Research, NIST Helps Develop Some of World’s Coldest Refrigerators, Kayser, Mehuron to Head Tech Services, Information Tech Units

 March 13, 2000 -- NIST Sulfur Standards Reap Big Benefits for Industry, Environment, Boulder Lab Director to Take Position at Harvard, Information on Weld Ferrite Standards Now Available, Common Scale Established for All of North America, NIST Names New Members to MEP Advisory Board, Straub Slated to be Next Chairman of the NCWM, Two NIST Scientists Elected to National Academy of Engineering

 Feb. 28, 2000 -- 2000 Criteria Now Available; New Competition Begins, ‘Baldrige Index’ Outperforms S&P 500 by Almost 5 to 1, Upgraded System Means Better Data, Lower Costs for Buildings, Digital Signature Standard Now Includes More Choices, May Conference to Teach Effective Use of Common Criteria

 Feb. 14, 2000 -- Administration Seeks $722 Million for TA in FY 2001, Worldwide Competition for Data Encoding Standard Nears End, What’s Up, Docs? Find Out at Upcoming Conference, New Registry Seeks End to Naming Conflicts, NIST Issues New Standard for Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing

 Jan. 31, 2000 -- NIST Research Seeks Advances in Pervasive Computing, NIST Leads the Way in Optical Fiber Measurements, Louisiana Center Helps Package Success for Gift Company, Optical Fiber Power Measurements Explained, NIST Passes 900 CRADA Mark, Releases FY 99 Stats, New Members Named to Visiting Committee; Manuel Becomes Chair

 Jan. 18, 2000 -- NIST Radio Station Now Transmitting at Full Power, Institute to Protect America's Cyberspace Proposed for NIST, New ATP Advisory Committee to Hold First Meeting, New NIST Effort Seeks to Improve Utility of Property Data, New Features for the ATP Alliance Network Site, Two Labs Share Honor for Materials Testing Software

 Jan. 3, 2000-- Got a Second? Nothing Counts Them Better Than New NIST Clock, Kaleidoscope Is Model for Optical Tunnel-Trap Detector, Housing Technology Grants Now Available from PATH, NIST Physicists Develop New Tool to Validate Protein Modeling, ‘Return of the Cryogenics Database’ Now Playing at NIST

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