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Human Resources
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EPA Employment Benefits Information

Overall, EPA offers one of the most comprehensive compensation packages in the country. The base salary is generally competitive with, or higher than, similar employment opportunities. Plus, we offer many benefits that make working with EPA as fulfilling and rewarding as possible. For example, EPA has an incentive awards program intended to encourage high productivity by acknowledgment of superior performance. Recognition may be by means of cash awards or special salary increases for performance, or even cash awards for outstanding suggestions.

The annual leave allotment is 13 work days per year during the first three years of service, 20 days during years four through 15, and 26 days thereafter. Sick leave accumulates at the rate of 13 work days without limit. There are also 10 paid holidays during each year. Additionally, we offer hospitalization, injury compensation, and a strong retirement plan.

Like other government agencies, most salaries in EPA are paid under the General Schedule Exit Disclaimer. The grade level at which an individual enters a job depends on the specific position and the individual's qualifications. For positions classified in the engineering occupations, grades five through twelve, there are higher salary rates. Under the Federal Pay Comparability Act, salaries are adjusted annually.

Other amenities include the many Quality of Worklife Programs. These programs were developed with the knowledge that a well-balanced and stress-free person is a happy and productive employee. EPA recognizes the importance of providing employees with maximum opportunities to complete their work in an environment that is sensitive to personal needs and professional goals. EPA continues to develop a compensation package which is consistent with improving the quality of worklife.

Quality of Worklife Programs currently include:

Career and Personal Development
Employee Training is both encouraged and available in different forms. Whether or not you go to classes or conferences, your most important ongoing training is on the job itself. As you learn more about your work, you are advancing your knowledge, skills, and abilities. EPA encourages and promotes professional development and training, as well as personal development. The Agency also encourages employees to participate in EPA's Learning Institute Program and in professional societies.

Flexible Work Schedules
EPA continues to lead other federal agencies in developing and implementing programs which allow employees to tailor work schedules compatible with their personal needs and professional goals. Flexiplace is a relatively new program which offers some employees the opportunity to work at home or off-site during part of their work week. This may be necessary due to medical concerns or for personal reasons.

Leave Sharing/Leave Bank
The Leave Sharing and Leave Bank program allows employees to "invest" a small number of hours of their annual leave allotment to participate in the benefits of a kind of insurance covering catastrophic leave demands. It also allows employees to donate their leave to the aid of fellow employees who have extraordinary circumstances. Visit the OPM website for more information on Leave Bank Exit Disclaimer
and Leave Transfer Exit Disclaimer.

Fitness Center/Stress Labs
Fitness Centers and Stress Labs are important components of the employee health program. These facilities provide an array of classes and workout equipment to help keep employees in sound physical conditioning. The Employee Assistance program provides a helping hand to employees dealing with personal problems and stresses. This program offers confidential assistance to employees with problems or concerns related to substance abuse.

Child care is available at a growing number of EPA facilities around the nation.

Eldercare is a relatively new program which provides an alternative for employees who are responsible for the care of a dependent senior. EPA provides referral assistance for identifying a caregiver to relieve employees while they are at work.

Medical Monitoring Programs provide periodic on-site screening for such medical concerns as high blood pressure, cancer, and sickle cell anemia.


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