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Office of Regulatory Affairs

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Core Values Statement

 We value our people

 We are a public health agency with law enforcement responsibilities

 There are many knowledgeable, dedicated people in government agencies and industry

 Properly trained, empowered employees who are held accountable can produce high quality work

 Outcomes are important

 The changes are here to stay--Government Reinvention makes common sense and can be applied to make ORA a more effective organization-- we are under a mandate to change

 Most of industry shares the same goal as FDA--to produce safe and effective products

 Corrective action is our goal through the most efficient means--using more stringent actions for those who will not comply

 We can achieve compliance not only with enforcement actions, but also with tools such as: workshops, meetings, and joint problem solving

 We must recognize that we must prioritize what we do, considering the needs and expectations of our customers

 Everyone contributes to the solution

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