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NSF Industrial Research and Development Information System - Historical Data 1953-98 Browse Tables by Year Browse Tables by Topic Search Tables
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The Industry Research and Development Information System (IRIS), which contains statistical tables with all published industry R&D data since 1953, is based on publications resulting from the annual Survey of Industry Research and Development conducted by the National Science Foundation's Division of Science Resources Studies.
This historical database provides data on industry R&D expenditures broken down by industry, size of company, size of R&D program, type of cost (e.g., wages or materials), State, source of funds, and as percent of sales. Federally funded industry R&D is tabulated by industry and by sponsoring agency. Data on basic research are available by field of science and industry. Data on energy R&D expenditures as well as data on pollution abatement R&D expenditures are also available for certain years. Data on company-funded R&D are separately available, broken down by industry and size of company, and provide details on R&D contracted to outside organizations and on R&D performed outside the United States. In addition to data on R&D expenditures, the database also provides information on the number of scientists and engineers engaged in industry R&D and the associated personnel costs.
The system's Welcome screen, illustrated below, offers three main choices as well as information about the survey along with links to information about the survey, related NSF publications, and a glossary of terms.
Welcome Page Screenshot
There are three ways of accessing the data:
Clicking on Browse tables by survey year lets you locate the specific statistical tables you want by browsing lists of all the published tables organized by survey year and survey publication title. Clicking on a publication entry will take you to a complete list of statistical tables derived from that year's survey. Clicking on an individual table in that list will let you obtain that table in Excel spreadsheet format.
Clicking on the Browse tables by table topic option lets you locate statistical tables on a given topic by selecting from a list of major topics. Clicking on a topic entry will take you to a list of statistical tables that cover that topic across all available data years. Clicking on an individual table in that list will then let you obtain that table in Excel spreadsheet format.
Clicking on the Search for data tables option will launch a simple search wizard which will walk you through the process of building and running a table search. You will be able to search for particular Measures (such as Applied R&D Funding), and/or Dimensions (such as Country or Product Field), and/or Years. The results will again be made available as Excel spreadsheets.

If you do not have Microsof Excel, you can download a free Excel Viewer using the link provided.


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