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How to Quit Smoking

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Useful Resouces to Quit Smoking
Other websites to help quit smoking

Quit Help
For You
Quit Help
Complete Guide to Quitting*
Quitting Resources

Useful Resources to Quit Smoking

NewWithin 20 Minutes of Quitting
This glossy-color poster features what happens within 20 minutes after smokers inhale that last cigarette, their bodies begin a series of changes that continue for years. Among these health improvements are a drop in heart rate, improved circulation, and reduced risk of heart attack, lung cancer and stroke.

NewThe Benefits of Quitting
This bright-color poster displays the benefits of quitting compared to smokers. Quitting smoking has immediate as well as long-term benefits, reducing risks for stroke, cancers, coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, ulcer, peripheral artery disease, and low-birth-weight infants.

New - The Health Consequences of Smoking on The Human Body - This interactive animation will motivate smokers to stop smoking. It outlines the effects of smoking on the different organs of the human body and tips to stop smoking along with information on the health benefits of quitting.

Tobacco and Cancer

Coverage For Tobacco Use Cessation Treatments

Pathways to Freedom: Winning the Fight Against Tobacco
This guide was developed to address the national concern over the high rates of smoking among the African American population. It offers proven strategies for anyone who wants to quit; how friends and family can help; and how the community and its leaders can promote the value of gaining freedom from tobacco.

You Can Quit Smoking
This is an on-line version of the consumer guide entitled You Can Quit Smoking. This popular Public Health Service brochure provides practical information and helpful tips for those who plan to quit smoking.

Don't Let Another Year Go Up In Smoke: Quit Tips
Are you one of most smokers who want to quit? Then try following this advice.

I QUIT!: What to Do When You're Sick of Smoking, Chewing, or Dipping
Cessation guide targeted to teens who are trying to quit cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. It includes tips for dealing with nicotine withdrawal and for handling the situations that may lead to relapse.

Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: A Clinical Practice Guideline.
Health care professionals have new evidence and tools to help patients quit using tobacco, according to a report issued by the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS). To obtain this report you can fax 301-594-2800 [Press 1]; or call 1-800-358-9295 for physician materials and a You Can Quit Smoking consumer guide or write to Publications Clearinghouse, P.O. Box 8547, Silver Spring, MD 20907-8547.
New Guidelines Challenge All Clinicians to Help Smokers QuitPress Release.

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Other Web sites to help Quit Smoking

American Legacy Foundation — Quitting*
Legacy's national advertising campaign, hopes to raise awareness of the toll tobacco has taken upon women and encourages you or someone you love to seek help to quit smoking. Quitting may well be the most difficult thing you accomplish, but also the most rewarding and important. And when it comes to quitting smoking, there's no time like the present. offers science-driven tools, information, and support that have been effective in helping smokers quit. Here, you will find state and national resources, free materials, and the best quitting advice the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and its partners have to offer.

The QuitNet —*
The QuitNet offers smokers an on-line support community, forums moderated by counselors, and individually tailored advice to help them kick their nicotine addiction.

American Cancer Society's* Resources:

Media Event Calendar for a sample news release, proclamation, and community activities.

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