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child gives blood by fingerstick to determine hemoglobin level


Images below are from the countries where the International Emergency Refugee Health Branch has participated in projects.

Sampling blood by fingerstick to determine hemoglobin level. Study of Anemia in children in refugee camps.
Western Tanzania, 1998.

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Health and nutrition assessment survey

IERHB Personnel list household items in a health and nutrition assessment survey.
Badghis Province, Afghanistan, 2002

2 Maslakh Camp residents travel across desert

Maslakh Camp residents walk a long distance for wood to use as cooking fuel. 
Herat, Afghanistan, 2002

Sar Cheshma aab Kamari Village

Sar Cheshma aab Kamari Village was used in health and nutrition survey. 
Badghis Province, Afghanistan, 2002

Blood specimens centrifuged

Mongolian blood specimens are centrifuged in the field with a portable generator in a nutrition survey.
Mongolia, 2001

House in the Zavkhan Province

A household in Zavkhan Province was selected at random for inclusion in a nutrition survey.
Mongolia 2001

Test kit for houshould iodine

Positive results from testing household salt for iodine in a nutrition survey.
Mongolia, 2001 

tent camp

Rwandan refugees making camp in Kimbumba.
Eastern Zaire, 1994

Elderly patient receives exam

Assessed nutritional status of elderly patients during civil war. 
Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1995

Mine removal

Mines were removed at the Kabul Airport.

Airplane skeletons
Unexploded remnants of civil war heavily contaminate the countryside.
Child receives measles vaccine

An Afghan child receives a measles vaccination.

Refugees outside Kabul
Refugees complete the 3 day journey back from Pakistan and rest at a transit camp outside of Kabul.
Child receives vaccination

An Afghan child receives a Polio vaccination. 

Western Kabul Desert

The landscape of Western Kabul after decades of fighting.

The Noor Eye Hospital helped many refugees in West Kabul.

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Mine risk education class inside tent

Mine risk education is taught to the returning refugees in Pakistan.

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An interview of a mother in Mtendeli camp

A mother is interviewed in Mtendeli camp during the iron cooking pot project survey.
Western Tanzania, Africa 2003

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busy camp center

Distribution day pictured in a Mtendeli camp, a Burundian refugee camp. 
Western Tanzania, Africa

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IERHB conducts interview outside home

Midterm evaluation interview of a mother in the intervention camp for the iron cooking pot project. 
Nduta camp, Africa 2002

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A Rebel soldier in Sudan having blood taken

A Rebel soldier in Sudan had blood taken for HIV and syphilis tests.

IERHB staff in office

An IERHB Staff worked on the HIV Study.
Sierra Leon
, Africa, 2002

IERHB staff outside building

An IERHB staff member conducted an assessment of emergency public health preparedness on the island of Rota in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.
June 2002

IERHB staff in tent

An IERHB staff member provided emergency technical assistance to the state of Chuuk after a tropical storm caused mudslides that killed 43 people and injured many more.
Federated States of Micronesia, August 2002.

IERHB staff at the graduation ceremony

IERHB staff graduated form a 2-week training session conducted on emergency medical services.
Palau, September 2001





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