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United States Environmental Protection Agency
Protect the Environment
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Take Action At Work

Commute for the environment
www.commuterchoice.comexit EPA
Start a carpool or walk, bike, or use mass transportation instead of driving. Also, encourage your employer to be a "Best Workplace for Commuters" (www.bwc.gov). Finally, check out how every trip you take can affect air quality at It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air (www.italladdsup.gov/drivers/index.asp).

Apply green building principles exit EPA (http://www.ofee.gov) to your office buildings - they affect natural resources, land use, energy use, worker and public health, and community well being. With sustainable design - or green building - tools, the federal government can protect human health and worker productivity, reduce costs and risks, and build with greater responsibility towards future generations. Green Building principles lead to building in greater harmony with the environment, consciously sustaining and renewing natural resources

Reduce energy use

Reduce, reuse, and recycle office products

  • Buy recycled content, remanufactured, and recyclable office products, and recycle them when appropriate (including e-cycling electronics). At a minimum, buy recycled paper and recycle it again. See the small business guide to pollution prevention for more information: epa.gov/p2/assist/sbg.htm
  • Clean Out Your Files and recycle papers you no longer need. Many organizations sponsor cleaning weeks; check with your office management staff.
  • Use spell check and proofread before you print or copy. Print double sided whenever possible. Minimize the amount of paper you use.
  • Buy reusable office supplies instead of disposable supplies.
  • Set up an area to store and exchange reusable office supplies, such as binders
  • Recycle fluorescent bulbs properly to prevent hazardous mercury from entering the environment.

Use environmentally preferable cleaning supplies

In addition to these items, check the Environmental Protection Agency's "At the Workplace" page (epa.gov/epahome/workplac.htm).

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