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America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being
This report presents 25 key indicators on critical aspects of children's lives, including their behavior and social environment, economic security, education, and health. The report is the first in a planned annual series that will monitor the overall status of the Nation's children.

The Guide to Community Preventive Services
These publications address the effectiveness of community-based interventions to promote tobacco use prevention and control.

Clinical Practice Guidelines on Smoking Cessation, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Instant Fax 301-594-2800 [Press 1]; or call 1-800-358-9295 for physician materials and a "You Can Quit Smoking" consumer guide.

World Health Organization: Tobacco or Health*

The QuitNet —*
The QuitNet offers smokers an on-line support community, forums moderated by   counselors, and individually tailored advice to help them kick their nicotine addiction.

President's Commission - The President's Commission on Improving Economic Opportunity in Communities Dependent on Tobacco Production while Protecting Public Health.

Smoking and Tobacco Control Monographs The National Cancer Institute established the Smoking and Tobacco Control Monograph series in 1991 to provide information about emerging public health issues in smoking and tobacco use control.

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