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Communities of Practice: Sustainable Development Indicators, Industrial Ecology, National Infrastructure for Community Statistics, National System of Indicators, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Semantic (XML Web Services) Interoperability, Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture, and Webmaster

Sustainable Development Indicators:
Sustainable Development in the United States: An Experimental Set of Indicators, September 2001
Global Environment Outlook 2000
Proceedings of the National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America, May 2-5, 1999

Industrial Ecology:
Industrial Ecology: Material and Energy Flows in the United States, Report of the Interagency Working Group on Industrial Ecology, Material and Energy Flows in the United States, March 2000
Short Report of the Interagency Working Group on Industrial Ecology, Material and Energy Flows, 1998
Materials and Energy Flows in the Earth Science Century, 1998

National Infrastructure for Community Statistics (Pilot Web Service Nodes):
Key National Indicators Initiative, 2004
Forum on Key National Indicators, U.S. General Accounting Office and The National Academies, May 2003
Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2003, DRM Pilot Project (in process) XML Data Table Example from Statistical Abstract, 2003
LandView 6 (Census, US EPA, & USGS Spatial Databases) & MARPLOT (Mapping Software)
Jacksonville (Florida) Community Indicators Initiative 2004 (in process) Demographics and Other Data
The Boston Foundation: 2002 Indicators Report (in process)

National System of Indicators (Pilot Web Service Nodes):
The State of the Nation's Ecosystems, 2002
EPA Report on the Environment and Report on the Environment Technical Document, 2003
America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2003
Federal Environmental Statistics, 2000
Environmental Quality: The 25th Anniversary Report of the Council on Environmental Quality, 1994-1995
State of the Chesapeake Bay 2002
Great Lakes Environmental Atlas and Resource Book: 3rd Edition, 1995
USGS Earth Sciences Digital Library

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Pilot Web Service Nodes):
EPA Strategic Plan: 2003-2008 (in process)
EPA Enterprise Architecture Status Report 2003
Core Reference Model for Environmental Information Exchange Network (March 2003)
Integration Portal/Data Exchange Network Pilot (in process)
EPA Report on America's Children and the Environment, 2003
EPA Geospatial Blueprint: A Strategic Plan for EPA’s Geospatial Program (June 2003)

Semantic (XML Web Services) Interoperability (Pilot Web Service Nodes):
Government Semantic XML Web Services Community of Practice
Proceedings from the One-Day Conference: Semantic Technologies for E-Government, September 8, 2003
Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG) Example Download Adobe's SVG Viewer (free)
Sustainable Information Network Exchange (SINE) Collaborative Work Environment
Global Justice XML Data Model 3.0 DRM Registry & Repository Pilot (April 2004)
Universal Business Language (UBL) 1.0 DRM Registry & Repository Pilot

Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture (Pilot Web Service Nodes):
Government Enterprise Architecture Framework
Enterprise Architecture and eGov Conference Topic Maps
• Federal Asset Management Solution (Noblestar/Flashline Pilot) (to be publicly available soon)

• Federated Registry/Repository (Noblestar/Logic Library Pilot) (to be publicly available soon)

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