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Top2004 InfoBriefs

NSF 04-337 Federal R&D Funding Requests for FY 2005 (September 2004)
NSF 04-336 Latin America Shows Rapid Rise in S&E Articles (August 2004)
NSF 04-333 More Than One-Fifth of All Individuals Employed in Science and Engineering Occupations Have Less Than a Bachelor's Degree Education (August 2004)
NSF 04-331 Federal Obligations for R&D and R&D Plant Expected to Reach Over $105 Billion in FY 2004 (July 2004)
NSF 04-328 Employment Sector, Salaries, Publishing, and Patenting Activities of S&E Doctorate Holders (June 2004)
NSF 04-327 Emigration of U.S.-Born S&E Doctorate Recipients (June 2004)
NSF 04-326 Graduate Enrollment in Science and Engineering Fields Reaches New Peak; First-Time Enrollment of Foreign Students Declines (June 2004)
NSF 04-325 The Extent of Federal S&E Funding to Minority-Serving Institutions (June 2004)
NSF 04-324 Federal Science and Engineering Obligations to Academic and Nonprofit Institutions Reached Record Highs in FY 2002 (June 2004)
NSF 04-320 Largest Single-Year Decline in U.S. Industrial R&D Expenditures Reported for 2002 (May 2004)
NSF 04-319 U.S. Academic R&D Continues to Grow as More Universities and Colleges Expand Their R&D Activities (May 2004)
NSF 04-316 Employment Outcomes of Recent Science and Engineering Graduates Vary by Field of Degree and Sector of Employment (May 2004)
NSF 04-315 The Role of Community Colleges in the Education of Recent Science and Engineering Graduates (May 2004)
NSF 04-308 Plans for Postdoctoral Research Appointments Among Recent U.S. Doctorate Recipients (March 2004)
NSF 04-307 U.S. R&D Projected to Have Grown Marginally in 2003 (February 2004)
NSF 04-306 U.S.-China R&D Linkages: Direct Investment and Industrial Alliances in the 1990s (February 2004)
NSF 04-301 U.S. Industry Sustains R&D Expenditures During 2001 Despite Decline in Performers' Aggregate Sales (October 2003)
NSF 04-300 President's Budget Includes Modest Increase for R&D in FY 2004; R&D Funding for Homeland Security Contributes to Defense, Science, Transportation, and Agriculture (October 2003)

Top2003 InfoBriefs

NSF 03-327 Academic R&D Spending Maintains Growth From All Major Sources in FY 2001 (August 2003)
NSF 03-321 Federal Funding for R&D and R&D Plant Continues to Grow in the 21st Century (June 2003)
NSF 03-317 Federal Academic S&E Obligations Increased 13 Percent in FY 2001: Record Highs Reported in Five of Six Funding Categories (April 2003)
NSF 03-315 Graduate Enrollment Increases in Science and Engineering Fields, Especially in Engineering and Computer Sciences (April 2003)
NSF 03-314 International Patenting of Internet-Related Business Methods (March 2003)
NSF 03-307 Slowing R&D Growth Expected in 2002 (December 2002)
NSF 03-306 U.S. Industrial R&D Expenditures and R&D-to-Sales Ratio Reach Historical Highs in 2000 (December 2002)
NSF 03-304 Scholars Debate the Implications of Information Technology for Scientific Journal Publishing (December 2002)
NSF 03-303 Top R&D-Performing States Display Diverse R&D Patterns in 2000 (December 2002)
NSF 03-301 School Mathematics and Science Programs Benefit From Instructional Technology (November 2002)

Top2002 InfoBriefs

NSF 02-333 International Patenting of Human DNA Sequences (September 2002)
NSF 02-331 Latin America: High-Tech Manufacturing on the Rise, but Outpaced by East Asia (August 2002)
NSF 02-326 Proposed FY 2003 Budget Would Complete Plan to Double Health R&D Funding, Considerably Expand Defense R&D (July 2002)
NSF 02-325 How Large is the U.S. S&E Workforce? (July 2002)
NSF 02-322 Half the Nation's R&D Concentrated in Six States (June 2002)
NSF 02-323 Changes in Federal and Non-Federal Support for Academic R&D Over the Past Three Decades (June 2002)
NSF 02-316 Declines in U.S. Doctorate Awards in Physics and Engineering (April 2002)
NSF 02-315 Changing Composition of Federal Funding for Research and Development and R&D Plant Since 1990 (April 2002)
NSF 02-311 Interstate Migration Patterns of Recent Science and Engineering Doctorate Recipients (March 2002)
NSF 02-310 Federal Academic Science and Engineering Obligations Increased 10 Percent in FY 2000 (February 2002)
NSF 02-309 Classification Revisions Reduce Reported Federal Development Obligations (February 2002)

Effective January 1, 2002, the InfoBrief series replaced the SRS Data Brief and Issue Brief series. For reports in these series, see the appropriate page:

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