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long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 Genome Sequence and Attenuating Mutations in West Nile Virus Isolate from Mexico, D.W.C. Beasley et al.
 Novel Avian Influenza H7N3 Strain Outbreak, British Columbia, M. Hirst et al.
 Human Illness from Avian Influenza H7N3, British Columbia, S.A. Tweed et al.
Current Issue
Volume 10, Number 11—November 2004


long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 Trachoma Decline and Widespread Use of Antimicrobial Drugs, J.D. Chidambaram et al.

Policy Review
long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 Public Health Interventions and SARS Spread, 2003, D.M. Bell et al.

long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 Topographic Changes in SARS Coronavirus–infected Cells at Late Stages of Infection, M.L. Ng et al.
 Evaluating Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Programs, A.V. Taira et al.
 Enhanced Identification of Postoperative Infections among Inpatients, D.S. Yokoe et al.
 Enhanced Identification of Postoperative Infections among Outpatients, A.L. Miner et al.
 Histopathologic Improvement with Lymphedema Management, Léogâne, Haiti, S.F. Wilson et al.

long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 Nucleocapsid Protein as Early Diagnostic Marker for SARS, X.-Y. Che et al.
 Commercial Logging and HIV Epidemic, Rural Equatorial Africa, C. Laurent et al.
 Burkholderia cenocepacia Vaginal Infection in Patient with Smoldering Myeloma and Chronic Hepatitis C, A. Petrucca et al.
 Decreased Levofloxacin Susceptibility in Haemophilus influenzae in Children, Hong Kong, P.-L. Ho et al.
 Human Infection caused by Clostridium hathewayi, S. Elsayed and K. Zhang

International Conference on Women and Infectious Diseases (ICWID)
long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 About the ICWID, M. McDonald et al.
 Women and Infectious Diseases, J.L. Gerberding
 Barriers to Infectious Disease Care among Lesbians, J.M. Marrazzo
 Gender and Monitoring the Response to HIV/AIDS Pandemic, P. DeLay
 Nurses' Working Conditions: Implications for Infectious Disease, P.W. Stone et al.
 Steps for Preventing Infectious Diseases in Women, M.R. Periago et al.
 Vaccines for Women Age 50 and Older, P. Gardner and S. Pabbatireddy
 Sexual Power and HIV Risk, South Africa, A.E. Pettifor et al.
 Women and Autoimmune Diseases, D. Fairweather and N.R. Rose
 Contribution of Sex-linked Biology and Gender Roles to Disparities with Trachoma, P. Courtright and S.K. West
 Rubella Elimination and Improving Health Care for Women, C. Castillo-Solórzano and J.K. Andrus
 Globalization and Infectious Diseases in Women, C. Bellamy
 Women, Water Management, and Health, S. Watts
 ICWID Session Summaries

International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases (ICEID)
long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 About the ICEID, R.V. Tauxe et al.
 Plagues, Public Health, and Politics, J.P. Koplan and M. McPheeters
 Smallpox Models as Policy Tools, F.E. McKenzie
 ICEID Session Summaries

long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 Tuberculosis and Sexually Transmitted Infections, N.J.D. Nagelkerke et al.
 Leptotrichia amnionii and the Female Reproductive Tract, V.A.K.B. Gundi et al.
 Cholera in Mozambique, Variant of Vibrio cholerae, M. Ansaruzzaman et al.

Book Review
long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 Vaccines: Preventing Disease Protecting Health, M.A. Strassburg

Conference Summary
long_line.gif (237 bytes)
 National Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring System for Enteric Bacteria, T.M. Chiller et al.

News and Notes

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Scientific Discovery and Women's Health,
P. Potter

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