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Farmer Direct Marketing Newsletters


Current Issue:  Spring 2000
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Past Issues: 


January/February/March 2000


    USDA Activities:

            Glickman Confirms Commitment to Small Farms and Announces AMS Partnership with SARE

    Direct Marketing in the News:

            "Immigrant Farmers Bring Techniques, Seeds and Crops to U.S." (AP, 1/25/2000)


            New List Server - "Market-Farming"

            The United States 2000 Census - Rural America Counts!

            North Country (NY) Food and Economic Security Project


            Travel the Road to Success with a Marketing Plan (Wen-fei Uva, Cornell University Extension)

            Do You Know What the Small Business Administration Has To Offer?

            Small Businesses Are Backbone of Communities (Metta Winter, Cornell University)

            Production, Processing, and Marketing Opportunities for Athens County, Ohio, Farmers:
            Assessing Needs and Creating Solutions (Penrose, Smith and Vollborn. Journal of Extension. December 1999)


October/November/December 1999


    USDA Activities:
            New Publications from the Wholesale and Alternative Markets Program
            Bulletins on Marketing Fresh Produce to Local Schools Available
            Cooperative Agreement with North American Farmer's Direct Marketing Association (NAFDMA) Signed
            Cooperative Agreement with Cornell University Extension Signed
             Architect Joins Wholesale and Alternative Markets Program Staff

    Direct Marketing in the News:
              "Small Farmers, Needing to Grow, Coming to Web" (AP, 12/11/99)
               "The Virtual Farmers' Market: Specialty Foods Going Online" (AP, 12/11/99)
                "To Market, To Market: Consumers, Feds, and Farmers Agree - The Spread of Farmers' Markets   is Good for Kansas" (The                  Wichita Eagle, 10/9/99)
               "Fall Prime Time for Pumpkin Patch Boom"  (AP, 9/21/99)
                "Farmers' Markets Sprout Up Across America"  (Reuters, 9/9/99)
                "Bill Increases Fee to Keep Popular Markets Alive"  (AP, 9/3/99)
                "Extension's Role With Farmers' Markets: Working with Farmers, Consumers, and Communities"                                                               (Abel, Thomson, and Maretzki.  Journal of Extension.  October 1999)

                Northeast Food System Partnership's New Website
                Many Exciting Conferences and Workshops To Be Held This Winter and Spring~
                Leopold Study on Potential for Local Sales for Iowa Apple Industry Released
                King County (WA) Marketing Guide and Directory of Commercial Buyers of Farm Products

    New in Print or on Video About Direct Marketing:
                CSA Farms in the United States 1999-2000
                Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers
                 The Seasongal Marketer     
                 Audiotapes from USDA's Second National Small Farm Conference (October 1999)


August/September 1999


USDA Activities:
        Merrigan Named Administrator of USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (6/25/99)
        Glickman Announces Summit, Action Plan for Community Food Security Initiative (8/19/99)

Direct Marketing in the News:
        "Farmers’ markets to hit every town in Britan" (Reuters, 8/16/99)
        "Farmers try direct approach to marketing" (AP, 8/16/99)

        Sustainable Development Challenge Grants (Environmental Protection Agency)
        Small Farm Success Stories Wanted
        National Organic Harvest Month
        North Central Region SARE’s Marketing Conference: Alternative Agricultural Marketing: Developing Skills for the New Millenium
        Western SARE – Call for Grant Proposals
        Northeast SARE – Call for Grant Proposals

New in Print or on Video about Direct Marketing:
        The Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing – Neil Hamilton, Drake University
        Video: Farmers and Their Diversified Horticultural Marketing Strategies


June/July 1999


    USDA Activities:
            Proceedings of the Farmers Market Development and Minority Participation Workshop
            USDA-Sponsored Farmers Markets in DC - Summer 1999
            Direct Marketing Focus Group Presentation at USDA
            1999 U.S. Food Export Showcase, Chicago, IL
            Quote by Secretary of Agriculture, Dan Glickman (Indiana, April 29, 1999)
            A Great Idea: San Rafael Farmers' Market Weekly E-mail Newsletter
            Feeding 200 People with Locally Grown, Seasonal Food in Northern Idaho in March? (Peggy
                        Adams, Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute, Idaho)
            Small Business Innovation Research Program (USDA)
    New in Print/Audio - Publications/Tapes About Direct Marketing:
            SARE Tip Sheet #2: Add Value Through Marketing
            AMS "How to Buy" Guides Available
            "Sharing the Harvest: A Guide to Community-Supported Agriculture"


April/May 1999

    USDA Activities:

            The USDA sponsored Santa Fe Farmers Market Conference
            Agricultural Marketing Outreach Workshop for Limited Resource Farmers - Information and Remarks by                          Under Secretary Michael V. Dunn
            Update on the Burlington, VT, Public Market Feasibility Study
            Report on USDA Farmer Direct Marketing Focus Groups Held in Memphis, TN
            1997 Census of Agriculture and Direct Marketing
            "Law and the New Agriculture:   Direct Marketing and Local Food Systems" - Neil Hamilton of Drake                            University's 4-day course to be offered this summer
            Community Food Security Coalition Workshops
    New in Print/Audio - Publications/Tapes about Direct Marketing:
            Getting Food on the Table:  An Action Guide to Local Food Policy (Community Food Security Coalition)
            From the Field to the Table:Suggested Food Handling Guidelines for Open-Air Farmers' Markets and Fairs                          (ECOnomics Institute)
            Audio Tapes from "Cultivating the Harvest:  Inland Northwest Small Acreage Farming Conference


February/March 1999

   Special Introduction by Dr. Enrique E. Figueroa, Administrator, AMS

   Wholesale and Alternative Markets Activities:
            - USDA Hosts Farmer Direct Marketing Focus Groups at NAFDMA Annual Conference
            - Report on the North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association's (NAFDMA) Annual Conference

    USDA News Releases:
            - USDA Announces Direct Marketing Plan for Small Farmers (1/21/99)
            - USDA to Sponsor Santa Fe Farmers Market Conference (1/13/99)

            - "Featured Academic/Extension Educator" - Garry Stephenson and Larry Lev, Oregon State University
            - Research in Progress at Iowa State

            - Funding Sources - From Denis Ebodaghe, Ph.D., National Program Leader - Small Farms, USDA
                                             (via the FAP-NE-AG-DEVEL-L List Server)

    New in Print - Publications about Direct Marketing
            - Hot Peppers & Parking Lot Peaches: Evaluating Farmers' Markets in Low Income Areas
            - Building Bridges - Growing Community: Emerging Alliances for Community-Based Farm Product Marketing in Kentucky


January 1999


   Wholesale and Alternative Markets Activities:
            Farmer Direct Marketing Bibliography Available
            USDA Hosts Farmer Direct Marketing Focus Group
            Notes on the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Groups's 5th Annual Resource Harvest
    USDA News Releases:
            USDA Invites State Participation in Marketing Improvement Program (12/15/98)
            USDA Offers Farmer Direct Marketing Information on the Internet (11/18/98)
            New Directory Shows Farmers Markets on the Rise (11/12/98)
            "Featured Market/Market Manager" - American Farmland Trust's FRESHFARM Market
            Research in Progress at Cornell
    Upcoming Conferences and Workshops


November 1998 - Introduction to Website and Newsletter


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