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Past Highlights

Highlights 2003





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December 2003

Example of the genus Arsinoitherium.

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November 2003

Photo of the Medal of Science laureate James E. Darnell and President Bush

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October 2003

metal droplet levitated inside the ESL

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September 2003

Photo of Mongolian Frost Rings

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August 2003

Photo of black smoker vent.

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July 2003

Photo of scene from X-Men 2.

Impression by David A. Hardy of a possible scene from a moon orbiting the extra-solar planet in orbit around the star HD70642.

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June 2003

Graphic representation of a binary superlattice with the magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and smaller lead selenide nanoparticles

Nathaniel B. Palmer research vessel.

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May 2003

Spiral galaxy

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April 2003

Raman scattering image of carbon nanotubes

Artistic rendering of the theropod dinosaur Majungatholus atopus feeding from the remains of a conspecific.

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March 2003

Rendered image of the protein shell that surrounds monkey cancer virus Simian Virus SV40

Part of graphic depicting the region of the capillary where the first laser -gate- induces a photoreaction of the original molecule and the second laser -probe- excites the transient molecules to fluoresce.

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February 2003

U.S. flag at half-staff at the geographic South Pole and over NSF's Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in memory of the seven NASA astronauts who died aboard the space shuttle Columbia

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January 2003



Waveguide as it appears within femtosecond laser amplifier system

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