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Celebrities Against Smoking

Entertainment: A Powerful Tool in Communicating Health Messages
The entertainment industry has the ability to create, reinforce and normalize messages. The Office on Smoking & Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is but one of many organizations sharing the responsibility to encourage the denormalization of tobacco use in entertainment.

Scene Smoking: Cigarettes, Cinema and the Myth of Cool
This is an excellent tool for media literacy and debate with regards to tobacco use and its depiction in TV and film. Scene Smoking stars Sean Penn, Ted Danson, Michael Crichton, Christy Turlington, Rob Reiner, Jason Patric, and many more Hollywood insiders. It features educational guides for both teens and college students seeking careers in film or the arts.

Smoke Screeners
Is an educational program that helps teach media literacy skills to young people, empowering them to make informed decisions about smoking and chewing tobacco by improving their ability to critically analyze the messages they receive about tobacco use in movies and on television. 

Esai Morales TV Spot & Poster
Actor/Director Esai Morales (NYPD Blue, Resurrection Blvd., American Family) has created a new poster and a TV spot, both in English and Spanish, titled, “Mother’s Keeper.” 

Christy Turlington
Join the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and cover model/entrepreneur Christy Turlington in communicating a smoke-free message to teens in your school and community. With teen smoking rates still very high, we need your help to let students know the real deal about tobacco.

World No Tobacco Day May 31, 2003
"Tobacco-Free Film and Fashion" is the theme designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) for this year’s World No Tobacco Day, May 31, 2003. The intent is to raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco use, heighten concern about the depiction of tobacco use in film and fashion.

Seven Deadly Myths
Hosted by cover model, entrepreneur and smoking cessation advocate Christy Turlington, is a 17 minute video that explores some of the common myths about smoking and empowers women to become or stay smoke-free. 

Jeremy London
Jeremy London (Party of Five, I'll Fly Away) and his twin brother Jason, volunteered to appear in two new 30-second TV counter-advertisements now available from the Office on Smoking & Health. Jeremy wrote and directed both spots: "Suffering" and "Anniversary."

Resources for members of the media and entertainment industry on tobacco related issues as well as other health related topics.

Secrets Through The Smoke
A 55-minute video that is divided into three separate parts to facilitate viewing and discussion. Featuring Jeffrey Wigand (The Insider), the video is intended primarily for use with middle and high school students, although "Secrets" can also be used with community leaders and policymakers, and as a training video for nonprofit health organizations. 

This 15-minute video tells the story of Leslie Nuchow, a talented young singer/songwriter. Leslie founded and organized the Virginia SLAM!, a counter-concert held to protest the use of music to market cigarettes and to heighten public awareness of the health risks of tobacco use among women. Since that first concert in 1997, SLAM! has become a growing movement supported by celebrity artists, including Jill Sobule, Shawn Mullins, and the Indigo Girls.

My Kids
My Kids
is a special report to help parents gain expert advice on how to keep their children free from substance abuse. Host Mark Hamill (Star Wars) guides viewers through a 30-minute video that describes resources for parents, gives tips from health care professionals, and offers testimonials from teenagers and adults, and features recording artist/musician and parent Richard Marx, who shares his concern about his children's future.

Boyz II Men
No way the dynamic BoyzIIMen musicians are going to let tobacco smoke hurt their performance. These young Motown stars choose to make a strong statement to young and old alike about the advantages of living smoke-free. The Boyz talk about teen smoking and their new campaign to help teen quit, "Smokefree – It's the New Evolution." Read the most frequently asked questions to the Boyz.


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