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What is IRRF (Interagency Regulatory Reinvention Forum)?

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To identify and respond to common interests related to Vice President Gore's National Performance Review Initiatives, Appropriate Legislative Mandates, and Pertinent Presidential Executive Orders, such as:

bullgreen.gif (424 bytes)Meeting Specific Requirements and Implementation of the Government  Performance Results Act of 1993, including Strategic and Performance Plans and Annual Reporting, Performance Planning and Budget Linkage;

bullgreen.gif (424 bytes)Identifying unique elements, sharing and finding solutions for regulatory agencies in implementing various mandates including performance measurements for enforcement and compliance activities;

bullgreen.gif (424 bytes)Implementing Customer Service Executive Order 12862 and linking the Order's principles with other Federal management initiatives;

bullgreen.gif (424 bytes)Steering Reinvention - Government-wide;

bullgreen.gif (424 bytes)Addressing Goals of Blair House Papers; and

bullgreen.gif (424 bytes)Addressing Issues/Approaches in carrying out Government-wide Cultural Changes to meet Initiatives.


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