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Road Maps Overview
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Computerized bibliographic search algorithms and consultations with research experts were used to identify about 5,000 data sets, research papers and books, and Web sites that provide insight about the social and economic implications of IT. These have been sorted into a series of searchable listings called Road Maps.

Note: Each link below takes you to a "Quick Search" page that is pre-set for searching a specific Road Map. Citations have been tagged for that Road Map using a special keyword known as a "$identifier." You must retain the $identifier to stay inside the Road Map. You can add keywords, separated by a space. You can search authors, keywords, dates and journal names with the "start search" button on the Quick Search page. To search titles, you must use Advanced Search. See instructions.

Home:  Home and home life.   Identifier: $home

Education: Education in schools, as well as at a distance from established learning centers, particularly in businesses and in homes.  Identifier: $education

Community: Community organizations and social processes (experimental wired communities, new social groupings created by the Internet, etc.).  Identifier: $community

Government: Government, as well as government operations and processes, including citizens´ relationships with their governments at all levels.  Identifier: $government

Science: The implications of IT for the organization and conduct of research, particularly in science and engineering.  Identifier: $science

Employment and work: The implications of IT for the workforce, including the issues related to "digital divides" between workers with and without IT-related skills in specific manufacturing and service sectors.  Identifier: $employment

Commerce (including electronic commerce): The implications of IT for commerce, particularly the development of electronic commerce, including limited coverage of some related issues, such as antitrust.  Identifier: $commerce

Productivity: The implications of IT for productivity in both the manufacturing and service sectors.  Identifier: $productivity

Institutional structure: The implications of IT for restructuring of business organizations and interrelationships in specific manufacturing and service sectors.  Identifier: $structure

Globalization: The implications of IT for the shape and scope of the globalization of commerce, business, and employment activities, but excluding international aid and development issues.  Identifier: $globalization

Research on policy and social issues:  The implications of IT for issues or exigencies produced by the digital economy (including new issues in intellectual property, privacy, decency, information security, new methods of payment for goods and services, pricing issues, etc.), regardless of whether the eventual strategies for addressing the issues arise in public, private, or international organizations. Identifier: $policy

Note: All other domains of potential influence were not covered because of budget constraints. Health, defense, and space, in particular, were excluded from the pilot project.

In addition to the Road Maps, items in the database have also been sorted by type:

All items in the entire database  Identifier: $all

All data or survey related items   Identifier: $data

All items with links to Web SitesIdentifier: $website

A listing of research centers   Identifier:$ centers