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The Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics Program (MMS) is an interdisciplinary program in the Division of Social and Economic Sciences (SES). MMS interacts with the other programs in the division, as well as other programs in the Foundation, most notably the Statistics and Probability Program in the Division of Mathematical Sciences.

In general, MMS seeks proposals that are interdisciplinary in nature, methodologically innovative, and grounded in theory. Successful proposals often integrate across the following areas:

  • The development, application, and extension of formal models and methodology for social and behavioral research, including methods for improving measurement. The proposed research must have implications for one or more of the social and behavioral sciences.
  • The development of formal models that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. Research on statistical methodology or statistical modeling having direct implications for one or more of the social and behavioral sciences.
  • Research on methodological aspects of new or existing procedures for data collection, including methodology for survey research, and research to evaluate or compare existing data bases and data collection procedures.
  • The collection of unique databases with cross disciplinary implications, especially when paired with developments in measurement or methodology.
  • The organizational infrastructure of social and behavioral research.
Target Dates
January 16 Regular proposals
August 16 Regular proposals
Points of Contact

Program Director: Cheryl L. Eavey, email:
Science Assistant: Matt Bauer, email:
Program Tech Specialist: Geri Farves, e-mail:
Program Assistant: Debra T. Newman, email:

Grant/Award Information and Administration

Information specific to this program

Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics Program Regular Awards
FY 95 Awards List
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FY 98 Awards List
FY 99 Awards List

FY 00 Awards List
FY 01 Awards List
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FY 03 Awards List

Awards Made from the Research on Survey and Statistical Methodology Funding Opportunity
FY 99 Awards List

No Competition in FY 2000
FY 01 Awards List

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Mid-Career Methodological Opportunities Awards
Mid-Career Awards List


Methodology, Measurement and Statistics Nuggets for FY 2003

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Program Information
Communications Address
National Science Foundation
Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics Program
4201 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 995
Arlington, VA 22230
Phone: (703) 292-8763
FAX: (703) 292-9068

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send email to Cheryl L. Eavey:

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Proposal and Submission Guidelines
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Guidelines specific to this program
Proposal Submission and Review Information
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