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NSF's Central and Eastern Europe Program (CEE) supports balanced and mutually beneficial cooperative activities with the region in all fields normally supported by NSF.
The Program's goals are: (1) close integration of program activities with the research priorities of NSF's disciplinary division. As part of this effort, all proposals for cooperative research projects with the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union are submitted directly to the research divisions for competitive review and, if successful, are funded jointly by the discipline program and INT; (2) investing boldly in innovative new projects with the potential for significant benefit to the U.S. research community; (3) capitalizing on the region's strengths in science and special features by providing access to unique sites and databases for U.S. researchers; (4) encouraging multidisciplinary and regional activities; and (5) encouraging shared funding of cooperative research projects by partner countries.

Special CEE Regional Opportunities
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There are no deadlines for programs not specifically listed. For general information please see our Dear Colleague Letter: OISE Support for International Activities NSF 04-034.

February 15 (Target date) - International Research Experiences for Students (IRES) proposals for other than subsequent summer

February 20 (Target date) - Workshop proposals

May 20 (Target date) - Workshop proposals

September 15 (Target date) - International Research Experiences for Students (IRES) proposals for subsequent summer

September 20 (Target date) - Workshop proposals

October (2nd Tuesday) - All countries: International Research Fellowships

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  • no current special opportunities for Central & Eastern Europe

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For the countries listed below, foreign colleagues should submit parallel proposals. For countries not listed, foreign partners are encouraged to seek funding from their national funding agencies.

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Award lists and abstracts provide insight into the scope and focus of Program activities. Grant amounts and durations that are included in the award information can help potential applicants scale their own projects appropriately.

CEE Program Awards Search (When the award list is displayed, you can click on the award title to obtain an abstract-length general description of the research.

Link to NSF Award Abstract Search by user-selected categories.

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The Europe Regional Office works with CEE staff in Arlington, VA, to facilitate opportunities for U.S. researchers and students in Europe. The office maintains a website: NSF Europe Homepage with information about Europe's research and educational institutions. The director of the Office, David Schindel, can be contacted at

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Please refer your inquiries to the cognizant program manager:

Bulgaria Cassandra Dudka
Croatia Bonnie Thompson
Czech Republic Bonnie Thompson
Hungary Bonnie Thompson
Macedonia Bonnie Thompson
New Independent States
  (including Russia)
Cassandra Dudka
Poland Cassandra Dudka
Romania Bonnie Thompson
Slovak Republic Bonnie Thompson
Slovenia Bonnie Thompson

Regional Coordinator: Alexandra Stepanian,
Senior Program Assistant: Phyllis Camper,

CEE Contact Information:
Phone: 703-292-8703
FAX: 703-292-9177
mailing address:
   Central & Eastern Europe(CEE) Program, Suite 935
   Division of International Programs
   National Science Foundation
   4201 Wilson Boulevard
   Arlington, VA 22230

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4201 Wilson Blvd Suite 935
Arlington, VA 22230

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