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The National Science Foundation Division of Financial Management

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Cash Management & External Accounting

Black BulletRichard Noll - Branch Chief
(703) 292-4458

Black BulletEthel L. Brown - Financial Management Specialist
(703) 292-4441

Institution Ledger Section:
Grants Payments
Institution Ledger (Grants Payments) - Personnel

Black BulletRichard Noll - Acting Section Head
(703) 292-4458

The following are the grant accountants for the Divison of Financial Management. The states each grant accountant supports are listed after their name:

Dorothy Battle
(703) 292-4440
AL, AR, CT, CO, DE, DC, FL, ID, IN, KY, MA, MD, MO, MS, MT, NC, NH, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, UT, WV, WI, and U.S. Possessions and Foreign

Virginia Hall
(703) 292-4447
AK, AZ, CA, GA, HI, IA, IL, KS, LA, ME, MI, MN, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NV, NY, TX, VT, VA, WA, and WY

Institution Ledger (Grants Payments) - Services

Assists the grantee institution's accounting departments, business offices, and related organizations to assure compliance with NSF policies.
Monitors and controls cash outlays by forecasting the cash requirements of grantees and contractors.
Provides NSF cash budget projections.
Approves cash advances.
Monitors grantees' cash on hand.
Reconciles grantee's quarterly reports (SF272's) to NSF General Ledger and resolves differences.
Visits universities and centers as necessary.
Responds to inquiries regarding grantees' cash balances, receivables, etc.
Serves as NSF liaison with scientific and professional societies.
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Institution Ledger (Grants Payments) - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do I do with my A-133 Audits report?

Answer: Send two copies of the audit to Federal Audit Clearinghouse, Bureau of the Census, 1201 East 10th Street, Jeffersonville, IN 47132.

Question: How can grantees obtain a grants CFDA Number?

Answer: Contact Carol Heffner of the Budget Office at(703) 292-4480, email: cheffner@nsf.gov.

Question: How can grantees get copies of OMB Circulars?

Answer: Access OMB circulars via the WWW at: OMB Circulars. You may also contact OMB Circulars at (202) 395-7332, between 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Questions regarding payments should be address to:
For information concerning specific requirements for payment and reporting, refer to the Grant Policy Manual

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Accounts Payable Section:
Accounts Payable - Personnel

Black BulletDainies Lenker - Section Head
(703) 292-4453

Tiffany Longmire - Flat Rate, MORs, Standard Form 1164
(703) 292-4450

Black BulletLaShanda Minor - Purchase Orders (Including Training) and Contracts
(703) 292-4463

Black BulletChristine Bowles - Travel Vouchers
(703) 292-4571
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Accounts Payable - Services

Process payments for purchase orders, contracts, training and interagency agreements.
Process receiving reports associated with purchase orders.
Process vouchers for NSF staff travel, panelist reimbursements, advisory committee reimbursements, and invitational travel vouchers.
Incentive Awards.
Process and reporting of SF1311's.
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Accounts Payable - FAQ

Black BulletQuestion: How do I know if my travel voucher has been paid? How do I know if a Purchase Order has been paid?

Answer: Check the Financial Accounting System by following these instructions:
  1. Select "Finance" from the NSF WinStation.
  2. Select "Financial Systems" & enter user ID & ITAS Password. Click "OK"
  3. From the Explorer Window, double-click on the folder called "Inquiries"
  4. Double-click on the icon called "Obligations"
  5. Enter the Obligation Number (i.e. Travel Authorization Number or Purchase Order Number) and press "Enter"
  6. If there are Amendments to the Obligation, you will see the Arrow Buttons are Active (i.e. not grayed out) on the Toolbar above. Click on the button "Next" to review screens (Amendments) one at a time, OR, go to "Last" to see the ending balance of the Obligation.

Black BulletQuestion: What kinds of meetings fall under the flat rate reimbursement of $280 (Travel Day) and $480 (Meeting Day)?

Answer: Those individuals serving on Advisory Committees, panelist reviewing proposals, and COVs (Committee of Visitors). For further information related to reimbursement and appropriate funding, see Financial Management Policy Manual No. 17 (Chapter 1, paragraph 170).

Black BulletFor Travel Policies and Procedures, see the NSF Travel Web Page at http://www.inside.nsf.gov/travel/ (This link will only work if you are dialed into NSF VIA the RLS Connection or if you are within the NSF Network).
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