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R&D Performance
Applied R&D
Basic R&D
Comparison of Original and Revised Funds
Company-Financed R&D
Company-Financed R&D as Percent of Domestic Net Sales
Concentration (Percent of Total)
Domestic Net Sales
Energy R&D
Federally Financed R&D
Federally Financed R&D as Percent of Domestic Net Sales
Company-Financed R&D Contracted to Outside Organizations
Company-Financed R&D Performed Outside the U.S.
Number of Patents Owned
Percent Change in R&D Funds
Pollution-Abatement R&D
Product Versus Process Applied R&D
Total R&D - Funding
Total R&D as Percent of Domestic Net Sales

Geographic Performance
Total R&D - Geographic Funding

Employment of R&D Scientists and Engineers
FTE R&D Scientists and Engineers
Total R&D Funding per Employee (Computed Variable)
Total R&D Funding per R&D Scientist or Engineer (Computed Variable)
R&D Scientists and Engineers per 1000 Employees (Computed Variable)
Total Employment (Domestic)
Total Employment Concentration (Domestic) (Computed Variable)

Company Counts
Number of Companies Performing Basic Research
Number of Companies Contracted to Outside Organizations
Number of Companies Performing Energy R&D
Number of Companies Performing R&D
Number of Companies Performing R&D Outside the U.S.

Employment at Industry-Administered FFRDCs
Total R&D Funding at Industry-Administered FFRDCs

Relative Standard Errors
Imputation Rates
Item Response Rates
Numbers of Companies
Response Rates
Sampling Ratios




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