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United States Environmental Protection Agency
River Corridor and Wetland Restoration
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United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development

treefrog Wetland restoration is an essential tool in the campaign to protect, improve, and increase wetlands. Wetlands that have been filled and drained retain their characteristic soil and hydrology, allowing their natural functions to be reclaimed. Restoration is a complex process that requires planning, implementation, monitoring, and management. It involves renewing natural and historical wetlands that have been lost or degraded and reclaiming their functions and values as vital ecosystems. Restoring our lost and degraded wetlands to their natural state is essential to ensure the health of America’s watershed.

What is restoration?
leaf Definitions & Distinctions leaf Restoration Principles
leaf Stream Corridor Restoration: Principles, Processes, and Practices
        --a comprehensive manual on restoration exit EPA
leafAn Introduction to Wetland Restoration, Creation, and Enhancement

Why do restoration?
leaf Benefits of Restoration

Who is doing restoration?
leaf Restoration Project Directory leaf Add Your Project leafUpdate Your Project
leaf Office of Research and Development/Mid-Atlantic Integrated Assessment (MAIA) Inventory
leaf State Restoration Links error-file:TidyOut.log Tribal Links
leaf Private Organizations leaf International Restoration Links
leaf Other Federal Wetland Restoration Links
leaf EPA Regions Information leaf EPA Showcase Watersheds
Leaf EPA Assessment and Watershed Protection Division

Where can I learn more?
leaf Five Star Restoration Grant Program leaf Additional Funding Sources
leaf Restoration Science Resources
leaf Wetland Restoration and Creation for Wastewater Treatment
leaf Adopt Your Watershed


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