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News Tips : Previous Years


These news tips are available primarily for archival purposes. Telephone numbers or other contact information may be out of date; please see current contact information at press contacts.

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  • News Tip - December 23, 2003
    Climate, Biodiversity and Oldest Humans Mark NSF Science Highlights from 2003
  • News Tip - December 9, 2003
    Detecting Terrorists and Other Hidden Groups on the Internet ... Environmental Changes Affect Plant Diversity ... Coastal Marsh Grasses are Dying in the South
  • News Tip - November 13, 2003
    NSF Cyberinfrastructure Previews at SC2003 Merge Fast Networks, High-End Computing and Big Data
  • News Tip - October 27, 2003
    Researchers Create "Smart," Switchable Surfaces ... NSF Funds a Low-Energy Neutron Source at Indiana University ... Nanoparticles Make Silicone Rubber Clearly Stronger
  • image icon News Tip - October 21, 2003
    Sense and Sensor Abilities from NSF Robotics and Computer Vision Research
  • image icon News Tip - October 8, 2003
    Discover the Physical World Through the National Science Digital Library
  • image icon News Tip - September 22, 2003
    An Automatic System for Matching Dental Records ... Engineers Unite to Protect the Environment, Draft Principles that Encourage Sustainability ... NSF Grants Help Popular Science's "Brilliant 10" Define the Cutting Edge of Science
  • image iconvideo icon News Tip - August 18, 2003
    Swell Software Crafts Artificial Clouds in Real-Time ... New Report Identifies Grand Research Challenges for Information Systems ... Liquid Crystals Paving Way Towards "Smart-Paper" Displays
  • image icon News Tip - June 17, 2003
    Grid Community Pulls Together to Battle SARS in Taiwan ... Scientists are Monitoring Potentially Toxic Blue-Green Algae in Wisconsin Lakes ... A Surveillance System for Cybersecurity Attacks
  • News Tip - May 12, 2003
    Hurricanes at the Equator: "Impossible Perfect Storm" Observed ... Rapid Release of Sea-Floor Methane Caused Extreme Global Warming 55 Million Years Ago ... New DNA Probe Becomes Learning Tool for Undergraduates
  • News Tip - April 16, 2003
    Shining Light on the Nanoscale ... Undergraduate Creates Nanofilter for Biomedical Lab-on-a-Chip ... Long-Term Ecological Research Reveals Unusual Winter Lake-Ice Conditions ... New Map Charts the Protein Universe ... Sulfur Signature in Diamonds Reveals New Facts about Early Earth
  • News Tip - March 20, 2003
    Web's "Best Meta-Search Engine" Organizes Documents from Anywhere in Any Language ... Boundary Between Earth's Magnetic Field and Sun's Solar Wind Riddled with "Swiss Cheese" Holes ... Scientists Discover Effects from Rapid, Global Climate and Ocean Changes of the Past ... "Raft" Down Sabino Canyon, an Ephemeral Stream in Arizona
  • News Tip - February 10, 2003
    Nearly-Naked Stars Boost the Pulse of Asteroseismology ... Coplink: Bridging Barriers Between Law Enforcement Agencies ... Wireless Internet Project for Native American Reservations Wins a "Wemmie"
  • video icon News Tip - January 23, 2003
    Earth Scientists Forge New Understanding of Mountain-Building Dynamics ... Estimates Point to Slower R&D; Growth in 2002 ... Pinpointing Human Activity in a Video Barrage
  • News Tip - January 3, 2003
    Genomes, Cosmos, and Nano Among NSF Science Highlights from 2002

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  • image icon News Tip - December 31, 2002
    Spider vs. Fly: Specialized Deception, Attack and Defense Rule the Conflict ... A Short Brush with Greatness ... Researchers Discover Properties of Perovskite, Explain Why no Earthquakes Start in Earth's Lower Mantle ... Extreme Micro-Networks Developed for Wireless Biosensors
  • News Tip - November 29, 2002
    U.S. Researchers May Provide Entrée into Coenzyme Q10 Market ... A Dim View of a Black Hole ... Increasing Nitrogen in Earth's Soils May Signal Global Changes
  • video icon News Tip - November 18, 2002
    Mining the Cosmos ... Remote Control Earthquakes ... Spinning Data Webs for Science and Business ... Simulating Disasters to Save Lives
  • News Tip - November 5, 2002
    Lake Microbes Hold Keys to Understanding of Basic Biology ... New England Lakes May Hold Clues to Future Storms and Floods ... Students Descend on "Mission to the Abyss" ... Seven NSF Awardees Selected for Popular Science's 2002 "Brilliant 10"
  • image icon News Tip - October 30, 2002
    Tricks of the Trade - The Science of Illusion ... "Moon Illusion" Still Confounds Scientists ... Tiger Moths Use Sonic Defense to Trick Bats ... Is That the Great Pumpkin?
  • News Tip - October 23, 2002
    Missouri Girl Scouts Try Their Hand at Solving Chemistry Mysteries ... Washing Water With Soap: Entire Undergraduate Chemistry Class Publishes Results ... Chemist Pulls Power Out of Thin Air ... The Solution to Dissolution
  • video icon News Tip - October 22, 2002
    Augmented Reality Brings Dinosaurs into the 21st Century ... Biological Mission to an (Almost) Unknown Planet ... Study of Endangered Tortoises May Reveal Impact of Diseases on Ecosystems
  • News Tip - October 22, 2002
    Polymer Prize Goes to NSF Scientist for Distinguished Research Career ... NSF Funds Training of Future Researchers in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics ... Laser Eye Surgery Pioneers Earn International Honors
  • News Tip - October 17, 2002
    New Model Enhances National Hurricane Prediction System ... Hurricane Isidore Proves Perfect Subject for Study of Rapidly Intensifying Storms ... Lowered Methane Emissions Could Reduce Both Global Warming and Air Pollution
  • News Tip - October 1, 2002
    Soot Contributes to Droughts and Floods in China ... Earthquake Study Produces New Depiction of Fault Zones ... Earthquake Testing Equipment Will Be Connected to National Network ... Geometry Software Eases Math Education, Visualization
  • News Tip - September 16, 2002
    Without Blue Crabs, Southern Salt Marshes Wash Away ... Ocean Drilling Program Explores Climate Change in the Southeast Pacific ... Evolutionary Origins of "Red Tide" Life Support Revealed ... NRC Report Touts Government Investments in Information Technology Research
  • News Tip - September 12, 2002
    Interactive Robot Motivates Children with Physical Disabilities ... Electronic Tutor Teaches Mathematics in Braille ... Young Engineers Build Accessibility ... "Pick and Click" Software Improves Internet Access for the Visually Impaired
  • News Tip - September 4, 2002
    Model of Plane Impact at WTC Provides Clues to Structural Issues ... Oceanographers Probe Breaking Wave Bubbles, Ocean Processes with New "Bubblecam" ... What Makes a Perfect Graph? Students of Math Get an Answer ... NSF-NIH Grants Will Integrate Mathematics and Biology
  • News Tip - August 19, 2002
    School Team Probes Pluto's Atmosphere During Cosmic Event ... National Tragedy Survey Reveals Continuing Impact of 9/11... Researchers Get Excitons to go the Distance ... Central American Volcanoes Yield New Clues About Earth's Processes
  • News Tip - August 14, 2002
    School Rooftops Catch the Rays in Statewide Experiment ... Teachers Brought up to Speed on High-Energy Physics... Summer School Gives Teachers Inside Look at the Earth ... Teachers Learn Skills Students Will Need in the Workforce
  • News Tip - August 6, 2002
    Team in South Pacific Studies Source of Historic Tsunami ... Summer Sport for Father-Son Team Means Shooting Lasers to Assess Structural Safety ... Science Teachers Experience the Arctic
  • News Tip - July 30, 2002
    Study Finds Egyptians More Concerned About Western Cultural Invasion ... City Residences Less Popular After 9/11 ... Postitive Outlook Aids Americans Distressed by 9/11 ... Russian Opinion Split on Support of U.S. War on Terror
  • News Tip - July 22, 2002
    Jellyfish Forecasting Now Possible in Chesapeake Bay ... New Computer Model Projects Detailed Picture of Worldwide Climate ... Summer Thunderstorms May Become More Predictable ... San Francisco Students Intern in Big Sky Country
  • News Tip - July 8, 2002
    New Evidence Found for "Oxidative Stress" Theory of Aging ... A Fish-Eye View of Management Through an Evolutionary Lens ... NSF Accountability Reporting Lauded Twice
  • image icon News Tip - June 24, 2002
    LIGO Begins Hunt for Faint Ripples From Space ... Astrophysicist Traces Gamma Rays, Receives Astronomy Honor ... U.S. and Russia Sign Agreement to Foster Materials Research Collaboration ... Scientists can Help Battle Terrorism, NSF Director Urges
  • News Tip - June 12, 2002
    Galápagos Iguana Deaths Reveal Surprising Damage From Low-Level Oil Spills ... "Rosebud" Replaces "Rose Garden" on Galápagos Seafloor ... Scientists Find Evidence of Cataclysmic Volcanic Event on Oahu ... Federal Support for Science and Engineering Increasing, Report Concludes
  • News Tip - June 4, 2002
    Colorado Alpine Lakes Show Troubling Changes ... New Computational Method Could Shorten Time to Develop New Drugs ... Seafloor Observatories to Monitor Tsunamis, Earthquakes ... Frequency of Undersea Earthquakes Tied to Ocean Tides
  • News Tip - May 28, 2002
    NSF Director Urges Microbiologists to 'Step Out' for Bioterrorism Protection ... Microbes Show Potential to Reduce Methane and Clean Up PCBs ... Life Within Rock Salt Reveals Surprisingly Diverse Neighborhood ... Photosynthetic Bacteria Discovered in Yellowstone Hot Springs
  • News Tip - May 14, 2002
    Life at the Extremes - Astonishing Diversity Found in Spain's "River of Fire" ... Researchers Use Earth-Based Tools to Image Weather in Space ... Oceanographic Expedition to Galápagos Marks 25th Anniversary of Deep Sea Vent Discovery ... Mesonet Provides Oklahoma Weather Researchers with Real-Time Monitoring Tool
  • News Tip - May 7, 2002
    Gene Study Determines How Humans are Related to Fruit Flies and Nematode Worms ... Scientists Produce Long Nanotube Strands ... Ocean Drilling Expedition Finds Microbial Life Beneath the Seafloor ... High-Tech Imagery Seeks New Insights into Breaking Wave Dynamics
  • image icon News Tip - May 6, 2002
    Three Dimensional Printing: Shortcut to the Final Product? ... Cinema Sound Pioneer Receives Academy Award ... Harnessing Fluorescent Light Flicker to Communicate Data ... Artificial Intelligence as Tutor ... Real-Time Chemical Detectors
  • News Tip - April 30, 2002
    International Team Borrows from Nature to Create Synthetic, Self-Assembling Molecules ... Sharing Literature Globally: Mathematicians Consider Virtual Library ... Students and Teachers to Get Physics Research Experience in Switzerland ... NSF Office Targets International Collaboration ... U.S. Science Board Calls for Enhanced Federal Role in International Science
  • News Tip - April 19, 2002
    New Nanomembrane Could Purify Natural Gas ... NSF Recognized for Innovation in Extending Satellite's Life and Link to South Pole ... Molds Provide New Insights into Gene Silencing ... Media, Anger Figure in Terrorism Response
  • News Tip - April 17, 2002
    Tropical Streams, Rivers 'Exhaling' Millions of Tons More CO2 Than Thought ... "Factory of Life" Discovery May Offer Clues for Treating Genetic Diseases ... 2001 Presidential Awards Presented for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching
  • News Tip - April 1, 2002
    Researchers Attempt to Identify When, Where Volcanoes will Erupt ... Nanomagnets: Huge Potential for Compact Information Storage ... Plant Stems and Leaves are Created in Equal Proportion to Roots ... Mass. Town to Combine Civic Planning with Technology Development ... Researchers Capture Image of Unusual Blue Jet Lightning
  • News Tip - March 19, 2002
    Researchers Use Nanowires to Detect Explosives ... Nanoscale Composite Material May Aid Bone Repair ... Nanoscale Electronics May be Crafted Using Biological Assembly ... Researchers to Determine Behavior of Fluids in Carbon Nanotubes ... Nanoscale Film Serves as Molecular Filter ... Researchers Developing Novel Method to Synthesize Semiconductor Nanowires ... Nanoscale Polymer Yields Extremely Slick Coating ... Nanogeoscience: Earth Processes to be Investigated on the Nanoscale ... DNA Molecules to be Used to Construct Nanoscale Devices
  • News Tip - March 19, 2002
    Increasing Photonic Efficiency: Nature Knows Best ... Biologists Aim to Find and Grow "Bugs" Responsible For Greenhouse Gas Methane ... Women, Minorities, Persons With Disabilities; Progress in Education, Less So in Workforce
  • News Tip - March 4, 2002
    Scientists Discover New, Self-Repairing Plastic ... New Materials Key to Shrinking Memory Devices ... Researcher Catalogs Vast Database of Traditional Plants Used by Native Americans ... Algorithms For Airlines: New Math Model Saves Time, Money
  • News Tip - February 4, 2002
    NSF'S Fiscal 2003 Budget Called Blueprint for the Future ... "Shakezone" Exhibit Marks Anniversary of Northridge Earthquake ... Research Shows Why More Species Are Better for Ecosystems
  • News Tip - January 22, 2002
    Graduate S&E Enrollments on the Rise Again ... Researchers Compile Dictionary of Endangered Northwest Mexican Language ... New NSF Grants Go to Diversity-Enhancing Education Programs in the Geosciences ... Scientists Find Underground Environment on Earth That Supports Ancient Life Forms
  • News Tip - January 7, 2002
    Recycled Proteins May Lead to Cellular Drug Delivery System ... More Than 41,000 Received Doctoral Degrees in 2000 ... Project at NSF Center Wins Student Science Contest ... NSF Launches On-Line Industry R&D Information Retrieval System

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  • News Tip - December 19, 2001
    Habitat Fragmentation Can Amplify Ecological Stresses More Than Previously Thought ... Joint US-Russian Computer Agreement Will Greatly Enhance Scientific Computing ... Mainframe Computer Unplugged
  • News Tip - December 10, 2001
    Study of Women and Minorities in I.T. Asks "Why Aren't There More?" ... Virginia Tech Study of Women and I.T. Career Decisions Looks at "Pivotal" Transitions ... New Earthquake Simulations May Have Multiple Applications
  • image icon News Tip - December 4, 2001
    Spectrograph Could Identify Chemical and Biological Agents ... Bone-Like Material Created by Nanoscale Self-Assembly ... OMB Director Praises NSF Efficiency
  • News Tip - November 19, 2001
    Earth's Ecosystems Slowed Greenhouse Gas Buildup in 1990s; Climate Change Could Speed It ... Old Corn Critical to Crop Yield, Student Model Suggests ... Accumulated Changes Threatens Delicate Balance, Courts Ecosystem Catastrophe
  • image icon News Tip - November 5, 2001
    Scientists Predict New Structures for Water Ice ... Arecibo Named a Historic Engineering Landmark ... MacArthur Foundation Honors NSF Researchers
  • image icon News Tip - October 24, 2001
    Tiny Films Have Promising Future as nanoscale "Filters" ... Autumn Foliage May Affect Air Quality, Climate ... NSF Launches New Industry R&D; On-Line Information Retrieval System
  • News Tip - October 9, 2001
    An Icy End to the Universe? Shapes of Galaxies May Lend More Evidence ... Safely Storing Hydrogen: New Nanoscale Sensor Could Help Boost Alternative Energy Source ... Earthquake Engineering: Team Plans for Cyber Network's Operation
  • News Tip - September 27, 2001
    One Hundred Scientists Participate in International Climate Study ... Researchers Find Earliest Whale Skeletons, Develop New Theory of Whale Evolution ... Researchers Map Global Space Weather
  • News Tip - September 5, 2001
    Photosynthesis in a Beaker: Energy Harnessed From the Sun ... Researchers Study Currents Off Oregon Coast ... New Web Site Unifies Advanced Computing Resources
  • News Tip - August 16, 2001
    Recent Science and Engineering Ph.D.s Who Wanted to Teach Find Other Career Options ... Teachers Improving Use of Standards-Based Instruction, Urban School Survey Concludes ... NSF Technology Manager Named One of Nation's Finest
  • News Tip - August 1, 2001
    New Integrated GPS Net Advances Quake Studies ... Genes of Aquatic Birds Reveal Surprising Evolutionary History ... "New" Salamanders Turn Up from DNA Analysis
  • image icon News Tip - July 23, 2001
    Women Close Gaps in Some, But Not All, Science and Engineering Fields ... Optical Device Promises Huge Data Storage Boost ... Baboon Mothers Yield Status to Female Offspring
  • image icon News Tip - July 23, 2001
    Lab Time Points Undergrads to Biotech Careers ... Students Join Amateur in Search for Space Rocks ... Teachers' Summer is "Re-Engineered"
  • News Tip - July 9, 2001
    New Database to Save Endangered Languages ... Michigan Facility Could Reveal Stars' Secrets ... NSF Funds Study of Recent Immigrants' Children
  • News Tip - June 26, 2001
    The Proof: NSF Helps Host 500 Young Mathematicians ... Coral Record Connects Climate Change in Three Oceans ... Measuring Muscle: New Study Shows How Tuna's Body Is Built for Speed
  • News Tip - June 4, 2001
    New Link Among Radio Telescopes Detects the "Feeding" of a Massive Star ... Industry Reports R&D; Investments Rose more than Eight Percent in 1999 ... Bordogna Awarded Manufacturing Honor
  • News Tip - May 22, 2001
    NSF Official Honored Posthumously by Genetics Society of America ... Nanotubes: The Next Flat-Panel Displays? ... Colonizing the Deep Sea: Scientists Solve Puzzle of Hydrothermal Vents
  • image icon News Tip - May 7, 2001
    Protecting Plant Biodiversity Helps Safeguard Ecosystems ... At The "Moving Edge of Discovery," Pushing the Frontier Without a Map ... Students' Robots Perform Surgery on ... A Grape?
  • News Tip - April 23, 2001
    Tracking the Night Sky: Cameras Make it Easy ... Blind Scholar Earns Multiple Honors, Shows Promise in Mathematics ... Temperature of Earth's Highest Polar Clouds Measured for First Time
  • News Tip - April 19, 2001
    Simmillennium Project Yields Better Quake-Modeling Software ... Earthquake Study Focuses on Hospitals' Importance in Crisis ... My Legos Hold Up Better Than Yours
  • News Tip - April 10, 2001
    "Dive and Discover" Website Puts Classrooms on Frontier of Ocean Exploration ... NSF: Students Vital to Future Workforce ... Hotspots No Panacea for Endangered Species or Biodiversity
  • News Tip - March 27, 2001
    Dollhouses Feature Flashing Lights and Rubber Ducks ... Antarctic Neutrino Detector Works! ... Federal Obligations for Academic Science & Engineering Sees Double-Digit Increase in 1999
  • News Tip - March 21, 2001
    Limited Damage From Seattle Area's "Nisqually" Earthquake Due to its Deep "Hypocenter" ... Underground Infrastructure Vulnerable to Quakes ... Scientists Look Further, See Deeper into Seattle "Nisqually" Quake ... Recon Teams Hit the Ground Running to Learn from Quakes ... Seattle Quake Offers New Research Opportunities ... Virtual Displays Pinpoint Quake Centers
  • News Tip - March 12, 2001
    Why Surfaces Stick: No Longer a Dirty Secret ... Computer Scientists Honored by National Academy and Leading Professional Society ... Biologists Uncover Darwin's "Missing Evidence" for Divergence of Species--In a Warbler's Song
  • News Tip - February 26, 2001
    Nano-Structured Diamond Coating will Reduce Wear in Mechanical Devices ... El Niño Predicted with the Help of a Wind Trigger ... Silence of the Clams: Upstream Dams Imperil Downstream Clams
  • News Tip - February 14, 2001
    Seeing and Sharing Data: Materials Researchers Get Virtual Lab ... Graduate Enrollments in Science and Engineering Reverse Five-Year Downturn ... NSF Funds an Expanding Catalog of Bryophytes, Early Indicator of Environmental Degradation
  • News Tip - January 29, 2001
    How Cold Is Cold? Scientists Now Know For Sure ... New Model Provides Reasons For Climate Change Observations ... Glitches in Earth's Wobble Help Geophysicists Probe Planet's Core
  • News Tip - January 16, 2001
    Scientists at NSF Center Identify California Seismic Hot ... Local Research Fuels Innovation and Patents ... Genes Reveal New Clues About the First Flower
  • News Tip - January 2, 2001
    Health Issues Dominate "Wish List" of Science Discoveries ... Nation's R&D; Continues Unprecedented Growth ... Underwater Volcanic Activity Near Samoa a Potential Navigational Hazard

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  • News Tip - December 18, 2000
    Divisive Election Will Benefit Both Parties ... Mojave Desert May One Day Become Grassland ... Experiments Test Quarks' Role in Magnetism
  • News Tip - December 4, 2000
    NSF Director Honored by Explorer's Club ... Team Finds Ancient X-Rays from the Farthest Quasar ... Photosynthesis Widespread in Ocean Bacteria
  • News Tip - November 20, 2000
    Genetic Triggers Keep Plants "On Schedule" ... CD-Rom Puts Students "On Board" Research Ship ... SBIR-Financed Laser Pays off for Small Company
  • News Tip - November 6, 2000
    Math Models to Help Track Flora's Fate ... NSF Recognized for Sound Stewardship of Public Funds ... Population and Wealth, More Than Climate, Drive Soaring Costs of U.S. Flood Damage
  • News Tip - September 18, 2000
    California Researchers Devise Quick Vision Test ... National Archives and NSF Forge Partnership on Federal Data Storage ... "Cool" Science is on the Web
  • News Tip - August 31, 2000
    Top Ten R&D; States Account for Two-Thirds of National Expenditures ... Asians Earn Fewer U.S. Science & Engineering Ph.D.'s Thanks to Stronger Overseas Graduate Programs ... New UCLA Math Institute's First Focus is Genomics
  • News Tip - August 23, 2000
    Sunburned Coral Reffs? ... "Tundracam" Allows Web Users to Look at Alpine Ecosystem ... "Winfly" Signals Both The Beginning and The End in Antarctica
  • News Tip - August 7, 2000
    NSF Supports Workshop on Internet Voting ... Airborne Sea Salt Particles Influence Air Pollution ... NSF-Funded Software Helps Put Math on The Web
  • image icon News Tip - July 10, 2000
    Armored Microbes Could Lead to New Biochips ... NSF Telescopes Featured on Postage Stamps ... NSF Funds the First Arctic Archival Observatory
  • News Tip - June 26, 2000
    Computer-Savvy Students Compete in Internet Health-Care Challenge ... NSF-Funded Scientists Discover Bizarre, 70-Million-Year-Old Crocodile Fossil ... Researchers Grant New Life to Old Tires
  • News Tip - June 12, 2000
    Students Compete to Create Cleaner-Burning Vehicles ... New England Experienced "Ice Age" El Nino ... Berkley Researcher Testing Synthetic Pattern Recognition at the Nanoscale
  • News Tip - May 30, 2000
    Humanity's First Oyster Bar: Stone Tools Push Back Date of Earliest Use of Marine Resources ... Promising Young Astronomers Earn NSF-Funded Scholarships ... Scientists Confirm Active Underwater Volcano
  • News Tip - May 15, 2000
    Indian Ocean Pollution Substantially Cuts Sunlight Reaching Earth's Surface ... NSF Links U.S., Russian Researchers Through "MIRNET" ... Inner Workings of Protein Machinery That Feeds Bacteria Unraveled
  • News Tip - May 1, 2000
    Cost-Effective Chip Prototypes Available for Students, Researchers and Industry ... Group Battles Light Pollution to Preserve the Skies for Astronomy Research ... NSF-Funded Software Helps Kids Find Their Way in the Third Grade
  • News Tip - April 17, 2000
    Astronomers Top Distance Records For Observations of Celestial Objects ... Innovative Student-Designed Bridge Will Test Carbon Fiber Construction ... Land Use Affects Carbon Storage More Than Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide or Climate
  • News Tip - April 14, 2000
    Recovery From Mass Extinctions: Longer Than Life Span of Human Species ... Desktop Software Enables Real-Time Monitoring of California's Coastal Environment ... Modeling Plant Growth Gives Better Look at Short- and Long-Term Climate
  • News Tip - April 3, 2000
    Innovation Effort Seeks to "Grease the Skids" ... Asteroid Named for NSF Astronomer ... Women Earned Record Percentages of Doctorates in 1998
  • News Tip - March 20, 2000
    Industry and Universities Benefit Most from Federal R&D; Spending ... Acid-Loving Microbe Key to Mine Pollution ... Can Robots Make Solar Energy More Cost Effective?
  • News Tip - March 6, 2000
    Information Technology Research May Produce Better Batteries ... Revised Model of Protein-Drug Interactions Makes Drug Design Easier ... NSF Announces Early Opportunity to Use New GEMINI Telescope
  • News Tip - February 22, 2000
    Report Shows Students Improving in Math and Science Preparation ... First Hearing on NSF 2001 Budget Highlights Economic Connection ... Global Seismographic Network Establishes Internet Connection to Remote Africa
  • News Tip - February 3, 2000
    Terascale Computer to Fill National Need ... Wave-Like Behavior Studied in Bose-Einstein Condensate ... Families Are Factor in Boosting Student Scores on State Test
  • News Tip - January 21, 2000
    PBS Airs Series on Digital Divide as NSF Gears up to Address It ... Algal Food Quality, Not Quantity, Critical Factor in Healthy Lake Ecosystems ... 'Electronic Data Interchang' to Speed NSF Transactions

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  • News Tip - December 29, 1999
    Earthquake Network Intended to Help Save Lives and Money ... S&E Graduate Enrollments Continue Downward Spiral ... Tiny Sensors Could Detect Patients' Signs
  • NEWS TIP December 20, 1999
    Magnet Lab Sets Record in Peak-Field Test ... POWRE Awards Still Help Promising Women Succeed in Science, Engineering ... Officials Pen Agreement on U.S. LHC Program
  • NEWS TIP December 3, 1999
    Student Scores High in Supernovae Search ... Geologists Brave "Roaring 40s" to Study Mysteries of Mid-Ocean Ridge ... Teachers Key to Nation's Future, Says Colwell
  • NEWS TIP November 19, 1999
    New Data Base On Reactive Chlorine Emissions In The Atmosphere ... Solution To 40-Year-Old Mathematical Problem Hailed As Breakthrough ... The Cost Of Storms
  • NEWS TIP October 7, 1999
    U.S. Hosts International Mathematics Olympiad ... Artificial Muscles could lead to Flexible Mini-Robots ... JumpStart 2000 Challenges Students to use Science to Improve Life in Next Century
  • NEWS TIP September 24, 1999
    Researchers Find Cheaper, Cleaner Process to Separate Isotopes ... Inhaled Gases may Boost Lung Imaging Capabilities ... Scientists Develop Breakthrough Technique to Improve Hurricane Prediction
  • NEWS TIP September 2, 1999
    Students get Hands-on Experience at Particle Physics Lab ... Mustard Weed could Provide Cancer Clues ... Changes in El Nino Frequency Show up in Egypt's Nile River
  • NEWS TIP August 13, 1999
    Scientists use Noise to Sort Proteins ... Ligo Prototype used to Search for Gravitational Waves ... Male/Female Salary Gaps in Engineering Less Than in Many Other Occupations
  • NEWS TIP July 29, 1999
    Science in the Summertime: As Cool as the Pool ... Technology Brings the World to Students ... Girltech Brings Equity to Supercomputing for Teachers
  • NEWS TIP July 22, 1999
    Methane in the Deep Blue Sea: New Directions in Research on Natural Gas Hydrates ... African Dust may be Major Factor Affecting Southeast U.S. Air Quality ... NSF Director Appointed to Glenn Commission
  • NEWS TIP July 2, 1999
    Researchers Continue Effort to Establish Seafloor Observatory on Volcano Summit ... Where the Wild Ones are: Origins of Staple Crop Found ... Singaporean Math Education "Demystified"
  • NEWS TIP June 18, 1999
    Scientists Head to Japan Trench for Earthquake Studies ... Touring Evolution Theory's Land of Origin Through a "Virtual Galapagos" ... "Robofly" Solves Mystery of Insect Flight
  • NEWS TIP June 3, 1999
    U.S. Science and Engineering Workforce is Really Much Bigger than you Think ... Invading Crustaceans Survive Snooze in Super-Polluted Lake ... Pacific Herring Fish Stock takes Nosedive in Alaska's Prince WIlliam Sound
  • NEWS TIP May 18, 1999
    New Educational Lifeline Created for Alaska Campuses ... "LTER Schoolyard" Connects Field Work with Schools ... Gemini Observatory gets Funding Boost to Speed its Internet Connections
  • NEWS TIP April 30, 1999
    Researchers Find Unexpected Feature in Zooplankton Nervous System ... NSF Program is Pathway to Success for Young Economists ... Superplasticity may Work Better in Smaller Packages
  • NEWS TIP April 13, 1999
    U.S. Interagency UV Monitoring Program Established and Operating ... NSF Grant Statistics Paint Stable Picture ... Increasing Carbon Dioxide Threatens Tropical Coral Reefs
  • NEWS TIP April 2, 1999
    Effort to Decode Rice Genome is Planned ... NSF Accelerates Move from Paper to Electronic ... Small Business is Big Source of Jobs for S&E Bachelor's Degree Holders
  • NEWS TIP March 17, 1999
    1998 Warmest Year of Millennium, Climate Researchers Report ... Scientists, Aircraft, Instruments Head to Indian Ocean for Climate Change Experiment ... Purdue's 'Bioscope' Program Teaches Biology, Entertains Like Video Games
  • NEWS TIP March 5, 1999
    NSF Director Testifies to Need for Research Integration ... NSF Study Shows Dramatic Shift in Shares of Federal S&E; Research Support ... Gene for Iron in Plants Isolated
  • NEWS TIP February 17, 1999
    Ecosystems on Hawaiian Islands Sustained by Distant Dust--from Asia, 6,000 Kilometers Away ... NSF-Supported Math Textbooks are Ranked Highest by AAAS: Analysis Process will Help Schools Select Texts ... Gene Study Shows Turtles Next of Kin to Crocs and Alligators
  • NEWS TIP January 26, 1999
    White-Hot Love in the World's Coldest Place... ...In the Nest... ...And in the Beehive
  • NEWS TIP January 22, 1999
    Americans Ambivalent about "Y2K" Computer Bug ... Study Reveals that Longer Growing Seasons Could Destabilize Ecosystems ... Large Gene Study Questions Cambrian Explosion Theory
  • NEWS TIP January 13, 1999
    Medical Sciences Show Biggest Gain in Academic R&D "Market Share" ... Job Market not a Major Factor in S&E "Postdoc" Increase ... Graduate Students & Postdoctorates: Who and Where are

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  • NEWS TIP December 11, 1998
    These Polar Residents aren't Elves, but They'll Still Take Your Letters ... Raising Reindeer: No Game for Women of the Arctic ... Deck the Trees with Cranes and Pulleys
  • NEWS TIP December 2, 1998
    Limits of Life on Earth: are They Key to Life on Other Planets? ... Is Seismic Hazard in the Central U.S. Less than Thought? ... New, Low-Cost "GPS" Can Monitor Volcanoes, Faults and Storms
  • NEWS TIP November 30, 1998
    Drying Rock can Cause Repeated Earthquakes ... "XYZ on a Chip" Initiative Seeks Novel Applications for Microelectronics ... Forests Yield Clues to Carbon Cycle on Warming Planet
  • NEWS TIP November 13, 1998
    Technology Drives Venture Capital in U.S.; Industrial & Consumer Products in Europe ... First Seismic Center on the Deep Seafloor in Operation ... Should Science Tap the Secrets of an Antarctic Lake?
  • NEWS TIP October 22, 1998
    Engineers, Economists Join to Explore Impact of Electricity Deregulation ... Researcher Links Internet Behavior with Laws of Physics ... Virtual Prey for Real Predators Yields New Understanding of Natural Selection
  • NEWS TIP October 9, 1998
    Volunteer Science Team Soars Toward Better Weather Forecasting ... Scientists Study Great Australian Bight ... Scientists Find New Way to Size up Plants
  • NEWS TIP September 24, 1998
    State Governments are Major Players in Research and Development ... Grand Canyon Rocks Reveal Continent's Distant Past ... Farmers Manage Crops with High-Tech Precision
  • NEWS TIP September 18, 1998
    U.S. Central Plains Vulnerable to Global Climate Change ... Researchers Crack Step in Code of Gene Activation ... World's Premier Solar Telescope Rededicated to Honor its Creator
  • NEWS TIP August 28, 1998
    Seafloor Near Papua New Guinea Investigated, Known Limit of Subsurface Biosphere Extended ... Microchips and Bacteria-Blockers Could Help Make Your Dinner Safe ... Powerful Magnet Attracts Researchers
  • NEWS TIP August 14, 1998
    "Packaging RNA" Really Delivers ... NSF Program Receives Technology Transfer Award ... Computer Simulation Demonstrates "Breathing" Enzyme Action
  • NEWS TIP August 3, 1998
    Brain Drain to Brain Sharing? ... Public Opinion Mixed About Climate Change ... High-Tech Industries Boost Global Economy
  • NEWS TIP July 29, 1998
    Ecological Restoration Opens Waterways in Arizona Desert ... It's About Pfiesteria, not Hysteria ... For Rhododendrons, it Takes a Lot to Look This Good
  • NEWS TIP July 20, 1998
    Unexpected Earthquake Threat to L.A. ... NSF Looks at Debt Incurred by New Ph.d.s ... Academia Hiring more S&E; Postdocs
  • NEWS TIP July 16, 1998
    Scientists Identify New Gene That Controls Sleep/Wake Cycle ... Balance Between Work and Home Concern Women Scientists and Engineers Most ... Industrial R&D; Up - Turnaround in Manufacturing Cited
  • NEWS TIP July 9, 1998
    Tiny Crab Makes Big Evolutionary Leap ... Survey Data Illustrates Increasing Computer Usage ... "Virtual Human" Can Teach Sign Language
  • NEWS TIP June 17, 1998
    Understanding Deep-Ocean Earthquakes ... Federal Obligations for R&D; Mixed for 1998 ... Enzyme May 'Clean Up' Excess Nitrogen in Water
  • NEWS TIP June 3, 1998
    "Triad" Seeks Educational Gender Equity ... Federal Obligations for Academic Science and Engineering Decline in 1996 ... Astrophysics in Antarctica Explored at AAS Meeting
  • NEWS TIP May 15, 1998
    Fate of Minnesota River Basin Intertwined with Twin Cities ... Los Angeles Smog Affects Local Watershed ... Herbicide Contamination Traced in Virginia Watershed
  • NEWS TIP May 8, 1998
    Decades-Long Climate Cycle--El Nino's "Cousin"--Influences Salmon Fisheries ... Sleepy Adolescents? Students Learn About Biological Clocks ... Modern Mammals Lived Before Extinction of Dinosaurs
  • NEWS TIP April 30, 1998
    NSF Releases Study on Weather and Climate ... New Insight into Protein Structure May Lead to 'Designer Drugs' ... NSF Reaches 40 States with Excess Equipment
  • NEWS TIP April 17, 1998
    Coral Reef Bleaching: Is El Nino to Blame? ... When El Nino comes, Fish Go ... El Nino Spells Disaster to Giant Kelp Communities
  • NEWS TIP April 9, 1998
    Ph.d. Jobless Rates in S&E; are Hard to Predict, Says Report ... Six States Account for Half the Nation's R&D; ... New Book Examines Engineering and the National Science Foundation
  • NEWS TIP April 2, 1998
    NSF Aircraft Tests New Clear-Air Turbulence Sensor ... El Nino Rains Bring Bonanza of Spring Flowers ... Scientists Discover Massive Jet Streams Inside the Sun
  • NEWS TIP March 19, 1998
    Study of Microbes May Hone Predictions of Mining Impacts ... Studies Find Successful NSF Engineering Programs ... Lichen Growth Reveals Unknown Earthquakes
  • NEWS TIP March 12, 1998
    Steady Growth Continues in Academic R&D; ... Early Returns in From Ice Station Sheba ... Helping Kids Become Young Scientists
  • NEWS TIP March 3, 1998
    Graduate Enrollments in Science and Engineering Continue Downward Move ... MIT Engineers May Have Found way to Create Crack Resistant Surfaces ... Science Board Approves Utah Graphics/Visualization Center
  • NEWS TIP February 20, 1998
    Museum Display Sets Millions A-Quaking ... Unexpected Links Found Among Acorns, Gypsy Moths and Lyme Disease ... Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence Initiative Gets Increased NSF Support
  • NEWS TIP February 12, 1998
    Hawaiian Undersea Volcano Turns up the Heat ... Most States' Math and Science Performance is up ... Next TIMSS Comparisons Look at 12th Graders
  • NEWS TIP February 9, 1998
    Calm Before the Quake? ... Scientists Detect Deep-Sea Earthquakes Off Oregon Coast ... Review Finds Habitat Conservation Plans Lack Basic Science
  • NEWS TIP January 23, 1998
    Navigation Satellites Track Yearly Growth of Mountains ... Students Fly with Albatrosses ... Oceanographers Study Toxic Organism that Contaminates Shellfish

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  • NEWS TIP December 19, 1997
    NSF Director Offers Science Toy Tips ... Y2K Problem Goes Beyond Computers, Says Expert ... NSF Cited in R & D Magazine Technology Awards
  • NEWS TIP December 18, 1997
    Ocean pH May be Unsung Player in Climate Change ... Elevated CO2 Helps Plants Survive Cold Weather ... Study Seeks New Finds in Antarctic Ice Sheet
  • NEWS TIP December 5, 1997
    Children's Author on a South Pole Adventure ... Team in Himalayas Retrieves Ice Core from Highest-Ever Altitude ... U. Vermont Wires "Smartest Bridge in the World"
  • NEWS TIP November 24, 1997
    Scientists Demonstrate New Need to Preserve Biodiversity ... R&D; Spending Exceeds Expectations ... Carbon, Not Sulfate, Prevails in Polluted D.C. Air
  • NEWS TIP November 6, 1997
    Math Curriculum Improves Student Performance ... Teachers Get Their Hands on Science ... Technology Education for Urban Students
  • NEWS TIP October 31, 1997
    NSF, Singapore to Link High Performance Networks ... Harmful Algal Bollms Linked to Eutrophication ... New Technique Allows Visualization of Events in Living Cells
  • NEWS TIP October 17, 1997
    Teachers Learn, Then Teach Young Women in Summer Camp Computer Science Program ... New Programming Language Challenges Teachers ... Fish can Hear Ultrasonic Noises, Say Researchers
  • NEWS TIP October 10, 1997
    New Ph.d.s See Labor Market Ups and Downs ... Study of Lake Michigan Mud Plume Begins ... The "True Horror" of the Himalayas
  • NEWS TIP September 26, 1997
    University of Miami Joins SUNY Buffalo to Study Airborne Contagions ... Skeletal Muscle May Repair Heart Damage ... President's Budget Continues Shift to Civilian R&D;
  • NEWS TIP September 5, 1997
    International Experiment to Study Role of Pollutants in Climate Change ... Board Finds No Gender Bias in NSF Review Process ... Ocean Floor Offers Clues to Arid South African Climate
  • NEWS TIP August 26, 1997
    Tools and Technology Even the Learning Field ... Public Broadcasting is Advancing Young Women's Interest in Science ... Teachers Head to the Poles
  • NEWS TIP August 22, 1997
    Psychologist Goes Fishing, News Breakthrough ... Genes WOrk Together to Control Nerve Cells ... Coldest July Ever Recorded at South Pole
  • NEWS TIP August 8, 1997
    Analysis Shows Research Costs not Tied to Undergrad Tuition ... Scientists to Present Results at L.A. Earthquake Conference ... High-Tech Radar Detects Flash-Flooding
  • NEWS TIP July 25, 1997
    Immigrant Scientists and Engineers Decline ... NSF & NASA Launch Satellite Assessment ... Researchers Recommend Changes in Census' Recial Identifications
  • NEWS TIP July 14, 1997
    First North American 'Weather Trail' is Unveiled ... NSF Center's Storm Prediction Software is a WInner ... Changing Climate May Have Mixed Effects
  • NEWS TIP June 27, 1997
    Burning Issue Wins $25,000 for Eighth Grade Girls ... Winners of Presidential Excellence in Teaching Awards are no Flukes ... Japan is on Target to Double R&D; Budget
  • NEWS TIP June 20, 1997
    Plants and Their 'Bodyguards' are Mutually Beneficial ... The Feeling is Mutual ... Cloning is not so Special?
  • NEWS TIP June 13, 1997
    Pollution Solution: Better Bacteria ... Side by Side by Gaussian ... Computer Control for People with Disabilities
  • NEWS TIP June 6, 1997
    Coastal Growth, Not Climate Change, Blamed for Jump in Hurricane Tolls ... Seal Design Studies Yield Great Lip Service ... Do Jet Contrails Forecast a Cloudy Climate?
  • NEWS TIP May 27, 1997
    "Sea Sawdust" Enriches Tropical Oceans ... Increased Ultraviolet Light Harms Antarctic Algae ... Ocean Drilling Expedition Hopes to Shed Light on Sea Level Changes
  • NEWS TIP May 9, 1997
    National Science Board Members Confirmed ... High Performance Networks Now Have Access Point ... Whales Just Like Amoebas? Yes!
  • NEWS TIP April 25, 1997
    Cloning Discovery Requires Debate, Says Lane ... California Earthquake Center Funding Renewed, Increasing Protection of Lives, Property ... Seal Studies Yield Great Lip Service
  • NEWS TIP April 8, 1997
    U. Michigan Studying Ultrafast Opticals ... Kent State Liquid Crystals Research Finds Niche with Students, Too ... NSF Earthquake Center Explores Seismic Zonation Options
  • NEWS TIP March 24, 1997
    Rural Areas Keeping Pace in the Information Age ... Power Systems Research Seeks High Performance ... NSF and DOE Join Forces for Plasma Research
  • NEWS TIP March 13, 1997
    NSF Science Fair "Starters" on the Web ... Starting Points for Science Learning ... Experiments on the Internet ... Student-Scientist Partnerships ... Aaaessing the Quality of Math and Science Courses
  • NEWS TIP February 28, 1997
    Icy Cloud Surfaces Facilitate Ozone Depletion ... Seabirds Give New Meaning to "Sibling Rivalry" ... Seagoing "Frisbee" could Answer some Climate Questions
  • NEWS TIP January 28, 1997
    Bacteria Tell Time ... Scientists Find Clue on How Deforestation Affects Global Carbon Cycles ... New Agreement Assigns Air National Guard to Fly all U.S. Ski Planes in Antarctica

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  • NEWS TIP December 23, 1996
    Recreating a Species: Evolution Turns Predictable ... Scientists Discover Smallest Frog ... Grants from NSF Augment and Foster Research at St. Louis Herbarium
  • NEWS TIP December 2, 1996
    SPECIAL Edition
    National Science Fountation-Supported Research
    American Geophysical Union Meeting
    San Francisco, California
  • NEWS TIP November 25, 1996
    NSF Director Warns that Students Need More Challenge ... The Role of Plants in Atmospheric Sulfur Production ... Seismology for the Future: NSF Funds "IRIS-2000"
  • NEWS TIP November 8, 1996
    Super-Cold Chamber May Transform Studies of Turbulence ... Oldest Crayfish Fossils Discovered in Antarctica ... NSF and NBS Sign Agreement on Biodiversity Informatics
  • NEWS TIP October 25, 1996
    Robotic Telescope Searches for Supernovas ... Green Glow: Not Only for Halloween ... The Swallowing of Earth's Ocean Floors
  • NEWS TIP October 11, 1996
    Advertising: Politics, Lies and Videotape ... Love Democracy, Hate Democracy ... Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior
  • NEWS TIP September 27, 1996
    President Signs into Law NSF Budget for 1997 ... Central Plains Long-Term Ecological Research Site Expands ... Underwater Observatory Links the Ocean and the Laboratory
  • NEWS TIP September 16, 1996
    Special Edition: Back to School with NSF
  • NEWS TIP August 9, 1996
    Sea Level Controls 'Architecture' of Continental Margins ... NSF Grant Seeks to Identify Core Skills for Two-Year College/Technical Graduates ... President Announces 8 NSB Nominees
  • NEWS TIP July 26, 1996
    Lane Speaks to Arlington Rotary Club ... Earth's Core Spinning Faster Than Rest of Planet ... Progress for Minorities and Women in Ph.d.s
  • NEWS TIP July 12, 1996
    Patent Citations Measure S&T; Linkage ... NSF Encourages "Paperless Office" ... Working Across Disciplines to Study Learning and Intelligent Systems
  • NEWS TIP June 21, 1996
    Graduates Encouraged to Broaden Career Track ... Scientists Study Long-Term Effects of Hurricane Opal ... "Wheelesley" Software Helps with Wheelchair Navigation
  • NEWS TIP June 7, 1996
    Blockbuster Movie "Twister" Has Real-Life Spin ... Why Does a Twister Twist? Ask 'The Why Files' ... Weather-Changing Ocean Waves Charted from Space
  • NEWS TIP May 24, 1996
    Fine Line Between Storms and Sunshine ... Antarctic Ice Drillers Reach Record Depth at Vostok ... Scientists Study Major Conifer Forests in U.S. and Russia
  • NEWS TIP May 10, 1996
    Students Create Ways to use the Internet in the Classroom ... Weather-Changing Ocean Waves Charted from Space ... Arecibo Radio Telescope gets Enhanced Vision
  • NEWS TIP April 12, 1996
    Buried Alive? Microwave in a Box will Help Rescuers ... NSF Funds Study of Large Indonesian Earthquake ... Lessons from Northridge Crisis
  • NEWS TIP April 1, 1996
    ***Election and Campaign Research II*** ... In Government we Trust? ... Vote-By-Mail Voted Popular and Fair ... Mail Surveys Prove More Accurate than Phone to Forecast Election Results
  • NEWS TIP March 20, 1996
    Critical Thinking Brought "To Bore" at AAAS" ... Go Play While the Snow Yet Flies
  • NEWS TIP March 6, 1996
    Efforts Extend Beyond California's March 9 "Net Day" ... Internet History ... Common Knowledge ... National School Network Testbed ... "Alice" Testbed ... Collaborative Visualization ... Geometry Forum and the Global Laboratory ... The Weather Underground ... The Community of Explorers ... NSF Connections Program ... vBNS in Conjunction with MCI ... International Connections ... Global Schoolhouse Project ... Digital Libraries
  • NEWS TIP February 3, 1996
    Scientists Develop New Aircraft Icing Prediction System ... New Web Site Highlights Impact of Computers on Today's World ... International Team Sets New Record, Peers Deep within the Earth

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  • NEWS TIP December 8, 1995
    Microbes to the Rescue ... Explore Antarctica On-Line this January ... James Bond Casts "Golden Eye" on Real-Life Science Center
  • NEWS TIP November 3, 1995
    New Fuel From the Ocean Floor? ... Lane Calls for Outreach by Science Community ... Ancient Mantle Conduit Discovered Under SOuth America
  • NEWS TIP October 20, 1995
    Multimedia Encyclopedia Attracts Kids ... U.S. R&D; Spending Continues Downward Slope ... Dating in the Dark
  • NEWS TIP October 6, 1995
    Study Sheds Light On Legal Role Of Expert Testimony ... Putting Down Roots In Earthquake Country ... Radio Telescope Celebrates Thirty Years Of Discovery; Another Poised To Begin New Era
  • NEWS TIP September 25, 1995
    Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane, Is It A... Sprite? ... Progress Of DNA Analysis Documented ... Research Probes Diamond Film Growth
  • NEWS TIP August 25, 1995
    Archeologists Find Prehistoric Alaskan Burials At Coastal Village ... Workshop To Assess Global Change Research In The Western Hemisphere ... Slight Increase In Immigrant S&E; Reported In 1993; Women Account For Large Percentage
  • NEWS TIP July 28, 1995
    Report Documents Status of Underrepresented Groups in S&E; Participation ... ANTARCTIC Ice Drillers Pass 3000-Meter Depth at Vostok ... Middle School Students Explore Recycling and Environmental Issues
  • NEWS TIP July 14, 1995
    Wild Card in Predicting Global Climate Change: Clouds ... Clouds Absorb Large Amounts of Solar Energy ... Clouds as Atmospheric Heat Engines ... How Microscopic Cloud Particles Produce Rain ... Clouds and Polar Ozone Depletion
  • NEWS TIP June 30, 1995
    New Understanding of Earth's Lower Mantle ... Comet Shoemaker-Levy Caused Outburst in Jupiter's Microwave Radiation ... Lane Urges Unity, Activism Among Scientists
  • NEWS TIP June 16, 1995
    New Software Expected to Improve Batch Design, Minimize Pollution ... Astronomical Techniques Could Help Make Mammograms More Accurate ... High-End Materials Research Enriching High School Science Education

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